Chatty Detective Robin
Strange Twins
Prier Galaxy
BFF Choco Rocks
Buddha Statues (A Lot)
Japanese Rock Garden Chocolate
Black Armor's Visor
Protective Magatama
Triton Gift Card
A Bowl of Sake and Some Salted Choco
Rifle and Firefly Chocolate
Let's Go to a Motion Picture Studio
Crimson Kai
Stuffed Toy (Asterios)
Alcoholic Bonbon
Compass and a Library Key
Big Koala Choco
Combined-Nunnos Choco
Loco Moco UDK
Blue Sky Vanilla Cocktail
Brilliant Queenheart
Refreshments from a Fan
Handmade Friendship Choco
Shiny Trumpet
Tales of Morgania
Cerberus Choco
Trishula Choco
The Most Expensive Belt Chosen by the Great Me
Bhima's Special Full Course Meal
Mechanical Figure (Faceless)
Violently-Made Coupons
It's Not Much, But...
A Sweet Limbo Flavour
Everyone, Eat Up!
Herald of Flowers
Osechi is Fine Too
Burning Prairie of Scarlet Fur
Leave it to Saika
Nice Gai
Soul-Festered Mansion
Lotus Seed Chè & Choco That Wasn't Supposed to be Given
Let's Bask in the Sun Together
Super Bunyan Meal
Gift from Daikokuten (Digestive Medicine)
Handmade Ichthyo-Choco
Emperor's Surcoat+
Something that Happened Instantly
What a Knight Ought to be
Sincere Chocolate (with Sermon Attached)
Your Scholarship Certification
Windmill Choco and Appendices of Don Quixote
Spirit Tree's Perennial Root
Stylish Deep Crimson? Necktie
Water Manjū of Eight Virtues
Mini Tametomo with Smartphone-Transformation Feature
Half-Moon Half-Earth
Still in Joint Production!
Sweet Bouquet Avalon
Icy-Cold Sports Drink
Junmai Daiginjō Ibuki
Planetary Donuts
Blue Luluhawa-Flavoured Shaved Ice
Jiangshi-Beneficial Choco-Mochi
Choco Bullet
Choco Pineapple
Choco Missile
Like a Wild Flower
Brush and Inkstone
Acorn Choco
Chocolate with Whisper-Voice
Mantle of the Huang Clan
Crayon Choco and Doodle
Chocolat Faerie Kingdom
Beginning of Time
I Wonder What This Is?
One Glassful of Paradise
Hummingbird for a Secret Chamber
Orbit Radiance Thing
Shining Johanna Choco
Chaldea Petit Four
Cradle of Infants
Talisman of Razing Disaster
The Rabbit that Only I Can See
Strenuous Charge of Gunpowder
Snake-Protected Treasury
Mark of the Heavenly Meteor
Pseudo-Deity Statue of a Foreign Cult
Greatsword of Meritorious Service
Nest of Fierce Dragons
Tea Ceremony Teacher
Iyo the Junior!
Buds of Yggdrasil
Mausoleum of Deadly Poison
Wailing Stake Cemetary
Foolish King's Imprisonment
Atelier of Scarlet Medulla
Crucible of Bloody Tears
Blessed Plumage
Seashells by the Seashore
Super Bunyan Appears
Daikokuten & Anning Appear
Eternal Rotating Mechanism
Forbidden Bookshelf
Seal of Heroism
Eightfold Clay Geode
Titanic Fang Totem
Title: Self Sculpture using Chocolate ver.2
Crane, Chocolat, and Warmth
Galaxy for Two
The Tale of Camelot
Bite-Sized Chocolate Mountain
Dancing Red Pile
Robust Dragon Heart
Beautiful Yet Short-Lived Flower
Pink Pistol Chocolate
Habenyan Hat
Void's Dust (CE)
Friendly Rengoku Chocolate
Ultra Solid Ice Chocolate
White Pigeon
Chaldea Summer Order
Horrible Demon King's Chocolate
Fresh Fishes Set
Honey Willow Toast
The Tragicomedy of the Templar Order
Dates Chocolate
Halloween Party Night!
Izumo Pipe Chocolate
Mysterious Ranmaru Chocolate X
White Oath
Perfect Fishing Spot
Damascus Steel Dagger
NFF Extra
King's Sculpture Chocolate
Bazenan-Style Sweets for Valentine
Chaldea Petit Ange
Maledict Bone Mountain
Inexhaustible Mound of Dust
Life of Olga
Mysterious Ranmaru X Lands!
