Swap places with an adjacent ally.

Inheritable Restrictions?

No Staff

Skillsets that use skill

The Sunstone's Brother (Omnitank)

Python's "Motivational" Prodding (Player Phase Offense)

A Forsyth to be Reckoned With (Mixed Phase Duelist)

The Green Baron (Special Fighter Tank)

The Third in the Bloodline (Bold Fighter)

The Priestess's Shield (Enemy Phase Mixed Tank)

Jack-o-Lantern Specia-cular! (Special Fighter)

Caught Ya Sleepin'! (Bold Fighter)

Thrills, Kills, Chills! (All-Rounder)

To Victory (Defensive Tank)

Warmth is Gone (Mixed Phase)

Fields of Gold (Defensive Generalist)

Picnic Punisher (Mixed Phase)

Dapper Deliverance Chap (Enemy Phase)

Long Live the King (Defensive Tank)

Lion King Fang A Svalinn Shield
Alternate: Distant Def 4
Alternate: Pivot
B Special Fighter 3
Alternate: Vengeful Fighter 3
Alternate: Ignis
C Distant Guard 3
SP1425SQuick Riposte 3
Alternate: Close Def 3

Shaman in the Dark (Mixed Phase)

Torn Soul (Enemy Phase Focus)

Titan of Tellius (Mixed Phase Generalist)

Divine Knight of Daein (Enemy Phase Defense)

Down With The Madness (Enemy Phase Tank)

War Father’s Destruction (Mixed Phase)

Undying Chicken Fluff (Sustain Enemy Phase)

Winter Chicken Run (Mixed Phase)

Monstrous Mutton (Mixed Phase Monster)

Smashin' Pumpkins (Brave Bold)

Flaming Hot Philanderer (Brave Bow)

Brave Bow+ A Death Blow 4
Alternate: Swift Sparrow 3
Swap B Bold Fighter 3
Alternate: Special Fighter 3
Alternate: Luna
C Def Smoke 3
Alternate: Armor March 3
SP2145SSturdy Blow 2
Alternate: Darting Blow 3

Neither Elegant Nohr Gallant (General Offense)

Divine Princess of Archanea (Mixed Phase)

Exalted Hero (Special Fighter Build)

Divine Scourge (Offensive Player Phase)

The Fierce Defender

Flippy Up In The Front Hair

Armor? I’d Rather Not

Ostian Pride (Special Fighter)

A Weapon To Surpass… (Mixed Phase Blade Build)

You're my Winderwall (Defensive Anti-Range)

Breath of Ruin (Mixed Phase)

Vengeful Dragon (Defensive Tank)

An Exceptional Judge of Character (Pure Enemy-Phase)

Darksphere's Frenzy (Wrath Nuker)

Love and War (Mixed Phase)

Last Minute Present (Brave Lance Budget)

Lady of Caelin (Mixed Phase Build)

Special Sacean (Special Fighter)

Sacaen Guardian (Defensive Focus)

Big Daddy Hector (Mixed Phase)

Dauntless Fighter (Defensive Tank)

Enraged General (Double Wrath Special)

Begnion's Untouchable General (Enemy Phase Focus)

Interesting Maneuver (Special Fighter)

Eclipse (Mixed Phase Duelist)

The Bold and the Brave (Quad Attack)

The Unmovable Sovereign (Enemy Phase + Budget)

Festivus Corvus (Raven Tome)

Versatile Adorer (Mixed Phase)

Let’s Party! (Defensive Tank)

Gunning for Home Plate (Firesweep Follow-Up)

Home Run Derby (Firesweep Max Attack)

Scion of Thunder (Defensive Tank)

Reckless Storm (Defensive Nuke)

Early Summer Rain (Mixed Phase Generalist)

Flying too close to the sun (Enemy Phase Focus)

Sinmara A Distant Counter
Alternate: Steady Stance 4
Alternate: Pivot
B Wary Fighter 3
Alternate: Aether
C Surtr's Menace
SP1415SDistant Def 3

Tyrannical Flame (Mixed Phase Duelist)

Creeping Mist (Defensive Utility)

Sneak Attack! (Offensive Nuke)

Halloween Hero (Defensive Generalist)

The Reaper (Offensive Nuke)

The Power of PURSUIT! (Mixed Phase)

Strong and Tough (Defensive Tank)

Blade of the Goddess (Mixed Phase)

Immovable General (Defensive Enemy Phase)

No Discretion Exercised (Quad Attack)

We Didn’t Start the Fire (Firesweep)

GG, Grado Galeforce (Galeforce Sweeper)

Ignited Heart (Physical Tank)

Social Savant (Defensive Utility)

Dauntless Fighter (Defensive Tank)

Berserk Armads
Alternate: Armads
A Distant Counter
Swap B Special Fighter 3
Alternate: Guard 3
Alternate: Ignis
C Ward Armor
SP1485SQuick Riposte 3

Enraged General (Double Wrath Special)

Omnibreaker (Defensive Tank)

Hectorcopter (Mixed Phase)

Knight of Ostia (Defensive Tank)

Lean, Mean, Orange Machine (Mixed Phase)

Great Wall of Ostia (Defensive Tank)

Leo’s Iceblade (Cavalry Blade tome)

Rauðrblade+ A Distant Def 3
Alternate: HP +5
Alternate: Draw Back
B Quick Riposte 3
Alternate: Glimmer
C Fortify Cavalry
Alternate: Hone Cavalry
SP1875SDistant Def 3

Doga will choke this point. (Defensive Tank)

Altean Defender (Mixed Phase)

Draug is “Guard” Backwards (Defensive Tank)

WHOTOCRUSH (Defensive Nuke)

One Woman Army (Mixed Phase)

Pure Offensive (Offensive Nuke)

Offensive (Anti-Armor Specialist)



Swap is a mobility assist skill, only one of two capable of moving both the user and target of the skill. Its uses are limited, but powerful. Swap effectively gives an ally a potential extra space of movement. It’s most common use is defensively: An ally who is in danger can be swapped out by the user of the skill, putting themselves in harm’s way. In this way, it’s similar to Pivot, but does not require an empty space in front of the target for the skill to activate. Swap is one of the easiest Assist skills to use, and one of the most versatile: It can be used to grant the user or ally an extra movement space, or take them out of harm's way.


Swap is best used by units with high defense, to take the place of weaker units on the frontline. As a space isn’t required in front of the target (unlike Pivot) this skill benefits offensive units who attack from melee range. Brave Weapon and Blow Skill users are excellent examples of units who benefit from receiving a Swap. They can launch their attack, and avoid taking damage the following round. Good users of Swap are those who can easily handle being attacked. Units with skills like Vantage and Quick Riposte can take advantage of Swap. The extra movement space is well appreciated by Armored units. Wings of Mercy and Swap form a deadly combination: It lets a unit teleport and take the place of a wounded ally.


The main disadvantage of Swap is that is places an ally into danger. However, if used by the right unit, this can be one of its best traits. Swap is poor against defending from ranged damage as the target is only moved a single space away from their original location, still able to be attacked by an enemy ranged unit. Swap is a skill with nearly no downsides save for opportunity cost, and is one of the most versatile and useful Assist skills.