The Sun's Red Bean Soup with Mochi

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ID 724
Cost 3
Base HP 0
Max HP 0
Base ATK 0
Max ATK 0


(Comes at max level)

Limit Break

Valentine's Chocolate from Chacha.
Increase Fer Flavor drops by 1.
[Valentine's Event 2020 Only]

Craft Essence Detail

Illustrator: Take

Valentine's chocolate from Chacha, who is at the height of her greatness.

Sweet, splendid, and delicious red bean soup, topped with gold dust, and said to have been served during the flower viewing festival at Daigo.

It's both a wonderfully satisfying sweet dish that Chacha personally served, as well as her own favorite dish.
Eh? You're wondering why it's not chocolate, even though it's for Valentine's Day? Well, that shouldn't be a problem, since Chacha wants to eat it with you!
I'm sure you're starting to get tired of chocolates, so Chacha's consideration of serving red bean paste is sure to grab Master's heartstrings!

"What do you think? Good? It's good, huh? Hehe... Well, that's...a relief."