Yachiyo Nanami's Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

A few days after the hangout...
The girl who'd been causing a ruckus in Kamihama appeared before Yachiyo.
Thanks for calling me.
No problem. Rena grumbled about it a bunch.
I just said I could take her!
Come on, Rena, we really should ask Yachiyo for help!
I mean, look at this girl... She looks tough.
Cut the chit-chat! How long are you gonna stall?
...What's your name?
Ugh, finally someone asked! TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH!
*Ahem* Allow me to introduce myself...
The name's Tsuruno Yui! I'm here to restore my family's name!
No one will stand in my way... I will defeat you here and NOW!
Family name?
What on Earth? Seriously, explain yourself.
Don't wanna!
What kind of response is that?!
I'm not here to talk! I'm here to FIGHT!
...Don't wanna!
H-hey! Don't copy me!
I'm not interested in a pointless fight.
Well, TOO BAD! I told you I'm not here to talk!
Then, sum it up for us.
Er, I... Argh! Well...! I want to be the mightiest!
M-mightiest what?
The Mightiest Magical Girl... There's no greater honor!
That's what I believe, and I'm gonna make it happen!
...I still have no clue what she's saying!
(Maybe she's not as dangerous as I thought...)
...Okay then. I'll be your partner today.
That's what I'm talking about! For real, NO MORE TALK!

Part 2

Hyah, hah, hyaaah!
Wow, Tsuruno's pretty tough...
I can barely even follow the action...
Yachiyo's keeping up with her, though...
Phew... You're something else.
I could say the same to you... But all you've done is defend!
And you'll NEVER win like that!
Yachiyo, no!
She's been hit!
Haha! How about THAT! Hehehe!
Now then, time for the finishing blow!
...It's not over yet!
Good! I'm all fired up, too!
(This girl is stronger than I thought...!)
(I won't be able to beat her in a fair fight...)
Take this, and this, and THIS!
Ngh...! This... This is bad!
You're open! HYAAAAAAH!
Oh, crud!
Huh...? She's...gone?
That was a decoy.
What? Where are you?!
Come out and...wah!
She's been tied up with rope!
Yesss, Yachiyo wins!
Sorry I tricked you.
I can't believe you caught me...
Hah! I see... You gave me the upper hand on purpose.
It seemed the only way. You're pretty strong...
(I can't break free...)
Well, you've got me...
Now finish the job!
It's already over!
Yeah, she won already! Don't draw this out!
...Is that what you really want?
No way... ...She wouldn't...would she?
Well then, I'll gladly finish the job...
Y-Yachiyo, wait!

Part 3

Yachiyo! Enough!
...Do it! END IT!
I will...
...She's untied the rope...
There. I've ended it by cutting you free.
...Don't scare us like that!
...Seriously! What was that about?!
Now learn from this experience and quit playing your little games.
...Or one day you'll end up in real trouble.
Wh-what did you just say?!
I'll ask you one more time. Why are you doing this?
...To become the mightiest!
Why do you want to be the mightiest Magical Girl?
It's... It's the greatest honor there is!
And you can't attain this honor without becoming the mightiest?
Well, being number one means you are the most honored!
Okay. So, say you do become the mightiest...and you attain this honor.
What happens next?
Next? I do great things!
Great things, huh? Like what?
Things that you have to hurt others to achieve?
N-no! I wanna be the Mightiest Magical Girl and defeat evil!
So then what's the point of fighting against your fellow Magical Girls?
...Y-you've got it all wrong! I... I want to...!
I have to... I have to be the mightiest!
Hey, whoa! Is she still lookin' to fight?
It's over! Stop!
All right then, I'll play along until you're ready to give up.

Part 4

Aaand it's over...
That's victory number six...
...For Yachiyo.
Just give up already!
N-no! NO! I'm not done yet!
You're easy to read. Gotcha again...
HNGAH! Urgh! Hnnngh!
Lucky number seven.
Geeze, Yachiyo is really strong.
Yeah, I didn't realize she had so many different kinds of attacks...
Just stop! C'mon!
Kaede's right. Let's wrap this up.
I-I said...I'm not done!
You've used almost all of your power. Do you have a Grief Seed?
None of your business!
...Calm down. Just listen to me...
I don't care what your reasoning is...
...I will not let you hurt your fellow Magical Girls...
I don't really understand why you feel you have to be the mightiest.
But I can tell you have more power than you know what to do with.
...And being a Magical Girl is hard enough already.
That's something only other Magical Girls can understand.
We're all on the same side here.
So just stop... Okay?
You feel it too, don't you?
You know you've messed up...
You have to stop being so stubborn.
Whoa, she's crying! You guys, she's crying!
She ran off...
*Sigh* I'm glad that's finally over...
I shouldn't have made her cry...
(I wonder if I got through to her...)
I wouldn't have won without tricking her... I made it by the skin of my teeth.
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