HP/Atk 2

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Inheritable Restrictions?

All Units

  • Inheritable by all units.
How to Get

Tempest Trials Reward

  • Till Song's End
    • September 10th, 2019 to September 20th, 2019
    • 6,000 Score
    • Must be upgraded from HP/Atk 1 

Sacred Seal Forge

Great Badges Badges Sacred Coins
400 1000 100

Skillsets that use skill

Team Player (Hybrid Offense/Support)

Energizing Evangelist (Aether Raids Offense / Dedicated Support)

Wargod's Tome (+Eff) A HP/Atk 2
Alternate: Fort. Def/Res 3
Alternate: Reposition
B Even Pulse Tie 3
Alternate: Sabotage Spd 3
Alternate: Glimmer
C Infantry Pulse 3
Alternate: Distant Guard 3
SP1545SHP/Atk 2
Alternate: Fortress Res 3