Okuni Troupe's Performance in Chaldea
Chaldea Spring Holiday
Heavenly Heart
Open and Be Surprised by Tengu Chocolate
Genpei's Rice Cracker
Artisan's Mochi
Champion Trophy
The Sealed Best Delicacy
Devils Food Cake
Oni Chocolate Set
Douman's Talisman
Gogh's (Attempted) Chocolate Marinade
Shrike Wooden Sculpture
A Bowl at Midnight
Himiko of the Light Chocolate
Library Ice Cream
Nourishment Brand Jelly
Starry Night
Obligation Chocolate to Report Her Happiness
Valkyrie's Wedding
Spread ☆ Rainbow!
One Summer's Mirage Set
First Valentine
Normal Friend's Chocolate
Jurassic Chocolate
Chaldea Portrait
Magnus Lupus
Saint Elmo's Fire
Slightly Burnt Croissants
The Outlook of Only Those Who Have Experienced Adventure
The Fierce and the Invincible
Welcome to Yamataikoku!
The Magical Princess and the Monster of Krossvikki
A Collection of Eiten-Style Teachings
The Villainess Wants to Take Down the Wicked!
Ms. Anastasia Loves Ramen Noodles
We Never Summon: Bokushou
Mama's Ears
Giant Babbage
Martha's Built Upper
Curry x Rice
Our Round Table
Little little bullet
The Melancholy of a Dramatic Demon
Picture Scroll Chocolate
Girl's Triple Cacao Set
Wooden Sword
Sweet-Tongued Sparrow's Wasanbon
Chocolate Ring Bell
The Best Carrots
Modern Return Sweets
Chalcedony Chocolate
Elixir of Immortality
Beauty-Concealing Mask
Xiang Yu's Sword
Magifender Girl Chocolate
Snow-Viewing White Chocolate
Fruit of the Otherworld
Nebula Sweets
Medb's Rich Cacao Chocolates
Master in the Chocolate
Not a Heart Chocolate
Mt. Kurama Specialty: Yatsude Manjyu
Cotton Candy
White Dolphin Dream
Ice Pops
Amethyst Candy
Military Rations (Canned)
Pocket Watch & Chocolate Frogs
Cotton Scarf
Chocolate Oden
Evil Dragon under the Pillow
Certificate of Level One Completion
Pitch Black Conductor's Baton
Reading a Story to My Beloved Child
Chocolate Mini Golems
Headlong Rush Boar Chocolates
Viy (Autonomous)
Rainy Bridge
Tropical Memoria
Delightful Confectionary
Huaqing Palace Hot Springs Manjyu
Handmade Brownies and Warm Milk
Durendal Replica
Tri-Star Belt (Handmade)
Chocolate-Flavored Ampoule
Chewy Kagami Mochi Chocolate
Bunny Ears!
SCB (Space Chocolate Bar)
Space Diorama Chocolate
Jet Chocolate Youkan
Bluebird Iced Jelly
Chocolate Cake, White Bunny
Chocolate Chocolate Octopus Netsuke
Chocolate To Steal the Greatest Treasure
Japanese Style Chocolate + Letter
Mystic Sword Counter Parfait
For You, From Salome
A Gift for You, My Beloved
Xia Dynasty's All-Purpose Fountain Pen and Wooden Tablets
Mekakure Wig
Chocolate Cupcakes
Apollo Doll
Miniature Argo
Chaldea New Order
Bishamonten Chocolate
A Bowl of Tea
Fool's Gourd
Dried Persimmons
Medicinal Chocolate
Late Night Conversation
An Ordinary Miraculous Stone
Beginner's Hunting Set
Lump of Fortune
Premium Chocolate Cake
Wine with Starry Chocolates
Chocolate Mercury
Chocolate Filled with "Love" (LOL)
Grand Chocolate
Mysterious Substance γ
First Curry
Stranger Amande
Chocolates of Betrayal
Chocolate Chocolate Octopus
Home Sweet Home in the Underworld
White Cake for the Holy Night
Pink Piglet
Moderation, Lies, and Bittersweetness
Who Does the Lotus Flower Love?
Chocolate Key
Got a Problem with Unoriginal Stuff?
Sweet Chestnut Chocolate
Old Maple Bridge
Nandi Chocolate (1:1 Scale)
Fuuma Manjyu, Revised
Western-Style Red Bean Soup
Buddhist Meal
Quality Chocolate Tart
Chocolate Burns, It Can't Be Helped
Electric Steam Chocolates
Cool Chocolate Mint Bullets
Too Beautiful Chocolate Emperor
Ishtar's Arc de Triomphe Rice Cakes
Heroic Spirit Chocolate Lollipops
Pancakes, My Favorite
A Study in Scarlet
Premium Snack
P Pudding à la Mode
Sweet Devil Slots
Melty Heart
Special Sessyoin Bean Cake
Standing Boiled Eggs
Spiky Chocolate Balls
A Pot of Noble Chocolate
A Sweet Tale
The Sun's Red Bean Soup with Mochi
Macaroni Gratin
Vice Commander-Produced Powdered Medicine
Swift Ride
Meteorite Iron Fan
Evil Doctrine
Dogs in Space
BB Shot!
