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A Magical Girl who is into the latest fashion and make-up. Rika appears to be a typical girly girl, but she is actually very seriously in love. She has been secretly admiring the same person for years. A genuine person, she gets along with everyone.


HP 1197
ATK 1565
DEF 1197
HP 12305
ATK 5396
DEF 4098
HP 4476
ATK 1921
DEF 1470
HP 15997
ATK 7015
DEF 5330


Buffs target Accele MP Gain by 35% . (1 turns)
55% Chance to Increase Critical Hit chance for target. Critical Hits deal 2x damage. (1 turns)
Buffs target Accele MP Gain by 45% . (1 turns)
65% Chance to Increase Critical Hit chance for target. Critical Hits deal 2x damage. (1 turns)


Deals 305% damage (+10% per magia level) to all enemies, double on weakness.
Deals 325% damage (+10% per magia level) to all enemies, double on weakness.
40% chance to charm all enemies (1 turns). Charmed enemies cannot take actions.


1st Awakening Items and Buffs
Flame Orb
+4% ATK
Flame Orb+
+4% DEF
Flame Orb++
+7% HP
Rainbow Orb
+7% Accele
Staircase Monument
+3% Blast
Bunny Ear Wrapping Paper
+3% Charge
Final Awakening Items and Buffs
Flame Orb+
+5% ATK
Flame Orb++
+5% DEF
Rainbow Orb
+8% HP
Rooftop Balloon
+8% Accele
Padlock Chain
+4% Blast
Rooftop Key
+4% Charge

Enhance Magia to

Personal Memoria

Replace current draw with own Discs.

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PvE Stories Pros and Cons

Guaranteed Puella Accel Combo

Rika's personal Memoria, Fashion at Full Speed!, draws a full hand of her own discs. Not only does this guarantee a Puella Combo, it also guarantees an Accele Combo thanks to her 3 Accele discs. This makes it likely the most effective “draw”-type Memoria in the game -- allowing her to do significant damage, quickly fill the majority of her Magia gauge, fill a portion of her teammates' Magia gauges as well.

It lets her Connect on the next turn, with the Accele MP effect on her Connect further boosting a teammate's Magia gauge. This makes Rika a natural choice for anybody building a team that relies on Magias.

Powerful Magia

Rika has relatively high attack for a character capped at 4 stars, and her Magia hits all enemies on the field, allowing her to deal out significant damage to all enemies and take large chunks of HP from multi-space bosses. At 4 stars, her Magia even has a 40% Charm Chance, further disrupting the enemies for a turn.

Capped at 4 stars

Rika cannot presently be raised to 5 star rarity, limiting her maximum stats. She also cannot use a Doppel, which is unfortunate, as she's very good at generating MP and could quickly reach 200.

As high-difficulty challenge quests gradually get released in NA Magia Record, Rika's 4 star stats will prove a hindrance, with her going down very quickly and her Magia dealing far less damage. As she is still capped at 4 stars even in the JP Magia Record, she is unlikely to be uncapped in NA in the near future.

PvP Mirrors Pros and Cons

Critical Hit Connect

Rika's Connect is moderately useful, with a 65% chance of critical hit. The Accele MP effect of her Memoria will usually be useless in Mirrors, however, and other characters like Yachiyo offer critical hit Connects that come with more useful secondary effects. Rika also isn't particularly sturdy, and may have difficulty surviving long enough to use her Connect at all.

Fire Element

Strong water element Magical Girls are very common in Mirrors, especially the likes of Yachiyo and Nanaka after they get uncapped. This limits her damage output and means she'll likely be among the first on your team to fall. -

Capped at 4 stars

As other common characters become uncapped and players accumulate more and more 5 star characters on their teams, characters like Rika who are capped at 4 stars will be left in the dust. Her stats simply can't keep up while she's locked to 4 stars.

Triple Accele Discs

Having 3 Accele discs is not very useful in Mirrors, as it is still difficult to have a Magia ready before dying, and Magia damage is nerfed in Mirrors. Rika cannot rely on her personal Memoria to help generate MP because of its long charge-up time in Mirrors, and as frail is she is, she's unlikely to survive long enough to fire off a Magia.

Memoria Recommendations

Fashion at Full Speed!
The Flavor of Drama!
My Favorite Kimono

Rika does best when paired with memoria that boosts her ability to gain MP and takes advantage of her three accele discs. 

Her personal memoria, "Fashion at Full Speed!" will replace the disc pool with Rika's discs, ensuring an accele combo and bonus MP.

In-Game Sprite

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