All-Rounder Wanda

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Max CP14767
An all-rounder with a wealth of experience
Wanda has come to realize that her inability to concentrate on only one thing also makes her extremely capable of handling many things at once. With the knowledge and skills she has acquired so far, she decides to advertise herself as a mercenary capable of taking requests of any kind.

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Hero Stats

Hero CP: 14767
HP 5333
ATK 1005
SPD 109
DEF 532
Crit Hit Chance Crit Hit DMG Dual Atk Chance
15.00% 150.00% 5.00%
Effectiveness Effect Resist
30.00% 0.00%
Imprint Release

SSS : +96 SS : +84 S : +72 A : +60 B : +48 C : +36 D : +24
*Red tiles mark the effective area of a Devotion Skill.

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Bullseye Wanda

This build aims to maximize DPS output for All-Rounder Wanda. The goal is to get off as many shots of her S1 as possible, slaying the enemy with the twang of a thousand bows. There's just one condition:

  • The main target MUST have the Targeted debuff.

Simple, right? The Target debuff boosts damage dealt by 15%, and All-Rounder Wanda's S1 gets an extra 35% damage boost on top of that when the enemy has Target. You can probably see where we're going with this already.


This build is DPS-focused, but All-Rounder Wanda's DPS is contingent on causing a debuff. As such, even though Effectiveness doesn't directly increase her damage, it's probably the most important stat on this build. The infliction chance on her passive is very high (100% at max Skill Enhancement!) but All-Rounder Wanda still needs a lot of Effectiveness to bypass enemy Effect Resistance, especially in higher-level Arenas.

From there, the rest of her gear substats are pretty standard: Speed for more turns, Crit Chance and Damage for maximum damage. (Players without strong Crit-focused gear can build Atk instead, since you need both Crit Chance and Damage for best results.)

All-Rounder Wanda isn't very picky about her gear sets. Speed + Hit is probably best, since taking more turns gives her more chances to apply Targeted to the enemy she wants Targeted. However, if you feel your Wanda is fast enough, you could go for a Destruction or Rage set instead to boost her damage, and if she doesn't have 100% Crit Chance, you might want a Critical set instead of Hit.


Without question, the best Artifact for All-Rounder Wanda to deal damage is Sword of Judgment. Both her S1 and S3 are single attacks, so using either can trigger Sword of Judgment to give her an extra S1 shot. More S1s, more damage!

If you don't have Sword of Judgment, Rosa Hargana is an acceptable replacement (and can even be better, if you get lucky). Ambrote is less ideal, but still fits into this build well. If you're looking for budget Artifacts instead, consider Ancient Sheath for PvP or Daydream Joker for PvE.


CritC %
Atk %
Eff %
CritC %
CritD %



Seaside Bellona is All-Rounder Wanda's best friend in the entire world. Seaside Bellona causes Target (and she can control who she puts it on) and she causes Unbuffable (preventing Immunity from being set). More subtly, All-Rounder Wanda depends on Stealth to stay alive, and Stealth is broken by AOE damage. Seaside Bellona punishes AOE damage with a vengeance, making enemies think twice before popping Wanda's Stealth.

Complement this power couple with a buff dispeller and a team support. Alencia is a good choice for buff dispeller here since she also applies a Defense buff to her team when she dispels, making All-Rounder Wanda more survivable. Meanwhile, Shadow Rose has CR-push, CR-delay, and Defense Break, all things this team appreciates having along for the ride.


Upgrade Priority

Early Mid Late
+3 +3 +6
+3 +3 +3
+1 +4 +6

Table of Contents



The older sister of Formia family, Wanda is back to make her younger sister Azalea jobless!

Having added self-CR-push to her S1 and Unhealable to her signature 2-turn Stun, All-Rounder Wanda's mission is ensuring that the enemy cannot turtle forever. Does that mean she's just here to counter Apocalypse Ravi or a solo Angelica? Not at all. That 2-turn Stun is still one of the strongest disabling skills on a 3★ hero, and her S1 is one of the best DPS skills you can find as long as her victims have the Targeted ailment. 


