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Author's Note (03/08): This guide is currently WIP; additional information will be added over the next couple of days. 

03/15 update: Added Turn 1-3 Tips & Tricks alongside a detailed walkthrough of the opener.

03/14 update: Added ActuallyOreo's Turn 4-5 Tips & Tricks.

03/13 update: Added Kwespell's 1.17m Run Analysis.

03/12 update: Added Ceia's Low Requirement 600k points in 30 minutes guide.

03/10 update: Added DMesse's CT Ranking Score Questionnaire and Tracker.

03/09 update: Added the General Objectives section to help guide players through each turn. Added a sample Top 100 Run (1.17m score). Added the teaser for future guides. 

03/08 update: Added the Kill Switches section and finished all infographics for the Map section. 

03/08 update: Finished the KCCO Defection Guide.

Like all major story events, Continuum Turbulence features a ranking stage, Hurricane Rescue

Unlock ranking by clearing Chapter 2 of Continuum Turbulence

Players who participate in this ranking will receive the following rewards based on their placement: 


You might be surprised to hear this, but the minimum requirements for ranking in Continuum Turbulence is nothing

At the time of writing, even an average pacifist run (an attempt that clears the map without any fighting) easily clears the top 50% cutoff on the EN server, and only takes between 10-20 minutes. Here's a guide from Ceia explaining how to do this: 

Since fighting enemies directly can yield far more points than a pacifist run that doesn't kill anything, the rest of this guide will primarily cover strategic non-pacifist ranking for Commanders interested in better rewards and a more secure % placement.

How much better is a non-pacifist run?

The score of a successful non-pacifist run will depend on the following, in increasing order of difficulty: 

  1. Ability to kill enough weak enemies to trigger Military Defection
    • Can more than double the score compared to a pacifist run
  2. Ability to fight 31k Gundams in the Playpen
  3. Ability to fight 43k Gundams near Base
    • This can add at least 16k points, possibly way more
  4. Ability to fight the 89k Tanks in the Tank Pen
    • This can add at least 30k points, possibly more

Players who seriously attempt the map will have a very good chance of receiving the exclusive G41 special equipment, which improves her already-good performance by a lot.

The Map

While the ranking map is large and appears complicated, it's actually deceptively simple. For most players who have a rough idea of what to do, the stage can be completed in less than 2 hours, as it takes only 4 echelons and has a 5-turn limit

We'll break the ranking map down by sector below:


The CT Ranking map has a limit of 4 echelons, and it lets you deploy all 4 at the start. You can deploy two additional Heavy Ordnance Corps units at your base.

The map can essentially be split in half: your Base (starting area) and its connected regions, and the Playpen. Echelons deployed in each region have their own objectives to meet, which will be described below. 

Base (starting area)

At your HQ, you can deploy two HOCs and two Echelons. 

If you have a Skill Level 10 Parachute Fairy or two, you can use one of the echelons here as a Parachute Dummy to drop into the Playpen on the other side of the map - more on that later. 

The 43k CE Doppelsoldners are fairly tough; we'll cover how to fight them later. Players who can't assemble a team to kill them are free to skip them and go around.

Heavy Ordnance Corps units like BGM-71 can help make fights a lot easier, as the enemies in this map are often shielded. 


On the other side of the map is the Playpen, where players can deploy either two echelons or one echelon + one HOC (not recommended). This area contains the bulk of enemy units who are worth a lot of points. 

If the player has a spare Skill Level 10 Parachute Fairy, they can rescue the hostage then parachute out to safety (i.e. HQ) immediately. Note that this requires the player to do one of the following:

  • Use the kill switches to gain access to the hostage (easiest)
  • Escort their parachute fairy team with a strong combat echelon (not recommended)
  • Be able to defeat the Doppelsoldners without the aid of a Taunt Fairy (very difficult)

The Doppelsoldner fights are much simplified by having access to a high Skill Level Taunt Fairy, Twin Fairy, or Shield Fairy. (Shield Fairy strategy requires an SMG tank). 

Boss Area

The Boss Area is relatively straightforward: Nyto spawns randomly in the area and may need to be killed, with the fight not being much different from the E3-10 version.

More importantly, however, is the Command Tower south of Nyto that serves as the trigger for Military Defection

Demolishing the Command Tower ASAP (Turn 2, ideally) can earn the player many more points than doing it later on, as it gives an extra turn of AP from the captured Heliports and lets the player take more time controlling the Hydras. 

Tank Pen

The Tank Pen is probably the most straightforward area: it has a few tanks that move back and forth, a few scattered Doppelsoldners, as well as three installations that can be destroyed for points. 

For the most part, players only engage with this area in turns 3-5 to pick up crates and destroy the anti-air installations.

The Uhlans in this area are very strong and are avoided for the most part, though it is still possible for very experienced players to kill them with a strong team. 

General Objectives

The turns in Continuum Turbulence ranking are fairly fixed; the below guidelines (for a non-pacifist run) will be expanded upon in a more detailed guide later, stay tuned!

These are not 100% comprehensive, but should cover most of the important tasks. 

