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Idea/Supervision: Gekidan InuCurry (Doroinu)

Doppel of Magical Girl

Doppel Effects

Doppel: Deals 1760% damage to the target.
Restore 44% MP.
Buffs Accel MP Gain by 40% (3 turns).


Feature: Glass Slipper

Doppel Detail (May Contain Spoiler)


Cendrillon is the French name for Cinderella. The most famous version of this story is Cendrillon ou la petite pantoufle de verre by Charles Perrault in 1697. The glass slipper is unique to Perrault's version and its derivatives; in other cultural versions of the tale it may be made of other materials such as gold. 

From constant analogy, the word Cinderella has come to mean someone who is unrecognized or comes to success after a period of neglect or obscurity. Rena was constantly moved from school to school and never felt like she belonged anywhere. She was often teased and ridiculed by her schoolmates much like Cinderella was often bullied by her stepsisters. 

A Cinderella complex is based on the idea that a woman is beautiful, polite, hardworking, and independent. This individual is often belittled or outcast by the females in her society, but she is not capable of changing her situation by her own actions and must be helped by an outside force, usually a male. Rena was unhappy and often bullied by her female classmates so she made a wish to the male Kyubey in order to change who she was. However, she changed only her outer, physical appearance and remained the same kind of person. Even Rena acknowledges that her personality didn’t change. 

A large mirror protrudes from the doppel and during her transformation, Rena stares into the mirror as a ghastly reflection grins back at her. Physically, mirrors reflect light and thus the world around us. In terms of symbolism, mirrors reflect the truth. However, due to the myth of Narcissus and other tales, some cultures from the Renaissance onwards associate mirrors with vanity and deception rather than truth and prudence. Mirrors can be dishonest, carriers of pure illusion. A girl’s beauty can also be an illusion that is as shallow as her reflection in a mirror.

In keeping with the original Faustian theme of the original anime series, Faust looks into a magic mirror and sees a woman who he comes to idolize. He has fallen in love with the ideal of a woman without actually knowing who she is. Cendillon’s description fits in with this in that it transforms Rena into her ideal image of a person which can appear quite different from the original person in question. 

On the doppel's head is a wreath of blue flowers. According to Russian and Ukrainian tradition, a flower wreath is meant to signify a woman’s purity and were associated with virginity, marriage, and womanhood.

Cendrillon also possesses green beads, with green being the color of jealousy. Rena’s side story shows her to be very jealous and possessive when she believes that Momoko Togame prefers Kaede Akino as a friend to her without realizing Momoko can be friends with both of them.

The pink bows in Cendrillon’s hair indicate a need to curb excessive emotions, which fits right in with her tsundere attitude and how she often acts rashly.