Fate T. Harlaown's Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

While we were on break, we met, and got to know, Kako and her friends. While we were chatting...
We somehow got roped into a dodgeball game.
Dodgeball, you say?
Yeah! Let's play, 3 on 3!
My team's got a battle comin' up after this.
We don't have enough time to do any practice matches, but dodgeball should be fine!
That's what my teammates said anyway!
I'm not really good at physical activities...
Me neither...
I'd way rather just sit quietly and read a book, ya know?
I have a feeling you and I are going to get along splendidly, Hayate!
I'm not great at exercise, myself...
What do you think, Fate?
Oh, I want to play!
Well, if you want to play...
And we've got the time. we might as well!
Yeah, this is a great way to relax!
Well, if everyone's on board...
Hell yeah! Let's get going!
Oh, right! No magic allowed, okay guys?!
Of course!
We won't use magic either!
I can sense an intense match is about to unfold!
Her cheerleader spirit is tingling!
Yeah! I won rock-paper-scissors! That means we get to go first!
So we'll have two players in the infield and one in the outfield...
You can take care of the outfield, Kako!
I'm counting on you to play nice!
Nanoha, you should take the outfield too.
Okay! I'll do what I can!
One set, 3 on 3! Everybody ready?
Allllll right... Go! Fight! Win!

Part 2

Here I come!
She's aiming right at me!
Take this! WHA-BAM!
She caught it no problem?!
My turn!
She's comin' over here!
I'll stop her!
Wait, what?!
She jumped...
...and then spun around?
Wha... It's a feint!
Is she really younger than us?
Hey, what's this?
Looks like they're doing something fun.
Even more people are turning up to watch?!
Fate's physical prowess is pretty extraordinary...
Ugh, she's goin' to the outfield... Felicia, it's up to you.
If you choke, we're done for!
No biggie! I got this!
We start with the ball this time!
She passed it to the outfield!
*Giggle* Nice throw!
Hayate, get out of there!
Ha! Now we're even!
Seems they're having a lot of fun.
Fate really seems to want to win, too, so...

Part 3

Oh! That was close!
I thought she was gonna drop it...
Felicia's not too shabby...
Yo, I'm passin' it to you, Ayame!
What?! Dummy! If you do that...
She dove and stole the ball?!
She just attacked mid-run! How fast is she?!
Ugh, we lost...
You three have to avenge us!
Why do WE have to do that?
I guess...cause we caught her eye just now?
And so Momoko's team ended up challenging us to the next dodgeball match...
Ugh, I didn't think I'd still be playing dodgeball at this age...
How do you think I feel? I'm older than you!
But it's what Felicia would have wanted, so...
Don't talk about her like she's dead.
Let's have a good game!
Yeah, we're ready to give it all we've got!
Ya probably don't have to give it all you've got...

Part 4

And we're off!
Game, set, and match!
Nice game, everybody! Good job!
What is this, the Olympics?
You lost?! You guys were supposed to get them back for us!
Sorry, but just like we thought...there's no way we can beat her...
I thought...
I thought that Momoko and Rena were good at sports...
Do I look like I'm in a sports club? Waving a glowstick is the most exercise I get.
Ugh, this sucks!
Is there NO ONE here who can take on this girl?!
Well someone looks frustrated.
Perhaps it's time for you to step up to the plate and win, Yachiyo?
No thanks. I'm not interested.
All right, in that case...
Out of our sporty girls...
Who can stand up to Fate's amazing speed?
I'm not sure how, um, 'sporty' they are, but...
Akira does karate, and Meiyui is a kung fu master, right?
You want me to participate?
Well if we're talking about martial arts, Asuka's a naginata instructor.
Whoa, you're getting me involved now too?
What do you girls think?
It's fine by us. Let's do this.
It feels like we're kind of upping the ante each time, don't you think?
We're counting on you to play nice...
And so it came to pass that we accepted our next challenge from a team of martial arts experts.
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