The Magical Princess and the Monster of Krossvikki
A Collection of Eiten-Style Teachings
The Villainess Wants to Take Down the Wicked!
Ms. Anastasia Loves Ramen Noodles
We Never Summon: Bokushou
Mama's Ears
Giant Babbage
Martha's Built Upper
Curry x Rice
Our Round Table
Little little bullet
The Melancholy of a Dramatic Demon
Picture Scroll Chocolate
Maiden's Chocolate Triple-Served
Wooden Sword
Sweet-Toothed Sparrow's Wansanbon
Campana de Lucha Libre Chocorata
Supreme Carrots
Up-to-Date Gifted Confectionery
Chalcedony Chocolate
Elixir of Immortality
Beauty-Concealing Mask
Xiang Yu's Sword
Gohou Shoujo Chocolate
Snow-Viewing White Chocolate
A Fruit from Emain Ablach
Nebula Sweet
Dark Chocolate with Medb-chan Crest
Master in The Chocolate
Knoten Herz Schokolade
Mt. Kurama's Delicacy: Aralia-shaped Manjuu
Cotton Candy
White Dolphin Dream
Ice Candy
Amethyst Candy
Military Rations (Canned)
Cotton Muffler
Pocket Watch & Frog Chocolate
Oden Chocolate
Bedside Fafnir
Primary-Grade Conferment
Jet Black Conductor's Baton
Reading a Book with my Beloved Child
Chocolate-style Mini Golem
Headlong Rush Chocolate
Viy (Standalone)
Rainy Bridge
Tropical Memoria
Ito's Sweets
Hua Qing Palace Confectionery Hot Springs Mantou
Homemade Brownies and Hot-Milk
Durandal Replica
Tri-Star Belt (Handmade)
Chocolate-Flavoured Ampoule
Springy Kagami Mochi Choco
Bunny Ears
SCB (Space Chocolate Bar)
Space Diorama Choco
Jet Choco Yōkan​
Bluebird Jelly Ice
Chocolate Cake Bunny White
Choco Choco Octopus Netsuke
Absolutely Not Stolen For You Choco
Wagashi-Styled Choco + Letters
Parfait Demon Sword Buster
From Salome, To You
Present for My Beloved Darling (You)
Xia Dynasty's Universal Fountain Pen & Wooden Writing Strips
Peek-a-Bang Wigs
Choco Cupcake
Apollo Figure
Miniature Argo
Chaldea New Order
Bishamonten Choco
A Short Rest with Tea Preparation
Fool's Gourd
Dried Persimmons
Medical-Use Choco
Late Night Chat
An Ordinary Miraculous Stone
Beginner-Use Hunting Set
Embodiment of Good Luck
Premier Chocolate Cake
Stars and Wine Chocolate
Mercury Choco
Affectionate (Sneer) Choco
Grand Chocolate
Chocolates of Perfidy
Stranger Amande
Choco-Choco Octopus (I Guess)?
Home Sweet Home in the Underworld
White Cake for the Holy Night
Pink Piglet
Bittersweet, Temperance and Lies
How Many Lotus Lovers Out There?
Chocolate Key
Is it Bad to be Normal?
Broiled Sweet Chestnut Chocolate
Antiquated Maple Bridge
Nandi Chocolate (1:1 Scale)
Fuuma Manjyu, Revised
Western-Styled Red Bean Soup
Buddhist Meal
Quality Chocolate Tart
Chocolate Burns, It Can't Be Helped
Electric Steam Chocolates
Cool Chocolate Mint Bullets
Ishtar's Arc de Triomphe Rice Cakes
Heroic Spirit Chocolate Lollipops
Ultra-Beautiful Empress Choco
Pancakes, My Favorite
A Study in Scarlet
Premium Snack
P Pudding à la Mode
Sweet Devil Slots
Standing Hard-Boiled Eggs
Melty Heart
Sessyoin's First-Class Ohagi
Chunk of Chocolate with Growing Thorns
Imperial Chocolate Vase
Sugar-Coated Tale
The Sun's Red Bean Soup with Mochi
Macaroni au Gratin
Vice-Commander's Carefully Crafted Powder Medicine
Meteorite Iron Fan
Advance Apace
Save Wire
Wicked Scriptures
Dogs in Space
BB Shot!
