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Article by Kiera Hoogendam
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The challenge of giving advice for Epic Seven is that many things are up to player discretion. The best progression route for one player may not work for others due to differences in pulls, joining time, player skill, knowledge, time invested, et cetera.

The question remains, though: “What do I do with all of this conflicting advice?” Since reading everything is out of the question, GamePress attempts to consider many perspectives in guides. This Beginner’s guide is generic, but others will dive into different strategies and include relevant disclaimers. If any questions remain, feel free to drop by our community site and ask some questions.

Another important reminder to beginners, too, is that the stakes aren’t as high as other players make them out to be. Rookie mistakes only really result in… not being able to access content as quickly. Even if you’re missing out initially, the game is still new and rich with things to experience. Remember, above all else, to be patient and have fun! Mobile games should never be a chore, and as fun and exciting as it is to progress, pacing yourself is also very important.


Luckily, Epic Seven has a sort of built-in rerolling with Selective Summoning. For more details on how to reroll and who to target, see the full Reroll Guide.

Despite being a character-focused game, Epic Seven places little emphasis on individual Heroes. Many natural 3★ are excellent at clearing the game since success mainly depends on gear and team synergy. With the right setup, many Heroes can be good, including some who are accessible to all players. 

Free-to-play Heroes

The Connections screen will reveal a number of progress tracks towards recruiting these characters. Not only are they consistent for each account, but some also have the ability to Specialty Change which unlocks an entirely new Skill Tree.

In particular, Lorina is a must-have for straightforward DPS and elemental flexibility. She can be fit into almost any team composition and is well worth upgrading to 5★ for her Specialty Change into Commander Lorina. 

Likewise, Hazel can change into Mascot Hazel who is a powerful buffer/support and the backbone of many Fire teams. Her usefulness continues all the way into endgame, so building her is also very worthwhile.  

Gear Tips

For a full rundown of the Hero Screen, see the Combat Basics.

Most progression in Epic Seven is tied to gear. While leveling, promoting, and enhancing Skills will reliably increase CP, the bulk of stat gains are made by acquiring and selecting equipment. 

Equipping items has an associated gold cost.

While this is negligible early on, the gold cost of changing equipment becomes steeper with progression. Because of this, it’s important to plan ahead and commit to high-grade gear upon figuring out who will equip it. On that note...

Don’t force sets

Look at the individual piece and its stats first when deciding on final gear. Set bonuses are the best way to boost stats early on with lower-grade equipment, but as equipping costs go up, it’ll be more rewarding to commit to single pieces of gear.  

Percent-based bonuses are better than flat bonuses; this is due to scaling with a Hero’s stats. Flat stats are added in only after percents are calculated; thus, they are not included in the percent bonuses.

Some of the best ways to obtain gear are:

  • Completing Labyrinth maps

  • Hunting Wyverns, Banshees, and Golems

  • Descending further into the Abyss

Gear Stats

“How do I know if this gear is good or not?”

That depends on who is going to equip it, but some generic ways of appraising gear include:

  • Substats: are they complementary to one another? Many Heroes can benefit from both Crit Chance and Effectiveness, but Effect Res (a defensive stat) and Crit Damage (an offensive stat built after Crit Chance) are less likely to be of use together.

  • How many of the substats are percent bonuses?

  • For Right Gear: what is the main stat?

  • Tier: what grade is the item? Lower grades will gain less from Enhancement.  

  • Rarity: is it Normal or Good? Lower rarities have fewer substats, so their potential is limited.

If in doubt, look at the Hero’s Skills and see what their damage scales on. Do they benefit from higher Speed or Defense? What happens when they land Criticals? Do they have any Afflictions associated with them? Enhancing the right stats is key to getting the most out of each Hero.

Evaluating gear is important both for enhancement and deciding what to equip in the first place. It takes many resources to level gear (especially necklaces and rings) so pick carefully and don't worry too much about leveling beginner or intermediate gear. 

General Tips

Many thanks to BerlinDef on the Community site for further additions! 

  • Ring and Necklace charms are usually worth buying from shops, since Adventure maps don't drop common accessories for fodder.
  • Do Side Story events when active; rewards include rare Catalysts, strong gear and bookmarks.
  • Focus resources for better results. Many of the F2P Heroes mentioned above can work in multiple teams, so if in doubt, pick flexible self-reliant Heroes over more team-reliant ones (such as Ludwig and Specimen Sez)
  • DPS characters will generally be the first ones to focus on, then support and healers.
  • Do the dailies and check the Reputation tab for rewards. 

The Shop Tab

Shop Tab

Skystone: A place to buy straight Skystone with microtransactions, generally not recommended.

Pack: This is where the better-value microtransactions are; bundles include various amounts of Skystone, bookmarks, energy, gold and EXP boosts. Monthly Packs and the Level-Up Pack are popular choices among light spenders.

Normal: The main item here is the Bookmark bundle for 950 Skystone-- these are slightly better than buying individual bookmarks since they come with EXP Penguins. Also on this page are trades for MolaGoras and various Entry Tickets (regenerating currency used for playing the game)

Transmit Stone: Gold Transmit Stones are the only way to get Galaxy Bookmarks for Moonlight Summons. Do not spend them on 4-5★ Summons! As for the Silver ones, weekly MolaGoras are the best value. 

Powder of Knowledge: This is a means of trading Artifacts of 3★ rarity or higher. Selling Artifacts rewards 1, 8, or 30 Powders (for 3, 4 and 5★ rarities, respectively). 

Friendship: This is a great place to get cheap Energy and Arena Flags each day. Friendship Bookmarks are also okay for obtaining fodder on short notice. 

Ancient Coin: Level 40-60 Accessory Chests are a good value early on; once you've got an assortment of strong gear, the necklace and ring charms will be helpful for leveling. 

Conquest Points: A great place for daily Energy, a weekly Molagora, and some gear EXP. 

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