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Max CP17031
A carefree and tough warrior known as the Slaughterer
Veteran Mercenary
Veteran Mercenary
Dispatch Mission:
Impossible Mission
Specialty Effect:
Reward Bonus +10%
A veteran of the Archdemon War, Gunther is often misunderstood because of his rough-looking face, but he is a highly-talented treasure hunter.

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Hero Stats

Hero CP: 17031
HP 5517
ATK 1426
SPD 104
DEF 583
Crit Hit Chance Crit Hit DMG Dual Atk Chance
15.00% 150.00% 5.00%
Effectiveness Effect Resist
0.00% 0.00%
Imprint Release

SSS : +96 SS : +84 S : +72 A : +60 B : +48 C : +36 D : +24
Imprint Concentration

+Dual Attack Chance %
SSS : +3.6% SS : +3.1% S : +2.7% A : +2.3% B : +1.8% C : +1.3% D : +0.9%
*Red tiles mark the effective area of a Devotion Skill.

Hero Tags


Let Me 'Axe' You A...

Whether you're bringing Gunther to PvE to be your Defense Breaker or into PvP to Stun some fools, you're probably going to build him with the same substats. He needs Spd, Atk%, Effectiveness, and a mix of HP% and Def%. However, his gear sets are a little more complicated.

  • For PvE: An Attack set is best for his primary gear set, since it increases his direct damage and his Bleed damage. For his subset, Hit is good because it helps him cut through Effect Resistance, but if you have a lot of Effectiveness on his substats already, you might consider a Unity set. Gunther spends a lot of time using his S1 while his S3 cools down, so triggering Dual Attacks is a good use of his time.
  • For PvP: PvP rarely lasts long enough for Bleeds to make a difference, so consider instead a Rage set. Both of Gunther's attacks cause debuffs, so it's not hard to proc the extra damage, and it works better for burst damage (considering his poor skill multipliers). His secondary set can be Immunity if you're worried about him getting debuffed, but otherwise Hit is probably better.

Because Gunther occupies a pretty weird role as far as Warriors go, he has to think a little outside the box for his Artifact. The best Artifacts for Gunther are probably:

  • Durandal. Because Gunther wants to stand in the front row and pretend he's a tank, he's a fan of Durandal, which rewards him for taking damage by increasing his turn speed.
  • El's Fist. This is a riskier reward for putting Gunther in the front row, since it only procs when he stays at lower HP, unlike Durandal, which steadily gives him CR. However, El's Fist also increases Gunther's Atk, scaling his attacks and his Bleeds even higher.
  • Junkyard Dog. This is the only way for Gunther to cause Burns, and it's probably the most dramatic damage increase he can give to his S1, considering the terrible multiplier.


Atk %
Atk %
Atk %
Eff %
HP %
Def %


Upgrade Priority

Early Mid Late
+2 +2 +5
+5 +5 +5
+3 +5 +5



Gunther and Lilias have excellent synergy together. Lilias is a tank, but she's not the sturdiest tank on her own. Having Gunther in the front allows him to take most of the heat while she Provokes key targets into coming after her instead. This gives Achates plenty of time to heal both of them in between salvos.

Meanwhile, Vivian's Greater Atk buff multiplies Gunther's base Atk to obscene levels. Gunther uses this to Bleed foes dry, while Lilias takes his Atk power and loads it into a gun for her S3. Vivian, of course, can cleave on her own as well, and is a deterrent in particular to Ice-element opponents that would otherwise trouble Lilias and Achates.

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Gunther's meme-levels of uselessness were thankfully addressed by SmileGate in August 2019, when he got some much-needed buffs to his previously-bare-bones kit. For those who aren't aware, Gunther's claim to (dubious) fame is his S2 passive, which prevents him from dealing critical hits in return for boosting his Atk stat to be the highest in the game.

  • NOTE: Gunther's passive is added directly to his base Atk both on Epic Seven's interface and here on GamePress. So when you see "Gunther's base Atk is 1,426," that number is already figuring in his passive. He does NOT have 2,496 Atk after his passive (as broken as that would be).