GUDAGUDA Recruitment
GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration
Devil's Bandana
Egg Choco (Duplicates)
Self Destructing Giant Destruction Chocolate
Freshly Brewed Coffee
The Maiden Saint's Breather
Church-Styled Handmade Cookies
Labyrinth Map
First Step to Rebellion
Letter from Mrs. Bloodaxe
Si Vales Valeo
Pil Gaugamela
Headpiece of Celebration
Sweet Things
Sweden Firedrake Char-Grilled Sirloin
Sword from Someone's Treasury
Boar Hoodie
Mysterious Hot Cocoa X
Finest Genji Kashiwamochi
Mini Cú-chan Plushie
First-Aid Kit
Golden Gold Set
Full Moon Viewing
White Mask of Death
Sanson's Nutritious Chocolate Drink
Hassan's Throw
Dark Black Kiss
Fuuma Manjyu
Assorted Chocolates, 100 Count
Handmade Rice Balls
Super Nile Fruit Basket
Bitter Tasting Summer
Bullets and a Gun
Red and White Chocolate
Nectar Bonbon
Toy Piano
Sonnet CLV
Bluebird Mouse
Geronimo-Style Moccasins
Everything Begins with Numbers
Tea Time with the Five Elements
Druid's Staff
Gilles-kun Doll
Evenings by the Euphrates
Mont Blanc au Chocolat
Blessings of the Nile
Mama's Best Cake
Direct Current-Style Grateful Cookies
Fou-kun Puppet
Handmade Chocolate of Affection
Flawless Chocolate
Baast-Nyan Model X
Pan Tao Peach Compote
Cigar and Wine
Secret, Prized, Treasured Albums
Bayard's Mane
Half-Read Iliad
S Thunder Crunch Choco Sticks
Rider Belt Replica
Cute Rabbit Choco
Hippogriff Plushie (1/1)
Xocolatl Libertad
Sphinx Awlad
Goblet of a Hero
Honey Choco with Medb-chan's Stamp
Iron Marshmallows
Blank Subscription List
Cacao Beans
White Rose Bouquet
Miniature Trojan Horse
Pax Romana
Remnant from 1999
Rune Stone Earring Chocolates
Chocolate Egg
Bitter Bitter Bitter Chocolates
Carnivore Carnival
Just Some Ordinary Chocolates
Tie Guan Yin Tea (?)
Red Flower
White Flower
Chocolate Screwdriver
World End Castle
Sunset Earrings
Hummus Dip
Touta's Secret Fishing Gear
Silver Bullet
Waku Waku Zabuun VIP Ticket
My Love for Abishag
Nameless Commemorative Coins
Just Pay Me Back with a Kiss
Conventional Choco
Best Of Tristan
Kitchen Starter Set
Jewel-Cut Stars
Blue Sky Vanilla Parfait
An Arrow Towards Karna
Alternating Current-Style Lightning Cookies
Snack Stick (BBQ Flavor)
Lapis Lazuli Bracelet
Silver Box of Cookies
Our Room Is Ready
Jeanne Fan Club Monthly
Cena, Caesar Style
Legendary Chocolate Orb
The Ally of Skin
O Noble Flower of Hope
Hanuman's Favorite Bananas
A Little Fun with You
You can be a Dragon Too! Set
Special Dango
High Class Wagashi
Magical Ruby
St. Orleans
Hexagon Chocolate Bolt
Wonderful Life
Kiyohime with Ribbons
Du Stallion Chocolate
Dear Mom
Blood Ruby Chocolate
From Java With Love
Knife Chocolate Bitter
Snake Chocolate (with Love)
Powder Sugar Snow Tale
Ninefold Nested Confections
Chocolat Jewel
Pumpkin Maiden
Christmas Memory
Treasure Chocolate
Mug Bonbon
Homemade Cookies and Object X
Royal White Steed
Grand Blade Usumidori
Brand Chocolate
Frozen Intellect Chocolate
World's End White
Bitter Pitch Black
Octo Octo Maiden
The Inevitable
Snake Chocolate (Random)
Apple Arrow
May Breeze
Strawberry Thunder Crunch
Yatsuhashi Chocolate
Victory Rose
Maxim de Chevalier
Enrober Photon
Imperial Chocolate
Ranch Chocolate
Crown Saber Morgan
Crown Saber
Crest Worms
Kuji Kanesada
Chaldea Standard
Mysterious Substance α
Mysterious Substance β