06/26/2019 Patch Notes

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I HOPE YOU’RE HYPE, BECAUSE WE SURE ARE! Whew, now that that’s out of the way, let's break down what’s happening for you this patch.

Goodbye RNG

Accessory Crafting, Charm Crafting and Material Conversion

First up this week is the long-awaited addition of accessory crafting (for slightly more materials). Note that this still doesn’t give us the desired ability to choose the specific set, as that is rumored to come at a later date.

This is followed by an addition to the Sanctuary, the Alchemist’s Steeple, which will allow you to craft Charms using leftover gear and convert unwanted Catalysts and hunt Materials to different types.

Like the other portions of the Sanctuary, it will have levels and benefits that reduce the amount of material used, the cost, and the output. The main important upgrade is the Laboratory - without upgrades to this, the Catalyst and Material conversions will NOT be available.

Automaton Tower Added

Automaton Tower Added (Starts on July 1st!)

We finally get some more content in the form of the Automaton Tower. This new Tower has 100 floors and resets monthly, netting you a sizable number of rewards.

The enemies within, up to Floor 90, may be weakened by using Stigma (up to 3x), which will help even newer players to clear up to that floor.

The floors above, from 91-100, are considered challenge levels and thus cannot be weakened.

The types of monsters encountered and the rewards obtainable may be changed in the future, but as of the current time, the main rewards are as follows:

  • F10 - Greater Ring Charm, 1 Leif
  • F20 - Greater Ring Charm, Greater Necklace Charm
  • F30 - Greater Necklace Charm, 1 Molagora
  • F40 - Greater Ring Charm, 3 Leif
  • F50 - Greater Necklace Charm, 1 Tera Phantasma
  • F60 - Epic Ring Charm, Epic Necklace Charm
  • F70 - Epic Ring Charm, 1 Molagora
  • F80 - Epic Ring Charm, Epic Necklace Charm
  • F90 - Epic Necklace Charm, 2 Molagora
  • F100 - 5 Galaxy Bookmarks

Rewards for individual levels, if any, have not yet been revealed.

Hero Rebalancing

This requires its own page, and our thoughts/comments may be seen at the link shown HERE.

New Challenge Event - Emberstorm Pride

Also available this week is the new Challenge event, Emberstorm Pride. As with all Challenge events, this features an Artifact, the new Crimson Seed. This is an upgraded Warrior version of the 3* artifact Timeless Anchor, but with a better proc rate: with limit breaks, it can go from a 35% to a 70% chance to remove a single debuff when attacked, making it good for certain Warriors. It faces some direct competition from Strak Gauntlet, which fills a similar role, and possibly Durandal, which has a more useful effect.

Still, don’t forget to farm your copies and grab your free Gold Transmit Stone!


Champion Zerato Added

Champion Zerato has been added to Moonlight pool and the Mystic Summon pool, supplanting Crescent Moon Rin in the latter pool for the current rotation.

Some small thoughts are listed below.

His Earthen Wave (S1) does damage and transfers 1 debuff from himself to an enemy. (An improved version of Basar’s S1, or a nerfed version of Gloomyrain’s S3.)

His Iron Will (S2) gives complete immunity to Stun/Sleep and also provides him with counterattack chance when he is debuffed (80 - 100% with investment). This becomes significant because he has a high chance of simply returning the debuff inflicted immediately via his counterattack S1.

Lastly, his Cataclysm (S3) is a unique 2-turn AoE dual ATK/DEF Break with some slight inconsistency (only goes up to 75%, and is on a 4-turn cooldown).


Kise Rate Up

Kise is this week’s featured banner. As usual, keep in mind that no amount of pulls will guarantee you a unit on a normal banner, and Lilibet is due soon.

Of course, if you’re looking for a cool beauty who can delete Wyvern and delay boss turns, then look no further.

See the link to Kise’s page below:

Replay Story Added

For a story-focused game, Epic 7 had a real shortage of replayable story cutscenes (not counting you, goofy Arena guy!)

A new replay mode has now been added, giving you the ability to relive the Heir’s memories.

You even get to choose new backgrounds! Nifty.

Wind Rider

Wind Rider Nerf (Technically a bug fix)

A moment of silence for our fallen cleave teams across the world.

Ok, that’s all. Due to unforeseen interactions with Sez’s S3 explosion, Wind Rider has received an unfortunate nerf - the hidden attack buff is now applied on the following turn, as stated on the artifact itself, and therefore will not affect Sez’s explosion. This also negatively affects Clarissa and Vildred to a lesser degree.

Due to the nature of this bugfix, Sez is now less useful as a Cleaver and his suggested artifact is likely to shift to “Portrait of the Saviors” from the Guilty Gear event.

He is less affected if you used him in tandem with a 2-stage cleave team, as he can fall back on “Elyha’s Knife” if needed.

Because of the nerfy nature of this bugfix, Smilegate is offering a first-time Artifact recall on Wind Rider (but not Sez! WHY) Feel free to reinvest everything into your artifact of choice.


Whew, that was a pretty big mouthful. Feel free to leave us any feedback and/or suggestions, as usual, and I look forward to seeing you next week!

Lillibet Added to Hero Journal

You can now view all of Lillibet's info, including Skills, animations, awakenings, and max stats, in the Journal! We also created a page for her, including hidden info like Camping stats, which can be found below:

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