The Many Rumors in Kamihama

Skill Type Memoria

Max Lvl Lvl 40
HP 480 → 1200
ATK 0 → 0
DEF 440 → 1100
Used By Yachiyo Nanami
Obtained From All Gacha

Memoria Effect

Blast UP
Blast UP Cooldown: 8
Buffs Blast Damage by 55% (1 turn).

Memoria Max Limit Break Effect

Blast UP
Blast UP Cooldown: 7
Buffs Blast Damage by 60% (1 turn).

Lore and Info

Cursed chain mail that tears out your soul... A mysterious soldier appearing in a Sankyo Ward school... Credible rumors and urban legends like this are logged in the "Kamihama Rumor Files". A new rumor was added just today.