Specimen Sez

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Max CP16762
A violent butcher who threatens Sez's life
Excellent Specimen
Excellent Specimen
Dispatch Mission:
Specialty Effect:
Reward Bonus +6%
Researchers who barely escaped with their lives from Sez's murderous rampage built a new living weapon modeled after him. This new weapon seeks to kill Sez to prove its superiority and worth.

Table of Contents

Hero Stats

Hero CP: 16762
HP 6266
ATK 1228
SPD 113
DEF 473
Crit Hit Chance Crit Hit DMG Dual Atk Chance
21.00% 150.00% 5.00%
Effectiveness Effect Resist
0.00% 0.00%
Imprint Release

+Attack %
SSS : +10.8% SS : +9% S : +7.2% A : +5.4% B : +3.6%
Imprint Concentration

+Attack %
SSS : +18% SS : +15% S : +12% A : +9% B : +6%
*Red tiles mark the effective area of a Devotion Skill.

Hero Tags


PvP Endgame

Specimen Sez is extremely reliant on the team’s ability to Stun a high-priority target and kill them with Light Storm. You will typically want at least one other fast hero (or source) to Stun prior to him taking his turn. In this case the higher percent chance on his Stun, the better. Due to his high Defense penetration, using Defense breakers is not as necessary as ensuring he is able to utilize Light Storm in quick succession to each Stun that occurs ( since Stuns only last one turn.) This makes Rhianna & Luciella a key Artifact in abusing the number of targets he can kill in wake of multiple Stuns occurring at once. It will typically also be best to bring a fast debuffing unit since immunity sets can increasingly cause issues to the functionality of Specimen Sez’s heavily Stun reliant damage potential.

--Tip: If using a Mage on the same team, the artifact Abyssal Crown can allow for another Stun source.


Atk %
Eff %
CritC %
CritD %


Upgrade Priority

Early Mid Late
0 0 0
0 +5 +5
0 +3 +5



For a slightly riskier team you can use Silver Blade Aramintha as primary setup for Specimen Sez with Auxiliary Lots going after. This can open up multiple turns in a row for Specimen Sez at the cost of a single target Stun.

Basar plays an important role in going first and removing potential immunity Buffs from all of the enemy team, then allowing Silver Blade Aramintha to potentially Stun the entire team. Some other units who have AoE buff removal are Hurado and Roman.

The last slot can be filled with a utility Hero that increases the consistency of the team composition (this will often depend on what composition you are facing.)

Note: Someone Like General Purrgis or Zerato can easily take the spot of Silver Blade Aramintha-- as stated before the higher the Stun chance the better.


A fairly basic setup:

  • Dominiel and General Purrgis as a sources of AoE Stun ( with a lesser chance of hitting.)

  • Hurado in case of needing to strip buffs like Immunity.

Table of Contents



Specimen Sez is a vicious Thief with immense potential to kill. His unique kit centered around Stunning Heroes allows him to quickly dispose of nearly any foe he may come against. The latent power of Light Storm (S3) can quickly turn him into the ultimate killing machine when placed into teams that support his innate reliance on Stuns.


One-Shot King

Specimen Sez’s Light Storm (S3) is the focal point of his kit. It’s 100% Defense Penetration will allow you to delete almost any unit in the game as long as you meet its Stun condition. It’s power even further increases once you kill a target because the entire skill will reset potentially allowing you to 100 to 0 other heroes back to back. It also has an innate 30% Defense Penetration paired with Extinction allowing him to be played into Heroes who Revive. 

Combat Ready

His Evil Claws (S2), offers an AoE Stun that also boosts self combat readiness by 50%. This will enable him to set up for the next turn in quick succession.

A Stunning Skillset

Both Dreamy Iron Mace (S1) and Evil Claws (S2) offer a crowd control effect. Dreamy Iron Mace has a 50% single target Stun while Evil Claws offers an AoE 45% Stun. This allows Specimen Sez to not only set up Light Storm, but also play a defensive debuffing role.


Stun Reliant

Specimen Sez’s kit is built heavily around killing Sunned targets in order to empower Light Storm’s immense combat prowess. However, having to meet this condition is a heavy price to pay, though the innate 30% Defense Penetration helps to temper this issue vs less defensive Heroes. 

Co-Dependent: Needs team investment in order to succeed.

In order to use Specimen Sez to his full potential, he will typically need the assistance of one or more heroes who have skills that can Stun. This can become problematic because there are so few units with consistent Stun chance ratios (some even need Skill upgrades to become consistent) leading to inconsistent gameplay patterns. (In the current PvP climate, he will also frequently need a debuffer to remove immunity.)

Skill upgrades do not offer cooldown reduction.

Light storm is a powerful S3 that has the possibility to reset whenever you kill a target with it. However, it is on a 5 turn cooldown that will not decrease with skill upgrades. Each skill upgrade only offers a damage boost, so the Stun chance will also remain the same.

Table of Contents


0 Turns
+1 Souls
Attacks with an iron mace, with a 50% chance to stun for 1 turn. When the target is stunned after the attack, increases Combat Readiness of the caster by 25%.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
Skill 2: Evil Claws
3 Turns
+2 Souls
Attacks all enemies with evil claws, with a 60% chance to stun for 1 turn.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
Skill 3: Light Storm
5 Turns
+3 Souls
Attacks with a light storm, inflicting extinction and resetting cooldown for this skill when the enemy is defeated. Penetrates Defense by 30%, or by 100% when the enemy is stunned. If this skill is available when an ally except for the caster is attacked, has a 20% chance to counterattack.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
Light Storm
Excellent Specimen
Dispatch Mission: Explore
Specialty Effect: Reward Bonus +6%


Attack +3% Attack +20 / Health +60

Light Rune
Health +3% Attack +20 / Health +60

Light Rune

Greater Light Rune
Critical Hit Chance +8% Attack +30 / Health +80

Greater Light Rune

Epic Light Rune
Attack +6% Attack +30 / Health +80

Epic Light Rune

Erikion Carapace
Health +6% Attack +30 / Health +80

Epic Light Rune

Black Curse Powder
Evil Claws
Attacks all enemies with evil claws, with a 60% chance to stun for 1 turn.
Ability Upgrade
Attacks all enemies with evil claws, with a 60% chance to stun for 1 turn, before increasing the caster's Combat Readiness by 50%.
Stat Increase
Attack +20 / Health +60

Light Rune

Greater Light Rune

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