Turn 1

  • Retreat the southern HOC immediately so you can re-deploy it later
  • Pick up the Hostage so that it won't lose HP
  • Move a Combat Echelon towards the Boss Area, picking up kills on enemies and structures along the way
    • Kill the Doppelsoldners near HQ if you are able
  • (if applicable) Parachute an echelon into the Playpen and use it to capture helipads alongside the eastern Playpen echelon
  • (if you killed the Doppels and have AP left) Move your upper HOC down to encircle the helipad that contains the 4th Kill Switch
    • This sets you up to capture the base radar on Turn 2, freeing your HOC to roam without losing HQ vision

Turn 2

  • Redeploy your HQ Combat Echelon if you can't resupply it along the way
  • Enter the Boss Area and deploy the HOC you retreated on Turn 1
  • Demolish the Command Tower with your HOC, setting the stage for Military Defection next turn
    • Make sure you have 11 kills by this point!
  • Pick up Supply Points in the Playpen and get any kills along the way
    • Grab additional helipads with spare AP if no crates are left
  • (if your HOC encircled Kill Switch #4 on T1) Move your HOC to capture the base radar
  • If you have a lot of spare AP and 2/3 combat capable echelons in the Playpen, grab extra kills to increase future Supply Point spawns

Turn 3

  • Kill the last Command Tower mob to trigger Military Defection
  • Pick up Supply Points in the Playpen and get any kills along the way
    • If you Parachuted a Combat Echelon into the playpen on T1, the debuff will have worn off. This will let you roam the Playpen with an extra team
  • Enter the Tank Pen if it is convenient (i.e. crates along the way so you can keep a high Score:AP ratio)
  • If your Hostage is held by a non-Parachute echelon, you can either:
    • Leave the Playpen now, so you can capture the Command Tower helipads and rescue the Hostage from there on Turn 4
      • You can then re-deploy it back into the Playpen via the Heavy Heliport on the same turn
    • Leave the Playpen later (if you don't need to/want to re-enter it)

Turn 4

  • Micromanage your Hydra AI settings to maximize your gains from Military Defection
  • Pick up Supply Points in the Playpen and get any kills along the way
    • If you brought an Illumination Fairy into the Playpen, you can activate it now and it will last until the end of Ranking
    • Illumination Fairy can allow you to pick up a lot of crates via the Parachute-redeploy trick, just like how it worked in Singularity
  • Rescue your Hostage (if you left the Playpen last turn to do this)
  • If you plan to re-enter the Playpen, you can deploy a team from the northern Temporary Heavy Heliport and enter it
    • You can also bring a HOC, though this is not really useful. 
  • Enter the Tank Pen and demolish the Anti-Air Installations as well as kill any units in the area that you are capable of defeating
    • If you have a HOC in the area, you can use the bombardment to lose ammo and let the HOC re-supply from more boxes
      • You can even "save" them for later if you want
    • For players that plan to walk over the structures to demolish them, this is the only turn during which the tanks don't overlap the installations.

Turn 5

  • Rescue your Hostage if you haven't done so yet for 50,000 pointsbecause this is the last turn!
    • You must manually retrieve it. Standing on top of a Heliport will not work, because score calculation occurs before the start of Turn 6!
    • If you have a Parachute Fairy, simply airdrop to HQ or an allied Heliport when you're done with everything else, and manually retrieve it. 
  • Micromanage your Hydra AI settings to maximize your gains from Military Defection (if you still need to do it)
  • Pick up Supply Points in the Playpen and get any kills along the way
    • You don't need to resupply from Supply Points that spawn on top of nodes already captured by the player
    • If you can no longer re-supply, any Supply Points that can be captured by a single echelon (i.e. are not currently encircled) are good candidates to end an echelon's turn on, as having control over the supply point still grants the full 10,000 Points
      • Encirclement does not work, because score calculation occurs before the start of Turn 6.
  • Clear out any remaining enemy installations (including the mortars on Kill Switches A and D if they are not destroyed yet) for 10,000 Points each

Kill Switches

There are eight tiles that act as Kill Switches on Hurricane Rescue. Moving an echelon onto them immediately removes each switch's associated enemies from the map

This does not award any points, but can be useful for players that cannot effectively fight the Doppelsoldners. 

Using these kill switches is essential to a pacifist run, but is optional in a non-pacifist run depending on the player echelons' combat ability. Players that can easily kill every single enemy in the Playpen may find it prudent to avoid stepping on any Kill Switches, as it reduces their maximum possible score due to removing enemies from the map. 

Note that kill switches target the enemies who originally spawned at these locations, not the enemies currently on those tiles. 

Example Runs

This section will showcase some sample runs that demonstrate the basic principles of this map using minimal echelons, to show that a very high score can be achieved by focusing on objectives even with relatively weak teams.

Huge thanks to CosmicArcher and Ceia for piloting and sharing these runs: 

600k (No Playpen Gundam Kills)
612k (No Playpen Gundam Kills, detailed guide)

Ceia gives a full breakdown of the above low budget strategy that only needs to fight low CE Rodeleros in order to trigger Military Defection and earn a ton of points.

The entire run takes under 30 minutes and awards ~600k points on average, which is top 10% at the time of writing and likely remain within top 20% by the end. 

824k (One Playpen Gundam Killer Team)
842k (2 Combat Echelons)

The Playpen team can be substituted with a team using Taunt/Twin Fairy or Shield Fairy to reduce the amount of micromanagement needed. 

1.17m Run by kwespell

Ranking Score Survey & Results

As usual, DMesse is collecting ranking score data to help GFL EN find out the score % cutoff estimates!

You can submit your score in the link below; make sure to follow the instructions!

See the results here:

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