Losing out on critical hits means losing out on a huge amount of damage output. However, it also means that Gunther never has to build Crit Chance or Crit Damage, which leaves him free to build bulk on his gear. Now that he has Defense Break on his S3 and a 70% chance to ignore incoming critical hits on his passive, Gunther has a new identity as a bulky, heavy-hitting Defense Breaker and Stunner. Is this enough to make him useful? Only time will tell, but it's undeniable that Gunther's in a better space than he's ever been before.


High Atk Has Many Uses

Taking his passive into consideration, Gunther has the highest base Atk in the entire game. This may seem pointless, since despite his high Atk, Gunther cannot get critical hits and therefore loses out on a lot of damage. However, certain mechanics make this very important indeed. For example, Lilias' S3 uses the Atk stat of the ally with the highest Atk to calculate damage, so Gunther and Lilias make a good pair. In addition, the damage dealt by Bleeds and Burns is determined by a hero's Atk stat. Gunther's monstrous Atk makes for some very hard-hitting Bleeds (which he can cause on his own) and Burns (which he can cause if equipped with the Junkyard Dog Artifact).

Reliable Stun/ Defense Break

Gunther's S3 causes both Stun and Defense Break, with a 100% base success rate on both ailments. As a Light-elemental hero, Gunther never suffers from elemental disadvantage, so that 100% success rate means he lands both ailments with great frequency. Furthermore, his Defense Break lasts 2 turns, while his S3's cooldown is only 3 turns (after Skill Enhancement). This makes him very good at keeping one target Defense Broken consistently throughout a battle.

Easy to Build Tanky

Because Gunther can't get critical hits, he doesn't need to build Crit Chance or Crit Damage. This frees him up to build extra HP% and Def% on his substats instead. Because Gunther has an innate 70% Critical Hit resistance, he is deceptively tanky, especially in PvP, where so many enemy heroes rely on critical hit damage. Pair that with some HP% and Def% on his gear and his Light element, and Gunther becomes surprisingly hard to take down.



Because of his passive (and his appearance), Gunther sounds like he should be the king of DPS. Unfortunately, he's... definitely not. The damage multipliers on his S1 and S3 are very low, meaning his high Atk doesn't go as far as it should. All of his attacks are single-target. And lacking critical hit damage puts him even further behind actual DPS units like Vildred or Clarissa. Gunther is really more of a tank-debuff-DoT hybrid, which brings us to his real problem....

Jack of all Trades

Gunther lacks focus in a team (although he's better off than he once was). He's got high Atk, but he can't use it very effectively. He can become quite tanky, but he can't mitigate damage or draw aggro for his team (especially since he's not a Knight and so he can't equip Aurius). He can cause some ailments, but they're all single-target, which limits their scope. His most concrete role is as a Defense Breaker, but there are lots of Defense Breakers in Epic Seven and most of them bring a lot more focused utility to the table.

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0 Turns
+1 Souls
Attacks with an axe, with a 50% chance to cause bleeding for 2 turns.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
Skill 2: Veteran
0 Turns
+0 Souls
The caster does not deal a critical hit, but Attack increases by 50%, and Critical Hit Resistance increases by 70%.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
4 Turns
+2 Souls
Attacks with an axe, stunning for 1 turn.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
Veteran Mercenary
Dispatch Mission: Impossible Mission
Specialty Effect: Reward Bonus +10%


Attack +3% Attack +20 / Health +60

Light Rune
Health +3% Attack +20 / Health +60

Light Rune
Defense +6% Attack +30 / Health +80

Greater Light Rune
Attack +6% Attack +30 / Health +80

Epic Light Rune

Dream Time Circuit
Health +6% Attack +30 / Health +80

Epic Light Rune

Reingar Student ID
Tenacious Strike
Attacks with an axe, stunning for 1 turn.
Ability Upgrade
Attacks with an axe, stunning for 1 turn and decreasing Defense for 2 turns.
Stat Increase
Attack +20 / Health +60

Light Rune

Greater Light Rune

Campsite Stats

Campsite Topic

Heroic Tale
Interesting Story