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Tower Events

Hmm? An event type that I have not explained yet?
I desperate you are to come to me for help.
🎵 Just kidding! I’m not your enemy, after all, or I hope I am not, at least! 🎵
After all, who could hate this adorable Coordinator, who works so hard for all of you?
Well, leaving all that aside, I’d be happy to help! 🎵
So, Tower Events, and how to best clear them, here we go!

How to Progress

Event AP in Tower Events works slightly differently than most other events.

In Tower Events, any non-event quest has a high chance to drop special Event AP currency, which you can then use on Event stages to run them, using up Event AP currency according to the cost of the quest.

Higher AP non-event stages, such as Labyrinth Quests, have a guaranteed chance to drop large amounts of Event AP currency even without bonus Memoria, while lower AP stages might sometimes not drop any currency at all.

For this reason, it is good to start by doing any higher AP cost quest to gather some Event AP currency first, to do enough event Challenge Quests to farm Event Shop Currency to buy the Event Memoria with.

There are two kinds of setup for the Event shop memoria.

One type has the Event Shop Memoria typically increasing the drops of this Event AP currency by 1 when un-ascended, and usually by 3 when MLB .

In these cases, there are usually enough of the Memoria in the shop to have 3 MLB ones, and missing one copy for MLB on the final magical girl from your own team. (Your support then can have the 5th and final copy for a full team of Event Bonus)

This last missing copy is a reward from one of the Event Story quests, typically slightly further into the event story.

In the other case, the Event Memoria will increase Event AP Currency drops by 2 when un-ascended, and 5 when MLB.

In this case, the shop will usually have 4 of the Memoria, with a 5th copy being available from the Event Story.

In both cases, 4* Memoria gained from the Fate Weave may increase drops by 3 when un-ascended, and 7 when MLB.

But Fate Weave 4* memoria won’t always give drop bonus, so watch out!

Once you have all the Event Shop copies at MLB, you can do any stage you need at the moment, such as farming for Exp Gems, Awakening materials, certain drop items, or simply going through any Story which you haven’t had time to complete yet outside events.

Do be aware that lower AP quests, especially 7 AP and below, will not necessarily drop Event AP currency on every run, however!

Story Quests

Now, as I briefly mentioned before, another peculiarity of these events.
You do not farm the Story Quests in the event for Event currency, as would be possible in many other events. I would advise one-time completion only, as only the first time will drop a meaningful amount of Shop Currency.
However, in exchange for their low Currency Drop, the Story Quests also have low Event AP cost, usually starting at 5, and possibly slowly ramping up later to 10, 15, or more rarely up to 20.
Often, these story quests may have timelocks of some kind, unlocking as the event goes on, either a few at a time, or a large bunch (around 10) at the same time.
Completing one of these quests always unlocks the next, except when you hit a timelock, in which case the next quest will only unlock after the timelock is liften.
Unlike another Tower-like event, Event quests in Tower events do stay accessible even after completing them.This is true for both Story, and Challenge Quests.

Challenge Quests

Speaking of Challenge quests, unlike their name suggests, are not merely for challenging oneself. They are what you farm for Currency in, instead.
In fact, the first few quests are relatively easy, compared to the later ones, and easy to farm for even the newest of players if they bring a strong support.
These Challenge quests, unlike Story quests, often have more of them unlocked at the start of the event, but may also have a timelock on the later half of them in some events.
The Challenge quests take significantly more Event AP to run than the Story quests, but give a large amount more Shop Currency, and a similar amount every time.
They usually begin at around 50 Event AP, and can ramp up to around 150 or more in cost...but the rewards increase alongside the cost!
The later stages in each event usually drop more for their cost, but they are often more difficult to complete without strategy, and can even be possible to fail if one is not paying attention or preparing properly!
In some cases, earlier Challenge quests will also be more efficient than later ones, especially considering the increase in difficulty between quests, so be aware that this can change from event to event.
However, the final few Challenge quests are always at least good farming spots in every event, so be sure to farm one of these unless you know one of the lower ones is more efficient!

Wrap up

For those of you disappointed that the Challenge quests do not offer that much Challenge, worry not! There may be harder EX Challenge stages available in the future, according to some rumors…
No, not that kind of Rumors! The kind that doesn’t attack people or have familiars!
Well, that is all the wisdom I suppose I can grant you today.
Good luck, farm well, and bring lots of currency for the shop, for there will surely be a lot of wonderful goodies in the shop for those who do! See you again!
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