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11/25 update: Added a video guide for the "Promotion III" Hidden Achievement.

The fifth major story event for Girls Frontline, Singularity, will run for almost a whole month from Nov. 19 - Dec. 16.

Featuring over 40 story stages, a ranking map, numerous new T-Dolls, and farmable daily crates, the Singularity event has something to offer for all Commanders.

The story continues chronologically after the events of Chapter 10-4 Emergency, so newer commanders who want more context on the event's dialogue can catch up on their main story progress later to fill in the gaps.

Note: The guides are largely spoiler-free, though due to the nature of the in-game maps involved, they may contain unavoidable spoilers for story elements of preceding main story chapters, or for events of Singularity itself. 

Event Rewards

Singularity offers an abundance of rewards just for completing the story stages. These clear rewards are as follows: 

Supply Boxes

Supply Boxes can be farmed by clearing any Event Map, similar to how Strange Soap and White Knight Armor Shards were farmed in the two previous events.

Exactly how many are awarded per clear is currently unknown, but are likely to scale based on map difficulty.

Up to 60 Boxes can be obtained per day.

Farming them is encouraged, as Loot Boxes drop resources in addition to a variety of useful items including Training Data, Batteries, Cores, Calibration Tickets, Tokens, and Memory Fragments. Along with these rewards, Singularity Crates will include the follow T-Dolls: 

As a reward for opening 777 loot boxes Commanders will receive Ballista, a 5★ RF T-Doll.

Editor's Note: Ballista's strange kit makes her a little unusual to use as a DPS rifle. She effectively deals double damage for 4+ shots after 6 seconds, but this is only possible at Skill Level 10.

This not only adds a high initial investment cost, but puts a pretty hard cap on the benefit she derives from Rate of Fire buffs. Most generalist RFs will perform better with less investment.

Efficient Crate Farming

Chapter 1-1 Starting Point is the easiest map to farm. All commanders, even those new to the game, will be able to clear this map easily on planning mode.

Crate farming in 1-1 Starting Point

Chapter 2-A2 Queen's Gambit II is faster to farm, as it is a 1-turn 3-fight map. A decently strong anti-armor combat echelon is required, however.

Crate Farming in Chapter 2-A2 Queen's Gambit II

Chapter 2-C3 Promotion III may also be farmed with only a Dummy Echelon following the chapter's clear route. It requires a lot of clicking, but can be done in 1 turn with no combat!

Chapter Clear Guides

The first chapter can be completed easily by completely new Commanders. New players can complete their daily Supply Box farm on the very first map of this chapter. 

The second chapter ramps up its difficulty to match that of a mid-game commander, now requiring multiple combat-capable echelons at a decent level that can handle night battles.

The third and final chapter presents a challenge even for those who have multiple end-game echelons, featuring some of the toughest enemies seen in Girls' Frontline so far. Completing this chapter will  unlock the ranking stage "Hornet's Nest".

Further information on each chapter, including map clear guides, farming locations, and Boss Details can be found on their individual pages.

Ranking Map

Just like Arctic Warfare and Deep Dive, Singularity features a ranking map, Hornet’s Nest. This map is only available to those who have cleared Chapter 3. This time around, the rewards are Kar 98k’s Special Equipment and the Cooking Fairy.

Based on performance on the map, Commanders will receive rewards of Gems, Resources, and potentially additional Cooking Fairies. For a full breakdown of the rewards by tier, MICA provided a helpful image, shown below. 

Every Commander who scores at least 200,000 points on the ranking map will receive a Cooking Fairy with a random Talent. Every Commander who starts on the map will receive at least 50 Gems and 2000 of each crafting resource, making it worthwhile for anyone who unlocks the map to at least start it, even if they immediately retreat.

It is highly encouraged to do this, as it will help other Commanders move up the rankings, while also getting you a few resources for little effort. Everyone wins. 

All Commanders who score in the top 50% will receive Kar 98k’s Unique Scope, MAX calibrated. Anyone who scores in the top 30% will receive a second Cooking Fairy with a Random Talent, along with the Kar 98k Scope. In addition to these rewards, a top 10% score will earn Commanders a third Cooking Fairy with the unique Chef Talent. Stats for these are shown below:

Kar98k's Special Equipment, PM 5-25X56
+48% Crit Rate
+20% Crit Damage
Cooking Fairy splash
+10% Damage
+10% Crit Damage
+20% Accuracy
+80% Evasion
+20% Armor

For a detailed breakdown of the ranking map, please see the linked document in the Singularity Prep Guide, and the Budget Ranking Guide. 

Hidden Achievements: 

New to Singularity are a selection of Hidden Achievements. These offer new challenges to approaching some maps and rewards for their completion.

  1. Clear Chapter 1-Hidden "Messenger" without fighting.

    • This achievement is entirely RNG-dependent. Send a dummy echelon down the right side towards command post until you get lucky enough to avoid any Goliath Plus spawns. 

  2. Clear Chapter 2-C1 "Promotion I" and take over all nodes on the map.

    • The enemies don't move, so simply capture the map slowly and encircle the last enemy before defeating it. 

  3. Clear Chapter 2-C3 "Promotion III" while letting the hostage units take 12 combined bars of damage.

    • Achieve this by swapping one of the nearby hostages (for example G11/UMP9) to block off the left side, and ending turn a few times.

      You'll need a combat echelon. See this video for an example. 

  4. Clear Chapter 2-D3 "Minor Pieces Draw III" with only 2 Echelons and achieve an S-Rank.

    • The chapter guide only uses 2 echelons, so this should complete itself.

  5. Clear Chapter 3-1 "Last Resort I" with 0 ammo remaining on your echelons.

    • The map contains 10 enemies and no more spawn. Resupply with 5 enemies remaining and this will be easy.

  6. Credits: Watch the Event Credits.

    • If you accidentally skipped it, turn on "Story Repeat" and clear the final stage again.

The Event Clear Guides featured above will help you complete all of the hidden achievements as you finish the map for the first time. 

"Bitter Reunion" Speed Run Event

Similar to the Va-11-Hall-A Crossover, GFC is hosting a Speed Run challenge for Singularity. For more details, see the below event page!

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