GUDAGUDA Recruitment
GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration
Devil's Bandana
Chocolate Eggs (Multiple)
Self Destructing Giant Destruction Chocolate
Freshly Brewed Coffee
The Maiden Saint's Breather
Handmade Church Cookies
Labyrinth Map
First Step to Rebellion
Letter from Mrs. Bloodaxe
Si Vales Valeo
Pil Gaugamela
Headpiece of Celebration
Something Sweet
Chargrilled Swedish Dragon Sirloin
Sword from Someone's Treasury
Boar Hoodie
Mysterious Hot Chocolate X
Supreme Genji Kashiwa Mochi
Mini Cú
First Aid Kit
Golden Gold Set
Full Moon Viewing
White Mask of Death
Sanson's Nutritious Chocolate Drink
Hassan's Throw
Dark Black Kiss
Fuuma Manjyu
Assorted Chocolates, 100 Count
Handmade Rice Balls
Super Nile Fruit Basket
Bitter Tasting Summer
Bullets and a Gun
Red and White Chocolate
Nectar Bonbons
Toy Piano
Sonnet CLV
Bluebird Mouse
Geronimo-Style Moccasins
Everything Begins with Numbers
Tea Time with the Five Elements
Druid's Staff
Gilles Doll Rais
Evenings by the Euphrates
Mont Blanc au Chocolat
Blessings of the Nile
Mama's Best Cake
DC Grateful Cookies
Puppet Fou
Lovingly Handmade Chocolates
Vitruvian Cioccolato
Bastenyan X
Peach Compote
Cigar and Wine
Secret, Prized, Treasured Albums
Bayard's Mane
Half-Read Iliad
Super Thunder Chocolate Crunch Stick
Rider Belt Replica
Cute Rabbit Chocolates
Hippogriff Plushie (1:1 Scale)
Xocolatl Libertad
Sphinx Awlad
Goblet of a Hero
Medb's Honey Chocolate
Iron Marshmallows
Blank Subscription List
Cacao Beans
White Rose Bouquet
Miniature Trojan Horse
Pax Romana
Remnant from 1999
Rune Stone Earring Chocolates
Chocolate Egg
Bitter Bitter Bitter Chocolates
Carnivore Carnival
Just Some Ordinary Chocolates
Tieguanyin Tea (?)
Red Flower
White Flower
Chocolate Screwdriver
World's End Castle
Dusk Earrings
Hummus Dip
Touta's Secret Fishing Gear
Silver Bullet
Waku Waku Zabuun VIP Ticket
My Love for Abishag
Nameless Commemorative Coins
Just Pay Me Back with a Kiss
Just an Ordinary (?) Chocolate
Tristan's Greatest Hits
Kitchen Starter Set
Chocolate Gems
Blue Sky Vanilla Parfait
Karna's Bane
AC Lightning Cookies
Snack Stick (BBQ Flavor)
Lapis Lazuli Bracelet
Silver Box of Cookies
Our Room Is Ready
Jeanne Fan Club Monthly
Cena, Caesar Style
Legendary Chocolate Orb
Your Skin's Best Friend
Blossom of Noble Hope
Hanuman's Favorite Bananas
Brief Moment of Joy
Dragon Cosplay
Special Dumplings
High-End Japanese Sweets
Magical Ruby
St. Orleans
Hexagon Chocolate Bolt
Wonderful Life
Kiyohime with Ribbons
Du Stallion Chocolate
Dear Mom
Blood Ruby Chocolate
From Java with Love
Knife Chocolate Bitter
Snake Chocolate (with Love)
Powder Sugar Snow Tale
Ninefold Nested Confections
Chocolat Jewel
Pumpkin Maiden
Christmas Memory
Treasure Chocolate
Mug Bonbon
Homemade Cookies and Object X
Royal White Steed
Grand Blade Usumidori
Brand Chocolate
Wisdom of Ice
World's End White
Bitter Pitch Black
Octo Octo Maiden
The Inevitable
Snake Chocolate (Random)
Apple Arrow
May Breeze
Strawberry Thunder Crunch
Yatsuhashi Chocolate
Victory Rose
Maxim de Chevalier
Enrober Photon
The Emperor
Ranch Chocolate
Crown Saber Morgan
Crown Saber
Crest Worms
Kuji Kanesada
Chaldea Standard
Mysterious Substance α
Mysterious Substance β