Tsuruno Yui's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

Take this!
Okay! Stop! STOP!
...Enough! ...You win!
Huh? Seriously?
Okay, fine! Momoko, your turn!
Huh? But we just sparred!
That was then! This is now!
C'mon already... I'm so beat...
You can go a few more rounds! Please!
Gimme a break!
...Err, okay..., Kaede!
Huh? Me? No, no, no!
No way is Kaede going to do it.
Nope, not a chance.
...I don't know why but when everyone agrees like that, I feel a little—
Ugh... But I wanna practice more!
I wanna practice more so I can really, REALLY get stronger!
Practicing with us to get stronger. ...Seriously?
Not very Magical Girl-ish, y'know?
Then how come Master Yachiyo is so strong?
So how am I supposed to get experience?
...By fightin' a lot?
Ya see? I told ya! That's practicing, right?!
Hmm, well... You may be right!
Hey, wait a minute! I should've asked this already, but...
Why do you want to get strong so badly?
Yeah, I wanna know that too!
Oh? Ya wanna know why I wanna get stronger, all of a sudden?
Then I'll tell ya!

Part 2

My family runs a Chinese restaurant...
Yeah, we know that.
Well the place was first started by my great-grandpa.
Wow, that must have been a long time ago.
Then it was my grandpa who helped to make the place really popular.
I've got so much respect for both of them.
They started from zero and made it the number one spot in Kamihama.
For real? Number one?
Number one! You bet it was!
Ah, okay! Sorry, sorry...
Rena's getting pushed around...
Tsuruno's not kidding around…
The problem's my dad.
The reviews of the food started getting worse once he took over...
Oh no...
But my grandma and my mom were used to living in luxury...
We were barely making it... No, actually we weren't even making it...
Things finally got so bad... The two of them got desperate...
And decided to sell my grandpa's and great-grandpa's treasures...
So they left some valuable stuff, huh...
I hated the whole idea! And it was just so they could buy a car too...
Yikes... That's bad...
So I wished that I would win the lottery...
Huh? That's the wish you made to Kyubey?!
Yeah. And I won 800 million yen.
800 million!
...And that's about it.

Hold on. That doesn't explain anything! You need to give us more!
Huh? Really? ...Err, okay...

Part 3

With the 800 million yen, I somehow managed to protect the treasures.
But I couldn't save our house...
No way! 800 million yen wasn't enough?!
Oh no, it was plenty!
But my mom and my grandma... Well, they left.
They took off on a cruise... Right after putting the money into their own account.
You mean they ran off with the money?
Don't say that! They didn't run off... They're on vacation.
Wait, hold on, you said...
Anyway, my whole family is depending on me now!
So I've gotta be like my grandpa and my great-grandpa!
The reason they could do what they did was because they were strong!
That's why I gotta get strong too!
...I feel like my head is spinnin'...
Okay, hold on a sec. I've got a few questions.
Do you think the strength you want and your grandpa's and great-grandpa's are the same?
Human might is all the same at its roots!
...That's what my grandpa always said.
Yeah no. How can I put it...
Why don't we just go and bring your mom and grandma back?
No, forget that!
The point is that if I get stronger, I'll be able to solve all my problems!
…Yeah, not getting it…
I just told you, didn't I? Strength is all the same at its roots.
Making a Magical Girl contract for 800 million yen opened my eyes!
If I help the restaurant, my family and money problems will all go away!
That's why I wanna get stronger! If I'm strong, I can do anything!
...I'm starting to think you're living in your own world, Tsuruno.
What? You still don't get it even after I explained the whole thing to you?!
So, ummm... In other words...
If you become the Mightiest Magical Girl, you'll kinda be able to do...anything?
Exactly! That's pretty much it!
But I still can't even beat Master Yachiyo in a fight, so...
Well anyway, it's my duty to become the mightiest and restore my family's name!
We used to be such a proud family, but now we've sunk so low...
After the war, Grandpa and my great-grandpa worked so hard...
But now the restaurant is a wreck...
So it's up to the Mightiest Magical Girl, Tsuruno Yui, to be awesome like them!
Wait, hold on a sec!
It sounds like that's way more important than the whole 800 million yen thing!
All right! I'm gonna become the Mightiest Magical Girl ever and do awesome stuff!
Now c'mon, Rena, let's do it!
Ugggh! I told you, no way!
Come ON!! Now what'm I gonna do?!
Don't ask me!
What is it?! You got a good idea?
...Errr, ummm... How about this?

Part 4

I saw something online that might help.
What? WHAT?!
...There's someone in Kamihama who they say gives the best advice.
You mean, like a counselor or something?
And I read they have an advice booth open.
In other words...
You should ask them, not us!
Hold on a sec!
What?! I told you! We can't help you.
I think it's a good idea. You'll get an objective opinion, right?
Maybe it will really help you.
...You think so?
...It could. I think that's a pretty good idea, too.
I know! Right?!
...Well, Tsuruno?
I guess it could sorta help me see things in a different way...
...Okay, I'll check it out.
Okay! Good choice.
I'll look online and see where it is and then text you the address!
...Okay, thanks. Well, I'm heading home. See ya, guys.
Okay, later!
I'll send it to you soon!
...Whew! We're safe...
Rena, nice call!
Sounds like you're both very exhausted…
Of course we are! Tsuruno is no fun to take on!
She's really strong... She never quits either.
Yeah, I could tell just watching. She must be serious.
I think so.
I hope she can get some good advice...
A counselor, huh... Oh well, I'm ready to try anything!
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