Hayate Yagami's Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

Now what?
We're going to run out of things to test them on at this rate.
Then why don't we call everyone here and have a tea break?
The cheesecakes should be just about cool enough by now, I think.
Good point!
Where'd the other Hayate go?
Yeah... There's only one of them here.
Someone, catch her!
What the?!
Wasn't that...Hayate just now?
And her arms were loaded up with cheesecake.
Oh no, this isn't good!
Right when we were about to eat it... H-Hayate—or her copy—she...
She stole every last one!
Which means?
It must mean the one who's still here is the real Hayate, right?
Am I cleared of suspicion now?
We're sorry it took us this long!
No, don't worry about that.
We've got more important things to worry about!
That copy sure has some nerve, stealing all those cakes while wearing my face!
I never thought it would reveal its identity by showing its gluttony.
Now it has to pay for what it's done!
We're going to get those cakes back, too! Come on, Rein!

Part 2

How's your search going?
Even Raising Heart can't pick up any signs...
Fate, could you do a wide-range search?
I know it might use up a lot of magic...
It's fine. It may be a wide-range search but we only need to search inside the Labyrinth.
I got something! Dead ahead, to the right!
Let's chase it down!
You got it!
Found you!
Ugh, it got away again...
Momoko! Are you familiar with the layout of this area?
I'd like to try a pincer maneuver if it's possible...
Yeah, I know the layout around here.
Us three will go on ahead and block the other passages for ya.
You guys proceed to chase it down!
We owe you one! Okay, let's do that!
Let's get going, everyone!
Momoko, you okay? You look kinda lost in thought.
Nah, it's nothin'... Just, Hayate seemed real quiet to me at first.
But when the goin' gets tough, she leaps into action and takes charge.
She's real leader material...
Though speaking of leaders, you're ours.
Why're you standing around like a statue?
Whoops! Sorry!
Time for us to get goin', too!

Part 3

THERE you are!
Looks like it didn't eat any of the cheesecakes yet!
Think you can get away?!
Face it, you're stuck here!
Oh no... It went that way...
No one's blockin' that route!
We have to give chase now before it gets away!
I get it, I get it! But it's really fast!
Don't worry, I'll take care of this.
Go after it, Rein! Lend me your strength!
Sure thing, Hayate!
Unison In!
It's all up to you now, Rein.
You won't need to use too much energy... Just freeze it a little bit.
Atem de Eises!
I can't move! My legs are encased
A long-range attack! Even with the target so far away...
That's our Hayate! No mistaking her! No one else could pull off something like that!
It might not have worked if I didn't have Rein here to help.
Anyway, we caught our suspect!
And now...
It's time for you to stop resisting and come along quietly!
You think I'll just go along with you just like that?
So you're still gonna fight? I don't mind taking you on, if that's what you want.
Then bring it, already!
Okay, everyone!
Time to beat this copy and get back our cheesecakes!
Roger that!
Let's do this!

Part 4

Well, we sure went through a lot to get here!
Shall we all enjoy a nice slice of all that freshly made cheesecake?
Yes pleeease!
Oh, this cake!
They're nothing flashy, but they're beautifully made!
You could use these as examples when teaching people to bake!
That's high praise from you, Manaka! You're one of the top chefs in all of Kamihama!
Really impressive!
It really is delicious.
Even though all we did was make it how Hayate told us to!
Thanks, everyone... I just came up with something from what we had on hand.
It's a real treat to be complimented by a real chef, and a pâtissier's daughter...
I barely know what to say...
I mean, it is REALLY good.
However did you get so good at cooking?
Oh, me? Hmm...
I do it for my family, for my Guardian Knights.
I want them to eat delicious things, so... I guess I work hard to make that happen?
You do it for your family... I see...
— Hayate — Until those four appeared from out of the Tome of the Night Sky and lived with me...
— Hayate — I spent all my days completely alone.
— Hayate — I was so happy to be with them...
So I really enjoy taking care of them... for them, and making sure they have everything they need...
So you're one of those people who gets good at stuff because she likes doin' it?
That makes sense... So it really was because of your family.
Oh yeah, I wanted to ask you something!
When it was just you and the last copy left...
We asked 'how many people are in your family?'
Were you the one who answered? Or was it the copy?
I was the one who didn't get to reply.
The copy answered that there are six people.
I would say there are one.
Before little Rein came into being...
There was another girl who looked after me, and eventually ascended far beyond the sky.
Her name was Reinforce...
She's like Rein's older sister.
That's where the Zwei comes from... It means she's the second generation.
Oh! Uh, sorry...
Didn't mean to stir up sad memories or anything like that...
No, it's okay. She's still living on, deep inside me, even now.
So that's why the Yagami household has six one more!
That's how I see it, at least.
I knew it! You ARE the real Hayate!
That's the SUPER correct answer! 120%! A score that beats her 100%!
Thanks, Rein.
*Giggle* I just love spending time with everyone!
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