Fate T. Harlaown's Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

Karate, kung fu, naginata... When we played against the martial arts experts, the match turned intense.

I've struck out. I failed...
*Pant* *Pant*…
So now it's 1 on 1 in the infield...
I'm the only one left...
I won't lose!
Hey, I've got the ball!
Woo! It's a head-on confrontation now!
What the?!
She caught it, then spun around?
She broke the momentum of the ball!
She can't be meaning to counter from that stance!
I lost... You're really something...
And our winners are... Team Fate!
They're incredible!
I can't believe they're younger than us.
*Giggle* So it's come to this.
There's nothing left but for Tsuruno Yui, the Mightiest Magical Girl, to enter!
Y-you... You want to keep going?!

Part 2

Ahh, at last...
It looks like Tsuruno's fighting spirit has caught aflame.
Oh, c'mon, quit it. You're supposed to be the adult here.
Nuh-uh! Age doesn't matter!
Tsuruno... She looks really serious.
Is she really good at sports?
Yeah, she's really athletic.
And she's also older than us.
I need two people! Accepting teammate applications now!
Since you're going all in, don't you think it's worth finding some athletic teammates?
The Coordinator's gettin' way too into this.
And then...
You want me?
I'm in the swimming club, but I'm an amateur at dodgeball.
Yeah, and I'm in a baseball club, but only as the manager, ya know?
I mean I did use to play, and I'm always moving around in cheer club!
That's more than enough!
Sorry to keep ya waiting! I gathered the best of the best for my team!
Is your team ready too, Fate?
Ready whenever.
Neat! All right then, let's get going!
You got it!
Time to start the match!

Part 3

Oh no!
Sorry... I'm out...
It's okay, I can handle this by myself!
I wonder about that!
Almost! Really thought I had ya there!
That was really close...
If she'd fumbled that catch, she could've been knocked over.
Tsuruno's attacks are quick and powerful...
Fate's pretty small. It'd be easy for her to get knocked back.
Oh no!
She intercepted the ball mid-pass?!
Time to attack!
You're kidding... She dodged a ball going that quickly?!
Aww, she got out of the way.
Fate, look out!
I missed?
By a hair!
Those other two girls on Tsuruno's team are amazing!
Natsuki isn't even on a team. She's only a cheerleader, but look at her!
It's only natural. She did play baseball back in the day.
Plus all that cheering keeps her in great shape.
She's in another league compared to us. Our workout is only wavin' glowsticks...
Faaate! Don't give up!

Part 4

*Pant* *Pant*
At last, here we are...
It's down to just Tsuruno and Fate, 1 on 1...
Indeed it is. And yet...
She feinted into a side shot!
You're quick!
Now it's my turn! Check this out!
She managed to catch it!
Tsuruno's more powerful, plus she's no slouch when it comes to speed either.
If they keep firing back and forth like this Fate might be at a bit of a disadvantage...
(Tsuruno... She's really strong.)
What's this all of a sudden?!
She caught it!
Nice try! But here comes the counterattack!
She caught it!
There's more where that came from!
Take this!
Whoa, the two of them are just firing at each other, face-to-face!
Wow, what an amazing rally!
It's reckless, is what it is. Tsuruno will overwhelm her.
(They're getting faster...)
(And Tsuruno's shots have gotten weaker?)
Is Fate doing this on purpose?
Darn it! She caught it AGAIN!
Nanoha! Hayate!
(She's locked gazes with that Hayate girl... Is she going to pass to her next?)
(She faked her out! She's passing it the opposite direction!)
Nice throw, Fate!
And now...time to pass it back!
(Just like we agreed on...a super high toss!)
She's up in the air now?!
She's too fast!
From mid-air...
She did a jump shot?!
I'm out...
I've been...defeated!
We won!
We did it, Fate!
We sure did!
That trick shot they did at the end was what decided it!
Even before then it was getting real intense with the back and forth shots.
That must have been part of their plan.
They increased the speed so it would be easy to hit while your guard was down.
That's what they were doing?! I didn't notice at all!
It feels like everyone grew a little closer from this.
That's because we have!
No better way to make friends than by going at them with all your might!
Clashing with the people you meet to get to know them better... Helping each other to improve.
I'm really happy... That I got to make more friends like that.
Thanks for everything!
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