Steady Breath

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If foe initiates combat, grants Def+4 during combat and Special cooldown charge +1 per attack. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.)

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Sacred Seal Forge

Great Badges Badges Sacred Coins
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Skillsets that use skill

TOUCH THE COW. DO IT NOW (Enemy Phase Focus)

Grrrrregor SMASH!! (Defense-based / Melee Specialist)

“I’m Strong and I’m Tough!” - His VA (Melee Specialist)

Eye of the Tiger, Dancing through Fire (Instant Special Retaliation Nuke)

Generic Speedy Sword Build #1 (Melee Specialist)

milk truk just arive (Defensive Wall)

I Fear No Man. (Melee Specialist)

⚔️: "But I have a husband and a great great great great grandaughter..." (Near Save Tank)

how do you do, fellow kids? (Defensive / Melee Specialist)

Distant Arcadia (Far Save)

Dracoshield (Hardy Fighter Near Save)

“Hey can I copy your Bector build” “Sure just don’t make it too obvious” (Standard Near Save)

wait a minuteeeeee *hic* this isn't a demote staff and actually where am i (Tanky Save)

Ike at home (Defensive)

Untouchable Sacred Cow (Tank)

When the Dad Jokes Come a-Boomin' (Near Save Tank)

Head Witch in Charge (Melee Specialist / Defensive)

Grima Walks With Me (Near Savior)

Candy Corns of the Father (Damage Focus / Aether Raids Offense Tank)

Team Aqua After Dark (Carry Unit / General Gameplay)

The Grand CEO of Oil Spill-ism (Near Savior)

Dragons Fear Him… Somewhat (Totally Not Copium)

Lord of a Dead Empire (Near Save)