A Short Guide on How to Strengthen Your Magical Girls

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In Magia Record, magical girls can be strengthened in a number of ways. These include leveling (both through experience gems, and through quest completion), awakening magical girls to a higher rarity, raising Magia levels and unlocking Doppels, and opening up Memoria slots with Destiny Gems.

Everything here, except opening up Memoria slots, is going to cost you CC, progressively more as you level up.



Of these methods, leveling up magical girls is the most effective, and the first one a new player should start with. Go into the magical girl menu from the menu on the right (first option at the top), and select the option at the top. Here, you can see all of your magical girls at the bottom of the page, and on the right, all of the experience gems (or “Exp gems”) you’ve collected.

Exp gems give more experience the higher quality they are, and using Exp gems of the same element as the magical girl you’re using them on - or All type Exp gems - will give more Exp.

Leveling up magical girls through quests is also possible, but the Exp gained is significantly less than through Exp gems. The one exception to this is Special Training events, which give boosted Exp to the girls featured.



After leveling magical girls to their maximum level, the next step a new player should take is awakening them. To do this, you need to gather certain materials. Opening the option on the left of the magical girl menu, or the third option on the right, will show you the required materials for the magical girl you have selected.


You can insert each material individually into the slot it matches, which will buff the magical girl’s stats immediately. Once all the materials are set into their slots, the grayed-out button in the middle of the slots will light up pink, and you press it to consume the materials you have gathered to awaken your magical girl to a higher rarity.

Awakening a magical girl to a higher rarity will reset their level back to 1!

When you are ready to awaken, make sure you have enough Exp gems stockpiled!

awakening results

At launch, lower rarity magical girls can be awakened to a maximum of 4 stars (with the exception of Iroha, who can only be awakened to 3 stars at launch), and only natural 4 star magical girls can be awakened to 5 stars. 5 star unlocks will be eventually introduced for all characters, with Main Story characters having higher priority.

Magia Strengthening


Episode Levels

To level up the Magia level of your magical girls, first you must level up their Episode level, from using them in quests, most especially their own Magical Girl Story quests, where they will gain bonus Episode level. Only the magical girls you bring with you to a quest will gain Episode level.

Magia Leveling

Each Episode level gained will allow you to level the Magia of the magical girl in question once. To do this, you open the option on the right of the magical girl page, or the 2nd option on the right if already on one of the pages. Here, you will see all the required materials for the current Magia level. You can also see the available Magia level upgrades on the left side of the screen.

Once you have collected all the materials, and reached the correct Episode level, you can press the button that lights up in pink to raise the Magia level and consume the materials. Each Magia level raises the damage and effects of the Magia, with the 5th and final level also increasing the Magia gauge cap for the magical girl from 100% to 200%.


This final level, when reached, also unlocks a special Doppel quest as the 4th and final quest in the Magical Girl Story if the character has been awakened to 5 stars.

This quest requires the earlier three parts to be completed, has no story of it’s own, and features a harder fight against a copy of the magical girl featured in the story.

Once completed, this quest unlocks the Doppel of the magical girl in question. At launch, only natural 4 star magical girls have access to their Doppels, but more become available later.

Unlocking More Memoria Slots

memoria slots

The final, and most difficult way to strengthen a magical girl is through unlocking additional Memoria slots for them. This is done by going to the bottom option on the magical girl page, and requires special items known as Destiny Gems.

These gems are unique to each magical girl, and depending on the rarity of the girl, more are required to unlock a memoria slot, with 1 per level being required for natural 4 star magical girls, 3 for natural 3 stars, and 10 for natural 2 stars and below.

These Destiny Gems can be gained whenever you gain a copy of a magical girl that you already have from the gacha, which will convert into a single Destiny Gems, regardless of rarity. With the exception of natural 4 star magical girls, they can also be bought from the Magia Chip shop.

Where to Get Materials

The places to gather materials from can be split into two main options: Quest drops, and the Shop.

For materials from quest drops, each specific enemy type drops a certain type of material. Witches, Rumours, and familiars drop the various named materials you need for awakening and Magia leveling, and Magical girls drop Books.

Books, Orbs, and Exp gems can be found more specifically in the Event Quest tab of the Story menu, which has daily rotating quests that give two element types of Exp gems in the Upper tab quests, and one element type of Orbs and Books in the Lower tab quests.

Higher level quests with higher AP costs drop higher quality materials, with the highest level having no lower quality drops.

You can see the schedule for different days on the left, with the weekend being the exception to the rule, having all element types at random.

Remember to do different levels of the Orb and Book quests to gather the different levels of materials you need!

As for collecting materials from the shop, many Event Shop tabs will carry all sorts of materials, including All - type Exp gems, which cannot be gained from quests, and Rainbow Orbs, which are extremely rare drops from the daily quests, but common in small amounts in the Shop. All - type Exp gems can also be gained from the Normal Gacha at random.

Both of these can also be gained from other tabs of the shop, which are detailed further in Mitama’s Shopping Guide.

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