Combines Stun and Unhealable

A lot of PvP stall comps rely on healing their sturdy units in order to outlast the opposition. When enemy turtles like Corvus or Apocalypse Ravi are giving you a headache, All-Rounder Wanda's S3 is the perfect remedy. She Stuns them, preventing their actions. She makes them Unhealable, preventing their allies from helping them. And if you Soulburn her S3, it even ignores Effect Resistance, making it very difficult to avoid.

Constant Ailments

All-Rounder Wanda is constantly debuffing her enemies. Her S2 passively inflicts Target every turn, and her S3 becomes dangerously spammable once she's built out her Specialty Change Skill Tree with enough Runes. This is especially helpful for debuff-centric battles (i.e., Wyvern 11) or for enabling All-Rounder Wanda's allies to activate Rage sets or the Kal'adra Artifact.

Higher DPS Than You Think

Despite unimpressive base Atk, All-Rounder Wanda does a lot of damage. She gets a lot of bonus damage when her enemies are Targeted, she gives herself a lot of bonus CR to get more turns, and her S3 has a very high damage multiplier. Her individual hits may not seem that strong, but they add up very quickly. On top of that, she increases her team's overall DPS by constantly applying the Targeted ailment.

High Accuracy

Multiple heroes in Epic Seven rely on evasion to screw with their enemies, in particular Thieves such as Violet. All-Rounder Wanda gets a lot of bonus Accuracy from her Skill Tree and is Dark-element, meaning she never suffers elemental disadvantage. This makes her the perfect counter to any hero who is relying on evasion or Moonlight Dreamblade to dodge your attacks.


Countered by Immunity

Without her ailments, All-Rounder Wanda loses all of her utility and a lot of her damage. She can deal with Elena's Effect Resistance buff and her ailments are so consistent that she can even manage against cleansing teams, but Immunity stops her dead in her tracks.

Unreliable Target-Targeting

All-Rounder Wanda's passive is very powerful, but it is also random. It may inflict Target on the same enemy before Target has worn off, or Target the wrong enemy, or (worst of all) try to Target an enemy with Immunity while ignoring the vulnerable enemy next to them. Since Wanda's S1 depends on the Target debuff for its bonus damage, this unreliability is a big problem for her.


Considering her low HP and Def, strong opponents will have no trouble killing All-Rounder Wanda before she can really start messing with them. It becomes harder for enemies to kill her when her S3 starts granting her Stealth (one of the buffs in her Skill Tree), but powerful cleave teams in particular will chew her up and spit her out.

Inconsistent Turn Speed

In addition to the randomness of her S2 passive, All-Rounder Wanda has a lot of RNG associated with her turn speed. On any given turn, she may (or may not) CR-buff herself, gain a Speed buff, and/or reduce the cooldown of her S3. This is frustrating when fighting her, since it is hard to know whether All-Rounder Wanda will act before your team or not, but it is also frustrating when using her, since you never know for certain when All-Rounder Wanda is going to act or what she will be able to do when her turn comes.

Table of Contents


Skill 1: Weak Point
+1 Souls
Shoots an arrow at the enemy. When the enemy is targeted, damage dealt is increased and their Combat Readiness is decreased by 10%.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
Skill 2: Steady Aim
Has a 80% chance to target a random enemy for 2 turns at the beginning of each turn.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
4 Turns
+2 Souls
Attacks the enemy by exploding a flare, with a 80% chance to stun for 1 turn, and a 50% chance to make them unhealable for 2 turns.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
One Shot, One Kill


Effectiveness +6% Attack +20 Health +60
Attack +3% Attack +20 Health +60
Attack +6% Attack +30 Health +80
Effectiveness +12% Attack +30 Health +80
Attack +6% Attack +30 Health +80
One Shot, One Kill
Attacks the enemy by exploding a flare, with a 80% chance to stun for 1 turn, and a 50% chance to make them unhealable for 2 turns.
Ability Upgrade
Attacks the enemy by exploding a flare, with a 80% chance to stun for 2 turns, and a 50% chance to make them unhealable for 2 turns.
Stat Increase
Attack +20 / Health +60

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