Arisa Narumi's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

I was always alone.
Yikes. They're totally picking on that girl.
Poor kid.
I wanted to be stronger. Strong enough to prove them all wrong.
I became a Magical Girl to do just that.
Things would be different if I was stronger. Or so I thought...
Because nothing changed in the end.
―Arisa― But there was one person nice enough to reach out to me.
―Arisa― It was her.
Arisa... Hey, Arisa.
Would you listen to me?!
Oh, sorry. I had something on my mind.
Well, all right then. It looks like I'll have to repeat myself.
What was with the attitude back there?
Back there... Ohh.
When those high schoolers decided to pick a fight with me on the train?
Take a second and think.
The whole situation was your fault, no matter how you look at it!
Bumping into them with your face in your phone, not even saying 'excuse me'...
I'm in charge of discipline at school, so I can't overlook―
Okay, okay, geeze! I know I'm the bad guy here, all right?!
And I'm glad you stepped in to stop things from getting worse.
It's just―
No excuses!
Think about the bigger picture.
This is our first time in Kamihama City. And we're in our school uniforms.
Which means we represent the entirety of the Akanegazaki student body.
You need to realize what that means and...
(Oh, here we go again. Another one of Chisato's lectures.)
(Better get comfortable, this'll be a while.)

Part 2

Oh, here we go.
One of Chisato's long-as-heck lectures.
Is that clear? So do some reflecting and...
Oh? The lecture's over already?
Lecture? Ugh.
No, it's just that those girls over there caught my attention.
That whole situation was your fault, no matter what you say, Rena!
Bumpin' into them while starin' at your phone, not even sayin' 'excuse me'...
As a leader, I can't just let this slide!
Okay, okay, geeze! I know I'm the bad guy here. I get it.
And thanks for stepping in to keep things from getting worse.
So she's being scolded by a friend after bumping into a stranger, too.
Is that a trend these days or something?
Oooh, real funny!
It's just...
Just what?
I was this close to saying sorry.
But then they had to start acting like they wanted a fight.
I was like 'What gives?!' and just kinda... Ya know?
Yeah, that sounds like something you'd say.
'If they're picking a fight, you gotta show 'em!' ...Right?
Exactly. You've been paying attention, haven't you?
What are you apologizing for?
That girl... The one who's not afraid to speak her mind. She's a lot like you.
(Hold on just a sec! That's how I come off to other people?)
(Like THAT girl?)

Part 3

It's just...
Just what?
I was this close to saying sorry.
But then they had to start acting like they wanted a fight.
I was like 'What gives?!' and just kinda... Ya know?
In that situation I'd give 'em a piece of my mind, too!
I get where you're comin' from, Rena.
But most people would say the other person should've been the one gettin' angry.
(It's like she's talking to me!)
Yeah, sure, but...
I'm not just gonna run away with my tail between my legs.
Cause it's all over if people think they can push you around.
Push you around?
Hm? Is something wrong?
N-nah, nothing...
(That girl.)
(She's the same as me.)
... ...
Somethin' wrong, Rena?
That girl... Don't you think she's been staring at me this whole time?
Rena, Rena.
What is it now?
The concert. I think we should get going soon.
*Gasp* Oh no!
The free concert in the shopping center is gonna start any minute!
Aaahhh! You're right!
Kaede! Why didn't you say something sooner?
Rena, don'tcha think now's the time for a 'thank you'?
Whatever, let's hurry! We can still make the first song if we run for it!
You too, Kaede! Keep standing around like that and we'll leave you behind!
Y-yeah, I'll do my best to keep up!
They're gone.

Part 4

There was a lot of arguing, but those three seem like they're great friends.
They remind me of us quite a bit.
Hm? Really?
Yes, except that there are four of us.
'Keep standing around like that and we'll leave you behind!'
That sounds so much like something you would say.
Oh come on.
Just what kinda person do you take me for?
Well, let's see.
Not the best communicator, but a girl who treasures her friends more than anyone else.
Because no one would even say that if they really were going to leave someone behind.
I think if we got separated, you'd wait for me no matter how long it took.
Wh-what are you talking about?! I'm not that nice, you know!
See? There's that act again.
That's the reason why you're always misunderstood!
But it's all right.
I told you the day we met, didn't I? That it's still not too late.
Yeah, it was that smile.
That's what saved me from my loneliness.
Come on, Chisato. Are you trying to make me remember those days?
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