A Gift for You, My Beloved

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ID 1176
Cost 3
Base HP 0
Max HP 0
Base ATK 0
Max ATK 0


(Comes at max level)

Limit Break

Valentine's Chocolate from Charlotte Corday.

Increase Kira Kira Point drops by 10%. [Valentine 2022 Only]

Gives 30,000 CE XP when used as Experience fodder for other Craft Essences.

Craft Essence Detail

Illustrator: ari

Valentine's Day chocolate from Charlotte Corday.

A professional-grade gift...or maybe it goes beyond even that. So much thought and heart are stuffed in this one gift, but for some reason her sentiments don't seem to quite shine through. Possibly because there is just TOO much.

But have you noticed? The chocolate contains tons of intricate detail to catch its recipient's eye.

Of course you noticed. Surely you understand her efforts and the dedication she's put into this.

At the very least, she would like to think so.