Hayate Yagami's Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

If the Coordinator serves homemade food...
Don't worry! We'll stop her at all costs!
*Pant* *Pant*
D-did we make it in time?
I think so... She hasn't started to prepare anything yet.
Oh, my! What's wrong?
What's gotten you all in such a fuss?
I heard you were plannin' on servin' up some homemade food?
I most certainly am! Look at all this deluxe kitchen equipment!
Oh, a stovetop, an oven... Plus a generator? And a microwave?
Wait... You couldn't have possibly cooked something already, could you?
I was thinking of making my special beef stew, but...
I made a little mistake.
Special beef stew...
You mean that block of what looks like charcoal at the bottom of the pot?
Well, do you have any ingredients left?
Oh, yes... Let me see.
All this cream cheese, and...
Cinnamon... Mint leaves...
Over here, there's fresh cream...and cookies?
Lots of butter and eggs left over, too.
And what's this? Why do you have so much vanilla extract?
Just what the heck were you tryin' to make with this stuff?!
Huh? Well that's what makes it a SPECIAL beef stew.
What were you thinking, buying a whole box of vanilla extract?!
I think I get what's going on...
We definitely can't make any beef stew out of the ingredients we have left.
But we could try and make cheesecake?
Huh... You can make cheesecake with this stuff?
Yes! It looks like we have everything we need right here.
We can use the microwave. And so long as everyone pitches in...
It should only take 30 minutes!
It's still not quite time for lunch yet...
So, making sweets with everyone is a really nice idea!
After all, the REAL Hayate should be a pro at cooking.
This way we can snuff out the fakes at the same time. Perfect!
That's great... We'll help out too!
Happy to have ya!
I may not be able to help much, but I—
No way. Coordinator, you go chill out over there for a bit, okay?
What? Why?

Part 2

Here, could you give this a thorough mixing for me?
No problem!
Whoa, you guys are really great at this.
Yeah, I would've had no clue...
So you crumble up all the cookies to make the base of the cake.
*Giggle* It's kind of a sneaky shortcut, actually.
But doing it like this makes it extra crunchy when you bite into it!
You're so good at cooking, Hayate...
Fate and Nanoha are too. You're all great cooks!
*Giggle* Well, I learned from my mom.
My parents run a cafe, so...
Ah, that's right!
I almost forgot. Your family runs that cafe...
It's super popular for its home roasted coffee and homemade cakes!
You'll probably criticize my cooking if it doesn't turn out right...
N-no, it's fine... My mom is the one who cooks for customers.
And her cooking skills can't compare to yours, Hayate!
Don't forget the real problem, though. Which one is actually Hayate...?

Part 3

There, perfect! This way we should have enough for everyone to have a slice.
Now we just leave it to chill... And voila! No-bake cheesecake!
Huh?! We don't have a refrigerator big enough to hold all of these...
Don't worry! Rein can handle it.
What are you going to ask Rein to do?
Um, are they arguing?
Wonder what it's about...
Rein, we're counting on you!
Please line all the cheesecakes up for me!
Huh?! Did she just chill 'em all?!
Oh, because Rein's specialty is ice magic!
That's right!
Though obviously, we don't normally use it for something like this.
Careful not to overdo it, Rein... If you freeze them solid they'll be ruined.
I can handle it!
Whoa, it didn't even take 30 minutes...
Huh... That's something else!
What'd I tell you? Just leave it to Rein.
You were right...
So you didn't know she could do that?
Nope, I had no idea...
Is that so...
Then this one's a fake!
We all knew about it...
Yeah, Rein's affinity is for ice magic.
Oops! Ya got me!
Now look what I have to do!
*Sigh* This routine again?
Whatever! Time to kick her butt! Rena, Kaede, let's do this!
O-okay, I'll try!

Part 4

We managed to beat her.
So now there are only two Hayates left...
But both of them made really delicious cakes, didn't they?
And their knowledge both seem to be on par with the original...
Well this is unusual...
Yeah, it's pretty normal for them to slip up when they don't know something they should.
That's when we can tell who's real.
What should we do?
Shall we keep quizzing them until the cheesecakes are cold enough?
I think that's a good idea. Rein can help us, too.
Okay! I have a question for Hayate!
You live together with a family, with you as the head. The Yagami household!
How many people are in your family?
That's an easy question!
There's Signum, Shamal, Zafira, and Vida.
And then Rein and me... So that makes six!
You scored 100%, but...
Yes, what is it? Did I say something wrong?
The other Hayate hasn't answered yet...
You have to wait to say what the right answer is until they both answer.
Otherwise it's not much of a test.
Oh, right! Oh no! I'm sorry!
Now what?
We're going to run out of things to test them on at this rate.
Then why don't we call everyone here and have a tea break?
The cheesecakes should be just about cool enough by now, I think.
Good point!
Is there anything you'd like to eat? I'll cook something up for you!
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