Regal Sunshade

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Weapon SP Rng. Mt.
Regal SunshadeAccelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). At start of combat, if unit's HP ≥ 25%, grants Atk+6 to unit and inflicts Atk-6 on foe during combat, reduces damage from foe's first attack during combat by 40%, and also, if there are X or more foes within 3 columns or 3 rows centered on unit, unit attacks twice. (X = 1 when there are ≤ 2 foes on the enemy team, X = 2 when there are 3-5 foes, and X = 3 when there are ≥ 6 foes.) 400 1 16
Inheritable Restrictions?


  • Non-Inheritable skill.

Units with Skill

Skillsets that use skill

milk truks' third wheel (Far Save Tank)

⚔️: "But I have a husband and a great great great great grandaughter..." (Near Save Tank)

🦅: "Okay, so my teacher's in a duo ship with some lizard harpy and I need you to perform Operation: Jealousy with me" (Player Phase / Raging Storm Nuke)