Learning with Mitama: The Endless Mirrors

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Welcome to The Endless Mirrors

Hello there, and welcome to the Mansion of the Mirror Witch!
If it’s your first time here, you’ll probably encounter a familiar, and then exact copies of yourself soon after, but don’t mind that! You’ll be fighting them off soon enough!
Oh, you didn’t know?
Yes, this place is filled with copies of various magical girls who have entered here at some point. The Mirror Witch seems to like making endless copies, and we magical girls can’t just leave a Witch alone…

So thus we come here, and fight copies of ourselves and others, and investigate this mysterious Labyrinth!

Differences to Story and Event Battles

Due to the nature of the Labyrinth, and that of the enemies you’ll be facing, some things work differently here than in other places.
Blast Discs deal additional damage, MP Gain for all cards and for being hit is increased, Charge stacks are slightly less effective, and damage level in general is lowered.

Active Skill Memoria start on CD, and their CD’s are halved, rounded down. What this means is that you cannot use Memorias with active skills immediately, and must wait until half their cooldown is up before you can use them. Some passive Ability Memoria also have their effects increased, though this is rare.

Opponents can all use their Magia and Connects freely and benefit from all Memoria equipped on them, so watch out! These are not your regular opponents.

However, running away from a fight here, even if the opponent is strong, is not allowed here! If you quit a fight mid-way, or restart the app, you will be considered to have automatically lost the match!

How Match Finding Works

Well, now that that’s settled, how exactly does one find an opponent?
Endless Mirrors
Going into the main Mirrors menu, and pressing on the big “Endless Mirrors” button on the left will bring you to the match selection screen.
Mirror matching

Here, you can see your own team on the left side, their power, and your current points, as well as your current BP. You can adjust your team by pressing the Mirrors Team button, which will bring you to the Mirrors team formation page, also accessible from the Team menu from the main screen.

Mirror Teams
You may notice something slightly different in this team formation screen as compared to the basic one. Here, there is no Support slot, and you can choose up to five of your own magical girls!
Be sure to go into this screen and set your team when you come to the Endless Mirrors for the first time, as the basic team is only Iroha alone, and you wouldn’t want her to suffer without reason, would you?
However, be aware that while you can set five girls into your team, that doesn’t mean that you always should! Weaker characters in a larger team with one or two strong characters will always be weaker than a smaller team of only strong girls!
However, this is not to say that lower rarity girls will always be those weaker girls. Especially as you gain more Memoria slots on those lower rarity girls and awaken them to four stars, they will quickly become stronger than any five star or base 4 star girls you have with only one Memoria slot!

Be sure to also set your Formation to what you want, as Formations are very important in Mirrors! Tercio (due to reducing the range of targets Opponent Blast discs can hit and significantly increasing Atk for the Elements chosen), and Attribute Delta (due to greatly increasing the Atk of a single element type) are the two formations I would recommend!

If you’re curious about what kind of team compositions work best in Mirrors and want to learn more, please check out the Team Composition guide on Mirrors, coming out soon!
Now, going back to the Endless Mirrors area, you can also see all your opponents on the right hand side, their team power, and their current points.

These points affect how big of a multiplier these opponents give when defeated, determined by comparing to your own point score. Higher point opponents give higher multiplier, and lower point opponents give lower ones, ranging from x1.2 to x0.8 to your final point gain.

Opponent Refresh
You can refresh opponents by pressing on the Change Opponent button above their teams, which will refresh all the teams displayed, or by waiting 15 minutes (which the button will show a countdown for). Do keep in mind that refreshing through the button will use up 1 BP, refreshing through waiting is free.
Once you select an opponent, you can see their exact team formation and the levels of each girl in their team.

Fighting a Mirror Match

Once you’ve selected an opponent, you can then choose to fight said opponent. This will cost you 1 BP, and send you to battle!
mirror match start

Once in battle, you’ll see your team on the right as in other battles, and your opponent on the left, you’ll see the familiar battle layout as elsewhere, with the exception that turn count is not displayed except for briefly between rounds, and the menu is disabled. The only way out is through victory or defeat!

