Nanoha Takamachi's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

We've decided to compete in battle with a team of other Magical Girls just like us... All because of a tiny quirk in fate.
The strange world that serves as our battlefield is called 'Endless Mirrors'...
Hi there, Kaede!
I brought my friend!
Hey, Nanoha!
Oh, you're Iroha Tamaki, right?
Yes! You remembered my name!
I know you got introduced to everyone earlier...
But I thought it might be nice to spend some time together talking, just the two of us.
Thanks, I'd love that!
Where are Fate and Hayate?
They went off together to look deeper inside the Labyrinth.
I've just been watching some of the battles...
...while I take a little break.
So you have time to chat now?
Sure do! Let's talk!
We can talk about this Labyrinth, or even about Kamihama...
I want to hear about all kinds of stuff!
I'm happy to hear that! I have a feeling we're going to be good friends in no time!
There you are, Kaede!
Is something wrong?
A lot is wrong! We're up next, y'know?!
We're gonna get disqualified if we don't hurry!
What?! Already?

S-sorryyy Nanoha, Iroha...
I need to get going...

All right! Good luck!
Nanoha and I will be cheering for you from the sidelines!
Thanks... I'll do my best!

Part 2

Iroha and I are watching Momoko's team fight in their match!
Momoko's team really has them on the rocks.
Yeah, they're doing really well!
Momoko and Rena...
They're fighting at such close range... I guess that's their specialty?
Yeah, it is.
When Momoko attacks... It's like she wreaths her weapon in flames and sparks.
Does she have a Mana Conversion Affinity?
Um... Let's see, it's like...
Being able to take magical energy and convert it into lightning or fire...
There are people who can do that naturally.
We call that ability 'Mana Conversion Affinity'.
Fate from our team has it.
Oh... That's right, Fate's magic...
It's just like lightning.
Fate can convert her magic into electricity without even thinking about it!
Kaede's magic is pretty bizarre to me, too.
She can manipulate plants, right?
Her weapon looks like a wand, though she actually uses it from up close...
She even has some impressive magic she can use from mid-range.
I'd better watch out for that if I ever have to fight her!
Did I say something strange?
No, not strange...
It's're so enthusiastic about your research. You really give your all!
Oh, geeze! Sorry!
It's just everyone here uses such different styles of magic from our team. It's unusual.
So, I can't stop geeking out about it once a match starts!
Well, you want to win, don't you? In that case you should keep watching!

Part 3

'And the win goes to Team Momoko!'
I could tell from watching them that they're really strong.
I wonder what kind of mentor they learned their magic from?
Excuse me?
Are you saying someone taught you your magic, Nanoha?
Although I had to fight in real battles right from the start...
But after that, I learned a whole lot of magic from all kinds of people.
I still practice magic every day!
Is it different for you, Iroha?
Very different. To become Magical Girls...
We have to make a wish to Kyubey. We get our powers in exchange for that wish.
Do you not know Kyubey?
Yeah, he looks like a talking animal, or a white stuffed animal.
Everyone meets him before they become a Magical Girl...
…and they get their wish granted...
A talking animal?
Like Yuuno?
Um, he's the first magic teacher I ever had.
But there's no way he could meet everyone like that Kyubey creature...
(Besides, he isn't even really an animal...)
Your situation and mine aren't quite the same.
I see...
I guess that means our magic and your magic...
Is a little different, huh?

Part 4

I first learned about magic when I was in 3rd grade.
Just a little quirk of fate...
Can you hear me?
Can you voice?
Please listen...
Until that day...
I had been the picture of an ordinary, average elementary school student.
But once I heard Yuuno's voice...
I experienced magic...and Raising Heart.
— Raising Heart — <>
Yuuno, and the Intelligent Device he gave me...
This one, Raising Heart...
They were what first taught me magic!
Isn't that right, Raising Heart?
Raising Heart... She's a weapon, but she can talk too...
I'm surprised every time she speaks.
*Giggle* That's only natural.
Once I learned about magic...
I became friends with Fate and Hayate.
I had lots of great times, and some sad ones too... So much happened...
But with Raising Heart always at my side...
I honed my magic, and made it as strong as I could.
I want to protect the ones I love, and help all the sad children I can...
That's my wish right now!
You're even younger than I am, Nanoha...
But you're so driven...
I-I'm nothing special, really!
(I see...)
(So Nanoha's magic is different from ours...)
(And not just slightly, either. It's completely different...)
(Our magical powers are given to us in return for having a wish granted...)
(But Nanoha's magic is nothing like that.)
I feel like I understand it more now.
What magical power means for you and your friends...
(Instead of getting magic for having a wish granted...)
It's the power to make your wishes come true!
Oh! Um...
Yeah, it is! That's exactly right!
With magic we can protect what matters most to us.
I know it was given to us for that reason!
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