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Article by Hakurai

Okeanos, the much anticipated first expansion to Fate/Grand Order NA, is finally here! GamePress has invited Learning with Manga stars Gudako and Olga Marie Animusphere to help answer some questions you may have about the Okeanos expansion.

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I don't wanna waste my AP on story when I'm so busy grinding claws for my servants - How long will it take for me to beat Okeanos?

Let's see, Okeanos will feature 14 new story chapters, requiring a total of 756 AP in total to complete. Not accounting for AP refills from level-ups, it would take roughly 3 days of AP regeneration to complete. Of course, you can take it at your own pace rather than rush it all at once.

How tough are all the gimmicky boss fights? I don't want a sudden G** or C** U** battle to make me spend all my quartz on revives!

Uh, your knowledge of the Japanese version is leaking. Think about the poor people who don't know the story yet! That being said, Okeanos is not particularly difficult, and can be cleared with fully levelled silver servants, or even weaker teams with good strategy and composition. The recommended average servant level is around 50, but this varies by class matchups and growth curves. With the help of a strong support like Jeanne d'Arc or Zhuge Liang, even weaker teams can handle this singularity.

As Director I'd recommend levelling a good Lancer or Assassin servant, since Archers and Riders are in abundance. A good Saber or Rider would also be a good idea for the more difficult fights in the chapter, too.

How much quartz am I gonna get from this thing? Saving the world means nothing if I can't roll the gacha more, Director.

How...selfish. Is it really good to leave the fate of humanity in this master's hands? Regardless, Saint Quartz is vital to Chaldea's mission, so it's fine to inform you that up to 24 Saint Quartz can be obtained from completing the new Free Quest and Story Chapters. Furthermore, there will be 9 more Interludes available upon Okeanos' release, adding another potential 5 Saint Quartz to be put to use.

Well, there's no point in earning Quartz if the new banner is a bait. Are any of the 5* Servants worth my time? When's the next welfare coming out?

Of the new servants, Drake is notable as the first 5* Rider and a strong, independent servant at that. With her strong star gen and fantastic NP gain, Drake is one of the best Riders in the game for a long time.

Anne Bonny and Mary Read have a powerful critical damage-oriented skill set with a powerful NP which only grows stronger as their HP reaches critical levels. However, they require extensive ally support to provide critical stars in order to put their skills to use, and until certain CE's and servants come out their NP's secondary effect is difficult to consistently utilize properly. Fun to use, but not as effective as you'd think in action.

Euryale is very strong against males, and a fully levelled NP5 Euryale is one of the possible keystones to beating a certain stage in Camelot.

Medea (Lily) is the premier healing unit in the game, with the overall strongest heals, in addition to a cleanse on her NP. Her High Speed Divine Incantation allows for on-demand NP Heals. She is pretty good for hard stall content where the enemy will debuff you often (i.e. Nerofest Redux 1).

Hektor has a powerful stun skill and relatively high and consistent damage from his AOE NP, but he's fairly average in all other aspects. He has his uses over competitors like the two Cu's and Romulus, but in most scenarios he's a bit outclassed.

David is famous for his team wide on-demand dodge with Harp of Healing. He is a very strong utility servant, and also very accessible. In fact, he will join you after the completion of the singularity! Perhaps he feels strong sentiments towards the Chaldea crew?

If I'm getting spooked by Craft Essences, are any of them worth not burning? I want to get more tickets to roll the gacha instead of filling my storage with black keys.

According to Da Vinci, the new Craft Essences available are as follows:

Anchors Aweigh: 100 HP/turn is ok. Limit Break increases it to 200 HP/turn, which is still not that great. There are better effects for Limit Break 3 star CE’s.

Code Cast: 25% ATK/DEF UP for 3 turns is practically a level 6 Waver buff (level 10 limit broken), without the flat damage / damage reduction bonuses. In theory the stronger effects sound good for quick quests, but the CE becomes a simple stat lump once its effects expire, especially if you are unable to utilize the cards of the servant equipping said CE. Comparatively, starting NP is worth more due to the consistency. In general, “Frontloaded” CE’s that have limited turn effects aren’t too good, the exception being something like Guda Guda Poster Girl, which can provide strong momentum due to the taunt effect.

Victor of the Moon: Yakisoba Man is a pretty good CE that marks the transition from pure Buster meme to Buster Crit servants. Unfortunately, it meets competition from the future free event CE Joint Recital, although Victor from the Moon’s higher attack cap gives it an advantage if it has some merges.

Another Ending: Cake Roll Girl supports Arts Crits teams, which are a pretty strong archetype due to the triple arts decks of premier caster supports. Unlike Victor from the Moon, it does not get matched by an event CE as of current. However, it is slightly more niche due to the relative rarity of crit-based arts servants.

Not that I'll be following the advice of a shill for the devs, but is this gacha even worth rolling? I'll just wait until the servers blow up and Delightworks is forced to hand out free 5*s otherwise.

With the hard work the FGO team has put in, you may be waiting a while. After some thinking though, I've come up with a few arguments for both sides.

Why Should you roll:

Why Shouldn’t you roll:

  • You like Medea (Lily) more, and are waiting for the story lock Medea Lily gacha for a better chance than speedrunning the singularity and unlocking her early.
  • You can get the 3 stars from the FP Gacha.
  • You think this is a bait gacha (pretty much every gacha is a bait gacha).

Fou fou!
(Also check out GamePress' Okeanos Rate Up Simulator!)

Assuming I get spooked by that priest guy in the gacha, can I at least farm some more ascension materials? Eternal Gears, Phoenix Feathers, a node with 666 Demons with guaranteed heart drops?

I'm afraid you can't get any of those things. And that aside, the last one sounds more like a job for a vampire with an unpronounceable name than this game. At the very least, the Wyvern Island free quest node will be the best for farming Dragon Fangs for quite some time, while Caldera Island is the first place to have farmable Meteor Horseshoes, and the only for a good amount of time. Lastly, we have the Ocean Reef, which has Serpent Jewels available! As for all the other kinds of materials, we'll just have to wait...

Oh, there's finally a Free Quest for Caster Gems now.

Hey Director, I just realized you didn't answer my question about the next welfare! Wait-- why are you running?

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