Yachiyo Nanami's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

Long before Iroha Tamaki ever set foot in Kamihama...
Whoooa! This place is huge!
Have a seat. I'll be right back.
Thanks for having us...
Yeah, same here...
Wow. This is a really big house, huh, Momoko?
Apparently, Yachiyo's grandmother used to run a boarding house here.
What's up with you...? Don't tell me you're nervous.
Me? Nervous? No way!
I'm a little nervous...
Yeah, but you're always nervous.
Of course I am! She's older than us, and has been a Magical Girl way longer than us.
So of course I'm nervous... Aren't you, Rena?
Hm? Yeah maybe a tiny bit.
But only because I don't go to other peoples' houses often!
I guess you guys haven't really talked to her before, huh?
Yeah... I think I've met her twice.
True... The first time was that abandoned building in Shinsei, where we fought a Witch.
Yeah, that was pretty surprising. She just came crashin' in.
But you knew her before that, right, Momoko?
Yeah, it's been two years now. I met her when I was a rookie Magical Girl.
Even now, when you two aren't around...
She and I still hunt Witches together.
It's strange to think of any of us as a 'veteran' when we're all just girls, but...
...she's been doing it for six years already... It's really incredible.
She'll get ticked if you bring that up too much.
She'll say something like, 'I feel so old...'
So you're saying she's better because she's been doing this longer than us?
No need to get so defensive.
She wouldn't be Rena if she didn't speak her mind.
Excuse you! I'm not that bad...
Thanks for waiting. I brought some snacks.
Wow, thanks!
Th-thank you very much!

(They look so good...)
Thank you...

Part 2

So we're just chillin' today, right?
Yes, since we've just met and all.
We Magical Girls need to get along!
So go on, ask Yachiyo all the questions you've got!
Whuh kunnuh quehunf?
Sorry, what?
Try talking after you've finished chewing, Rena...
*Gulp* ...What kind of questions?
Whatever you want. Anything at all about Magical Girls.
Yachiyo knows all there is to know about bein' a Magical Girl!
Well, not everything...
Come on, Kaede, you start!
What's...your favorite food?
Hmmm... Soba noodles, I guess?
Why are you answering her?!
The questions after that were all similarly safe.
Consciously or not, everyone spent the day avoiding a lot of talk about Magical Girls.
And as time passed, Yachiyo, Rena, and Kaede all grew closer.
Oh no, we're out of tea... I'll put some more on.
Please and thank you!
So what?
Yachiyo is pretty cool, right?
Yeah! I really like her!
How about you, Rena?
Eh? I mean... She's not a bad person, I guess.
Haha! That's your way of sayin' she's nice.

I'm gonna eat this donut.
N-no, you can't! Yachiyo took that one for herself!
It's fine! You both better keep quiet!
Seriously though, are you trying to talk yourself out of feelin' bad or something?
No way! Now then... *Nom!*
Oh nooo! She ate it...
Hm? I think she's coming back...
*Gulp*...*Gulp* ...Okay, we're good!
Sorry to keep you all waiting. Who wants more...
...What's up with you guys?
Nothing! Nothing at all...
Hmm, peculiar...

My donut's gone... I...
...Well this is...awkward...

Part 3

I took it just a second ago…
Did I imagine the whole thing...? Guys?
Who, No, I didn't, er, I wouldn't...
I-I-I... I don't know...
I'mma drink some more tea!

It was you, wasn't it, Rena?
Huh?! H-how...?!
I knew it!
...Aw, rats...
You really are a mischievous one.
We're... We're really sorry, Yachiyo!
We didn't think she was actually going to eat it...
I'm...sorry I ate your donut...
Oh, it's okay, I've got more. Want me to bring them out?
No thanks, but tell me...
How'd you figure it out?
Wait! You didn't see her eat it, did you?
No, I didn't.
Then how...?

Part 4

How'd I know that Rena ate the donut...?
It's simple...
Come on, tell us...!
...You've got powdered sugar on your mouth!
I what? Oh... I do...
Wow! Nice work!
Oooh, oooh! Over here, Yachiyo!
Yes, Momoko, go ahead.
We all ate the donuts, so how'd you know Rena ate yours?
You all finished eating them earlier, didn't you?
So you had all wiped your mouths.
Only Rena had fresh powdered sugar on her face.
Whoa! Nothin' gets by you!
You're like a detective!
Yachiyo Holmes!
Oh please, that's an insult to Holmes.
That's pretty much how the day went. It was a very relaxed time.
Well... It's gettin' late. I think it's time we headed home.
Thanks for havin' us over today!
And thank you for the food!
Yeah, thank you very much.
Well, thank you all for coming.
I've never heard that polite of a thank you from you before, Rena...
What's your point?
Oh wait...! There's something we have to talk about before we go! Right, Momoko?
Oh yeah! I almost forgot!
Huh? What're you talking about?
Have you heard about the Duelist?
The Duelist?
We heard about her from another Magical Girl, right...?
Yeah... It sounds like she's real...
There's this Magical Girl who challenges anyone she comes across...
No one knows why she wants to duel, but supposedly she's no joke.
So we wanted to tell you to not to underestimate her.
They say she's really dangerous.
Thanks for the info... I'll keep an eye out for her.
You guys take care of yourselves. I'll spread the word to the other Magical Girls.
Good idea...
...I can handle her, no problem!
Don't. If you run into her, call me right away.
But I can...
(I have to protect them... This girl could be trouble.)
(I have to...keep them safe...)
This Duelist sounds dangerous... I wonder… Who could she be?
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