Deliver Your Wish!

Skill Type Memoria

Max Lvl Lvl 50
HP 883 → 2207
ATK 0 → 0
DEF 723 → 1807
Used By All
Obtained From À La Carte Valentine ~Delivering Everyone's Feelings~

Memoria Effect

Damage Up Cooldown: 9
Buff target damage by 25% (1 turn).
Increases damage by 35% (1 turns) against enemies with status ailments.

Memoria Max Limit Break Effect

Damage Up Cooldown: 8
Buff target damage by 30% (1 turn).
Increases damage by 40% (1 turns) against enemies with status ailments.

Lore and Info

While you are in love with a sense of mind, holding this pale feeling of a once a year Valentine when the stars come around, how much more can we hold on to this day? Because I think, I have to cherish this day, the thoughts and the chocolate...after all.