Tsuruno Yui's Story: Episode 3

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Yes, training.
Tsuruno, Meiyui is super good at kung fu.
Make me your disciple, Meiyui-sensei!
Please to stop calling me sensei. I am not worthy of that...
Meiyui, don't bother...
Huh? What do you mean?
Anyway, please! I'd like you to train Tsuruno!
My kung fu... I am still training. I am not ready to be a teacher.
And what do you mean by training?
You want to do the same thing as me? I can't do that.
My master would be very angry if he heard I was teaching someone!
He might even kick me out of his school.
You can't?
Nope. Now go home.
PLEASE! I'm begging you! I'll do ANYTHING!
Y-yes! Tsuruno desperately wants to sharpen her skills!
So how can I put this... You want a...challenge?
Right! I wanna push myself to the limit!
If I push myself, I know I'll get stronger!
Yeah, you're right about that.
So I beg you... Gimme your harshest training!
On Tsuruno's behalf... I also beg you!
It might lead to something else...
Akira, why don't you train her yourself?
No, I can't... I'm not confident enough...
Neither am I.
I'm sorry...
...But all right, I'll do it.
You said you will do anything, yes?
Yes! All right!
Thank you, Meiyui! Nice! You happy, Tsuruno?
I'm not sure if I'll be able to help you, but I'll think of something.
A factory...?
Yes. You'll help out here...
Err, I mean train. They'll train you here.
Very good... Ah, over there. I will introduce you to the factory manager!
Oh, Meiyui! Good to see you!
I've got a favor to ask today. This is Tsuruno.
Nice to meet you!
He's in charge of this factory.
Good to meet you. So you're the one who wants to work, eh?
That's right!
She seems pretty energetic! But this is tough work. Can she handle it?
She says she wants to become stronger.
She's tough. She'll be fine.
Yeah! No Worries!
Okay! Glad to have you!
There's a bunch of heavy things here. Your job is to carry them.
Carry heavy things, get strong.
Makes sense...! Okay, I'll get right to it!
Carry this over there. You can use a hand truck if you want...
Hup! Got it!
...Wow! I'm impressed!
Here I come! Sorry! Behind you...!
(...A normal girl couldn't carry something so heavy...)
(She is already very strong... Or maybe she isn't a normal girl...?)
Meiyui, what's wrong?
Hmm? Oh, it's nothing.
Anyway, I'm so glad you brought her around! We really needed the!
And she's got so much spirit and energy too! She's brightening up the whole factory!
No, thank you. Sorry for the sudden request.
Oh no, don't say that! Anytime!
The Blue Seas Family has always been so good to us!
Tsuruno? What are you doing here?
Ah! *Sniffle*...*Sniffle*...
Master Yachiyooo!
W-wait! Why are you crying?
What's wrong? Did something happen?
...So then you messed up at that factory?
Y-yes...waaaaaah.... I bell bown and bwoke a bunch of stuff...
Tsuruno, please blow your nose. Here, blow.
...So then I fell down and parts went flying everywhere...
And they got mad at you?
No, everyone was very nice... They said it was fine...
But actually, that only made me feel... It only made me feel worse!
*Sigh* You're crying again? Please try not to.
O-okay… *Sniff* *Sniff*
S-so anyway... I can't go back...
So your training is over?
Huh?! W-well, I... Y-yes, I guess it is...
...I'm no good! I'm no good like this!
I can't do anything! I need to get stronger!
Unless I do something, my home, my family, our restaurant...
I need to be strong enough to handle everything myself!
Calm down, okay?
...Try not to make a big deal out of everything.
Instead of agonizing over little things, why not try expanding your thinking a bit?
There must be something you can do to improve things.
Working a little bit every day to reach a big goal is also important, you know.
...Something I can do...
Yes, if you just keep building on something, your efforts will eventually be rewarded.
Don't get discouraged. Just keep trying, okay?
Master Yachiyooo!
Oh no, come on now... Here, blow.
Good! Now then, where shall we get started?
...*Sniff*... ...First thing is...
...Hi there.
Oh, Tsurupi! How's it goin'?
Oh, right, the training! How was it? Did you get stronger? Akira-sensei here today?
Akira-chi? She should be here soon, I guess.
...I see. I'll start with you, Emily-sensei...
Then I need to apologize to Akira-sensei and then Meiyui-sensei...
Apologize? ...Why?
Well, you see...
Oh! Tsuruno! Perfect timing!
Meiyui! Tsuruno is here!
Oh! Tsuruno, what a coincidence!
Eek! Meiyui-sensei too...!
Oh, hi Chunchun! It's been, like, forever, hasn't it?
Please stop calling me that...
...A-about what happened. Well, ummm...
I-I'm really sorry!
Huh? What are you apologizing for?
Err, well, the incident at the factory... I really messed up bad and...
Oh, about that. I have a message from the factory manager.
Huh?! ...I knew it. Here it comes...
'Please come back anytime.' ...That is all.
Everyone at the factory loved you for how hard you worked. They were thrilled.
They said it was fun to work with you, and they want you to come back.
...Huh? What?
And I've got a message for you from the owner of that lost dog!
She said thank you so much for finding her precious doggie!
The owner is a nice old lady that lives alone.
So that dog is her only family.
I can't tell you how grateful she was for what you did, Tsuruno!
Huh? What? Huh?
Way to go, Tsurupi!
Thank you, Tsuruno!
You will help them again, right?
…And that's how things ended up.
I'm happy for you, Tsuruno!
In other words...
My training was a huge success!
Oh, is that right? ...I'm not sure I understand, but...
Anyway, it seems like things worked out all right in the end, huh?
Yeah, that's right! Now I can really say...
I've gotten STRONGER!
...Really? You mean mentally, right?
No, in every way! Cause it was a good experience! Probably.
...I don't think that's how it works...
Master Yachiyo! I'll show you my new power!
Oh, you're not listening, are you? Yeah, definitely not.
Come on, let's practice! Let's spar a bit!
I'll go get Momoko and the others.
Ugh, Yachiyo ran off!! Ah, that's it! Rena, where are you?!
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