Tsuruno Yui's Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

(So this is it...)
(Emily's Room...)
(It reminds me of one of those fortune teller booths you see near train stations...)
(But there are lots of people waiting... So, I guess she must be good?)
Okay, next.
Oh, that's me!
Here's the next person, Emily.
Th-thanks for seeing me! Ummm, Emily-sensei?
No way, don't call me sensei! Just Emily please!
(Calling Emily by her first name will probably just make her feel awkward...)
...Okay, Emily.
(Never mind...)
I heard from a friend that you give really good advice...
Nah, I just chat, that's all.
I just, like, shoot the breeze and for some reason people feel better.
Something like that, anyway.
Something…like that…
When somethin's buggin' you or whatever, you wanna talk about it, right?
And when you do, it's like, a total load off, right?
That's kinda what this place is for, y'know?
Is-is that it...?
I mean, talking is like, fun, so… Plus, I get to know like a bajillion people every day.
So, that's why you made this place...?
No I didn't, like, make it or anything. More like someone made it for me?
Everybody was like, c'mon let's do it! Next thing I know, bam, it was done.
I don't know...something like that!
Something like that again, huh...
I'm going home...
Hey, wait! Shouldn't you at least try to talking to her?
Yeah, but...!
Really, it's better than you'd think!
Better than I'd think?
You're gonna leave already? Let's just chat a little more!

(...I did come all this way...)
Well, the thing is...

Part 2

...And so I decided that what I needed to do was to get stronger...
Uhuh… I totally get you.
...I mean, I don't really get it, but...
But anyway, the bottom line is like, ya wanna get stronger. Am I right?
...Yeah, pretty much...
This whole getting stronger thing... I think I heard something about it once.
Huh? How...?
You know. Like training, right?
Training? I mean, I've been practicing...
Practicing... That's just like, doing stuff over and over again, right?
Practice? Well, ummm, yeah... I guess you're right...
(Actually, not really...)
But training, is like, way harder! Am I right?
When you're done, like, you feel a bajllion times stronger or something.
I read about it in a comic once.
On a super-hot day, it feels good when you, like swim, right?
It's just like that!
(...I told her to try talking, but I don't think this is gonna work for her...)
I-I get it!
(Wait, she got it?! It worked... Wow, Emily is amazing...)
You're right! I have to push the limit!
In other words, I have to train by myself, not with Rena and the others!
I haven't tried anything like that!
Emily! No, I mean Emily-sensei!
Oh my god, stop the sensei thing.
So specifically... What should I do?
Specifically...? Umm, Akira-chi!
Huh? Wh-what...? (I got a bad feeling about this...)
Say... What's your name again?
Tsuruno Yui!
This is Akira-chi.
I'm...Akira Shinobu.
Nice to meet you!
Akira-chi helps me out here.
It's nothing I actually offered to do...
Anyway, I heard she's like, super awesome at karate or something.
Karate?! Awesome?!
Well, no, I mean I do karate, but...
Seriously, Akira-chi, I heard there're like, legends being written about you!
What kind of legends?! Come on now, don't say weird stuff!
Don't like, karate people train under some super awesome ninja master or something?
Why don't you go train at Akira-chi's place?
Hey, hang on a second! You can't just...!
Oh please accept me, Akira-sensei!
How did Emily convince you so fast?!

Part 3

Did you find it?
No I haven't!
Sorry I made you come and help out.
You do this all the time, right Akira-sensei?
Like you look for lost dogs…?
All right, I'm tired of telling you to drop the sensei thing, so I'm gonna give up on that.
And no, I'm not always looking for lost dogs.
People in the neighborhood are always asking me to do stuff.
And I can never say no, so I wind up doing it...
Makes sense to me! They rely on you... That's why you're strong!
...Well, I don't know about that...
But seriously, I really am sorry to get you mixed up in this.
I know you want training, but I still have a lot to learn, myself...
And since I couldn't figure out how best to train you, here you are helping me...
It's no problem! You can count on me!
This kind of hard but honest work... This is real training!
I wonder about that... But if you really think so...
Hey! That dog! Isn't that the one in the photo?!
Huh? Oh! It is! You're right!
Leave it to me! Just wait right here!
Hey, wait! Don't cut through there!
It's the shortest route! HYAAAH!
That's a private garden! Ah, don't step on any flowers!
Ugh, it's too fast! Darn...!
Waah! Ah!!
Oh, so close! Here goes NOTHING...!
Come here YOU! I got it! YAAAAAAY!

...What should I do...

Part 4

...Uh... Sorry about that...
No, don't worry about it. It's fine...
...I really got yelled at, but...
But anyway...! It's great that we found him!
Better than not finding him, right?
...I did get really yelled at, though...
I-I'm so sorry!
N-no, I'm sorry! I'm no good as a sensei...
No, Akira-sensei, don't say that!
...Oh, that reminds me. About that whole 'sensei' thing...
I know someone who's way more deserving of being called sensei.
No way! But, we're just getting started!
No, it's not like that! I'm not pushing you away!
It's just that I'm really not ready. I'm not fit to be a sensei...
Besides, the person I'm going to introduce you to is really strong!
Are you serious?!
No doubt about it, she's strong all right! I guarantee it!
You'd probably be better off training with her.
Akira-sensei, if you're sure…
Then please, introduce me to them!
Got it! I'll get a hold of you tomorrow.
We'll meet up somewhere and then go together.
...Woohoo! I'm getting excited! I'm gonna get super strong!
I know you will! Good luck!
(…I say that...)
(But I am a little worried...)
From here on, I'm gonna train like crazy and become the Mightiest Magical Girl!
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