How to Claim Homura Akemi (Glasses)

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Article by xHakurai

Where in the world is Moemura?

Excited players check their mailbox, only to find gems (who needs those, anyway?), or worse yet, nothing at all.  The promised Homura (Glasses)? Nowhere to be found.  Where could she be hiding?

In the shop!

Homura is actually a redeemable character in Mitama's shop.  Players who have logged in should have received a special purple badge that can be used to redeem Homura.  But wait, there's no Homura tab! We've been had!

To the right!

They got us in the first half, but how about the second?  As it turns out, Players can actually scroll through multiple tabs on the bottom.  Keep scrolling to the right to reach the Homura Akemi (Glasses) tab.

Homura Akemi (Glasses), get!

Congratulations!  You have now redeemed ~~Best Girl~~ Homura Akemi Glasses, starting the game with a guaranteed SSR!  No longer will she be held hostage by Mitama.

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