If you win your Mirrors battle against these copies, you will see just how well you did, as shown below.
In this screen, you can see all your magical girls who were still standing at the end of the fight, your win streak, the Mirrors points you gained from the battle as well as details on where those points came from, Mirrors Coins gained, and your opponent in the lower right corner.
If you lose, you will see a similar screen, but no magical girls will be displayed as you were defeated, and your point gain and Mirrors Coin gain are much smaller. You do, however, still get some, even with a loss.
Do note that the Turn Bonus will decrease if you take too many turns to win, so speed wins more here!
The bar on the right side of your points, on the other hand, details how many points you have to gain before you reach the next Layer of Endless Mirrors, and thus unlock a new story segment there.
Once back in the main Mirrors area, you can see two buttons down at the bottom left that I did not get to yet.
main menu
The leftmost of these buttons allows you to check your match history in Mirrors, including Wins and Losses, as well as point gain and when the battle took place.
mirror history
The second button allows you to see the rewards for reaching different Layers.
mirror match rewards

You can also see progress towards the next Layer from the main Mirrors area. Keep in mind that Layer 11 is as deep as we can safely go right now, so Layers beyond that are off-limits until further notice! However, you may keep fighting copies at that Layer as much as your heart desires!

Upon reaching a new Layer, you will receive the rewards as listed in the rewards list, and the next time you open the Endless Mirrors area, you will instead see another part of the story before you proceed to battle.
Sometimes, however, the Endless Mirrors button will become locked entirely, and in these cases, it means you’ve hit a story lock!
story requirements

This means you must go back and complete more of the Main story before continuing on in Mirrors. It's not good to focus entirely on the Mirror Witch, and forget all the other strange events in Kamihama, after all!

defense bonus
In addition to all these buttons, once you’ve started playing Mirrors, upon entering the Mirrors area again, you will see a Defense Bonus. This is the rewards you’ve gained, if any, from other people fighting copies of your team, and your team emerging victorious.

But what is that locked Ranking Event button on the right?

And with that, I’ve guided you through all the areas currently available!
Oh? You’re curious about what the locked Ranking Event area is?

Well, occasionally, I’ll organize special events to incentivise you to clear out some more copies by offering additional rewards for doing so, if the copies are getting too overwhelming. In those cases, I’ll open up the area.

But right now, that isn’t yet a prob-
Yui Tsuruno, the Strongest Magical Girl, is here to participate!
Hey, where do I go to sign up for these ranking events?
Oh, a troublesome one appears…
They sound awesome!
Proving you’re the strongest against others, through fair competition?!
Sign me up! Yep, yep!
Um, Tsuruno, those events aren’t yet-
Hey, where? Where do I sign up?
I’m pumped up and ready to go! Just give the word!
Huh…? Why can’t I enter? isn’t the time yet to organize them…
I understand your enthusiasm, but please, wait a little while, okay?


The event isn't open yet?

Well, in that case, I’ll go and train some more in Mirrors, for when the time comes!
Later, Mitama!
She’s gone, huh…
Always so quick to hype herself up, that one..
Well, that concludes this tour of the Endless Mirrors!
I hope to see you again here, and may fortune favor you in your battles!

(And bring me lots of Coins for my shop, okay?)

First off, the importance of Element types in Mirrors, and how the fact that you might not always adjust your team for each match might affect your fights.
As you have likely noticed by now, Aqua, Forest, and Flame element girls each are both strong against a certain one of the three, and weak to another.
Thus, using any of these three element types in your team can mean you either have a huge advantage on an opponent, or a huge weakness towards them.
Many players will work with this by including girls from element types than compliment each other, and seeing a team that is fully one of these three element types is rare for that very reason.
Such a team would, after all, almost certainly win if their opponent is mostly only the element type they have an advantage against, and almost certainly lose against one that has only the element type strong against your team.
However, the other two types that from their own separate duo have none of this weakness. Instead, they are both simply strong against each other.
Thus, when using a team mostly comprised of Light, or mostly comprised of Dark girls, all you need to do is prioritise any girls of the opposite element type on the opponent team, and you’ll be fine!
And if faced with a team entirely composed of the opposite element type, since you attack first, all you need to do is take them out before they take you out!
And, compared to the triangle, using either of them means you never deal resisted damage against any opponent, merely neutral at worst!
Thus, compared to a team with Flame, Forest, or Aqua magical girls, a team comprised of Light or Dark element characters might almost never need to change their line-up for different opponents, or have any real reason to do so!
Oh? You’re worried about that strange Void-looking symbol in the same chart of element types? Ah, don’t worry about that! It’s nothing, I’m sure. Just a graphical error or in-joke, or something like that...
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