Arisa Narumi's Story; Episode 3

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Part 1

You know what?
I never thought I'd get dragged to an idol concert in Kamihama.
Come on, switching things up every once in a while is good, right?
The second fan appreciation event will begin in thirty minutes!
Today's event will be a Master Quiz Battle!
Sayu-Sayu has provided a fantastic grand prize from her own collection!
Stick around for your chance to win!
About time! I've been waitin' for this!
One-of-a-kind Sayu-Sayu merch. I don't care what it takes, I gotta get it!
Kaede, you're ready for this, right?
Y-yeah! D-don't worry, I'll make you proud, Rena!
Why does it sound like you're getting ready to defend my honor?
It's them, the girls from earlier.
Well, the concert is over. We should head outside.
Don't tell me you want to stay?
Course I do!
You'll stay with me, right?
*Sigh* To think you're that hooked.
Thank you for waiting! Our second event is about to begin!
I'll slash my way into your heart!
It's me, your beloved blade-bearing beauty. Sayuki Fumino, cutting in!
Eeeee!!! Sayu-Sayu!!!
Note that the champion of the Master Quiz Battle will receive...
A sword guard with Sayu-Sayu's autograph inscribed on it!
Is that...that good of a prize?
It's a custom made guard, and a real artisan carved her signature in it!
You gotta check Sayu-Sayu's blog at least once a day, come on!
A-ah, right...
Hm, I bet it's real fancy!
(Does she even stand a chance against fanatics like them?)

Part 2

Without further ado, let us begin the Master Quiz Battle!
First you must win a round of rock-paper-scissors to participate!
You're in, right?
Sure, I said I'd try, didn't I?
All right everyone, hands up high! Sayu-Sayu, if you would do the honors.
Okay, here we go!
Rock, paper, scissors...!
Sayu-Sayu chose 'paper'! Anyone who doesn't have 'scissors', take a seat!
Yeees! I won! How about you?
I played 'paper' too. I guess I'm out already.
(What about those other girls?)
Score! I'm still in!
Hey! How did you both get knocked out so fast?!
Haha... Er, Rena, it's all up to you now!
Geeze. Fine then, I'll go claim glory in your honor.
Everyone left standing, please join us up here on stage.
(The girl from earlier!)
(She made it through!)
It's time for the final battle! First up is general knowledge questions!
Be warned, you will lose three points for an incorrect answer.
So listen very carefully before raising your hand!
Here we go! Question 1! Standing at an elevation of 3―
I got it!
Yes, the girl with the ponytails!
Mt. Fuji!
That's correct!
You worked out the answer before I finished reading the question.
(She would've lost three points if she were wrong.)
(Arisa, you're fearless.)
Moving on, Question 2! In the story of Momotaro―
Impressive, piecing that together so fast. The question, that is.
Nothing special, just going with my gut!
Rena! Don't give up!
Um, you haven't answered anythin' yet.
Oooh, very funny!
Here's where I start pulling out all the stops, so pipe down and watch!
The game's just getting started! Good luck!

Part 3

We've reached the halfway mark!
Currently leading the standings are Arisa Narumi in first place with 9 points and Rena Minami in second place with 4 points.
Will Rena be able to catch up with Arisa before she pulls away?!
This battle is far from over!
All questions from here on out will test your Sayu-Sayu knowledge!
Best of luck, you two!
First question! What is Sayu-Sayu's f―
Old swords!
A question 'bout Sayu-Sayu's favorite type of sword? Too easy for Rena!
(It looks like Arisa's time as the clear front runner is over.)
Next question!
Released two days ago―
Vengeance of Innocence!
Correct! The latest slash-hit single!
Hee hee hee!
Pff, not bad!
(I'm not gonna lose! My idol fangirl pride is on the line!)
Haha, someone's gettin' serious!
And then...
This has become the most intense Master Quiz Battle ever!
Arisa pulled out into an early lead, but Rena has made a stunning comeback.
They are now even at 14 points each!
Only two questions remain!
And heeere we go!
Sayu-Sayu's deb―
Blade Bearing Beauty!
Whoa, she pulled it off!
(That one hurt. Even if she gets the next one right, it'll end in a tie.)
(Still, you fought well, Arisa.)
(He was about to say 'debut single'.)
(I'd never have gotten that even if I had all the time in the world.)
(She's really keeping up the pressure.)
(Well, two can play at that game. Ready or not, here I come!)
Arisa... You're still planning to win this?

Part 4

This is it, the final question! Arisa can still turn this into a tie...
But if she doesn't get it right Rena will be the victor!
Now! Name that song!
I know!
I know!
Arisa was a split second faster!
All right, what's your answer?
'Vengeance of Innocence'!
That is...
For real?! I barely even heard the first beat!
Cooorrect! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a tie!!!
That's incredible!
Argh! I knew that one!
(That last point came down to focus.)
(Everyone here knows the song.)
(But they were the only two who reacted immediately.)
What are they going to do about the tie? Have another round?
Beats me.
I know you're all dying to hear who will be champion...
And after careful consideration, the judges have decided to declare both Arisa Narumi and Rena Minami the winners!
Isn't that great, Arisa?!
As for the grand prize...
Sayu-Sayu will prepare another item from her collection!
So both champions will go home with their very own prize!
That's awesome!
What? Could she have a budding friendship with her rival?
Rena, you made a new friend!
W-we're not friends, okay?!
So yeah, the event ended and everyone dispersed.
Maaan, I had no idea today would turn out like this!
That's my line!
Everything was a new experience. I'm exhausted.
Sorry 'bout dragging you around to all the stuff I wanted to do.
Well, I did really get into it at the end rooting for you.
And it looked like you had a great day, so that's enough for me.
Why do you have to be so calm about everything?
I think I've had all the fun for long enough.
It's about time we got to the main event!
Main event?
Yeah, come on! The whole reason we came to Kamihama in the first place.
That picture book you're looking for! I'll help you search for it all you want.
I've got nothing else to do anyway!
Thanks. You know, you've grown a little, Arisa.
You think so?
I do.
Together, now and always... Wh-what, got a problem with that?!
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