Svalinn Shield


Neutralizes "effective against armored" bonuses.

Inheritable Restrictions?


Units with Skill

Unlocks at 3 ★

Skillsets that use skill

Thirsting For Duma Intensifies (Far Save Optimization)

リリナさんめっちゃ可愛い (Summoner Duels Far Save)

Beast Wall When? (Far Save)

Shield Skills


This family of skills helps to protect units with a special movement type (Fliers, Armor and Cavalry) from weapons that deal bonus damage against them. There are three skills in this family: Svalinn Shield, Grani’s Shield and Iote’s Shield. These skills are often overlooked in favor of those which provide general power, such as Fury or Distant Counter. They are considered a niche pick, only being useful in full teams featuring these units.


Shield skills are only available on their respective unit types, which makes them somewhat of a rare sight. They are most useful in a four person team featuring a specific unit type (Flier, Armor or Cavalry) as these teams can be vulnerable to a unit who can deal bonus damage, as they will threaten the entire team. They are defensive abilities and synergize best with tanks, who don’t require the stat boost from skills such as Life and Death. If possible, you should avoid running this skill on your team, as it is a wasted slot if the opponent’s team is not carrying a specific weapon.


The greatest weakness of these skills is opportunity cost: They will miss out on a valuable A slot skill, something that is guaranteed to be useful in every game. Test out your team and if they can handle problematic threats on their own, then you can safely leave this skill on the sidelines. On an enemy team, a unit with this skill can be difficult to handle, especially if you are relying on one of your units to handle a particular type.