Lethal Weapons Known as Stationery

Skill Type Memoria

Max Lvl Lvl 40
HP 432 → 1080
ATK 0 → 0
DEF 512 → 1280
Used By Hitagi Senjougahara
Obtained From Mitama's Special Training - Hitagi Episode

Memoria Effect

Damage Up Cooldown: 6
Buff target damage by 35% (1 turn).

Memoria Max Limit Break Effect

Damage Up Cooldown: 5
Buff target damage by 40% (1 turn).

Lore and Info

Stationery is never tools to hurt people.
But if you carry too much, it takes on the appearance of lethal weapons.
Countless stationery as if stored in four-dimensional space.
Tips of HB pencils are of course delicately sharpened.