Homura Akemi's (Glasses) Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

I'll do it over... As many times as it takes, I'll keep going back...
I'll relive the same time over and over... I'll find the one way out...
I'll find the one road that will save you from a destiny of despair...
If it's for you...
―Kamihama City, Sakae Ward―
Homura! Sorry to keep you waiting!
Madoka! It's fine. I haven't been here long.
*Giggle* Thanks anyway!
Shall we get going then?
Yes, let's!
Woooooow, look at this! A whole fashion district!
It's full of cool stores! Where should we even start?
Hmm... I'll let you choose, Madoka.
I don't know much about fashion. I don't even know what would suit me...
No way! I think you'd look amazing in any one of the outfits here, Homura!
Why don't we walk from over there, and check out each shop in order?
It had been such a long time since I'd had a day off to spend with just Madoka.
It felt like we broke free from the fate of Magical Girls for just one peaceful day...
Those few hours filled me with more joy than you could ever imagine.
What's up, Homura?
Oh, did I do something weird?
You just seem to be a bit more distracted than usual.
What's on your mind?
Nothing! Er...
I'm having a lot of fun!
I'm glad! I was worried maybe you weren't...
I love stuff like this, you know!
Well I DO really like shopping, but...
What I meant was that I love getting to do things with friends, like we are now.
Yeah. I'm having lots of fun, too.
Really?! That makes me so happy!
I wish carefree days like this could just last forever...
But that wish can never come true.
Walpurgisnacht is coming closer, with horrible certainty.
I have to find some way to help Madoka...
But it's okay, if it's just…if it's just one day... Only today...
It's okay for me to just be happy, right?

Part 2

Homura, what shop should we go to next?
How about that one over there? It looks like it has some cute girly stuff...
Oh! You're right, we should check it out!
I would have loved to just spend time like this forever with Madoka.
―?! Madoka!
My Soul Gem is reacting to something!
A Witch? Somewhere near here...?
Let's go! Homura!
Of course, being Magical Girls we don't get to have peaceful days.
As long as we remain Magical Girls...
This pulse of magic is getting stronger! It must be right ahead, Homura!
Ah, there it is! The Labyrinth!
We'll need to find a way inside— Wait, what?
The Labyrinth...disappeared?
Did someone else take care of the Witch?
Oh, over there!
Good thing it wasn't a strong one. It's getting tougher to fight them alone...
We must have gotten here right when it ended.
Yeah. It looks like she took care of it for us.
Madoka? What is it?
That girl... She's a model! What was her name? Um...
She's... R...something with an R...
I know you can remember!
Red Feather?
Ria! You only managed to get the 'R' right!
Oh, oh..! I'm so sorry!
Hon-est-ly! You two are Magical Girls, aren't you?
Er... Y-yes!
You're one as well, aren't you, Ria?
That's correct! Not only am I a super model, I'm also a super Magical Girl!
A Magical Girl with a modeling career... How...intense...
*Giggle* I didn't know I had Magical Girl fans too! How lovely!
Let's take this introduction from the top... It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
I believe you're already aware of this, but my name is Ria Ami.
...Ugh, quit it...! Quit staring at me like that!
You're making me blush...!
Um, I...I'm Madoka. I'm Madoka Kaname!
Oh, and I'm... Homura Akemi...
Madoka and... Homura... *Giggle*
A pleasure. Truly, it must have been fate that we met.
Would you care to have some tea with me?
But of course! I have some time until I have to go to work again.
I see... Then, we'd love to...!
Homura, you want to come too, right?
Oh, yes…
I'd actually rather be alone with Madoka if possible.
But Madoka looked so happy at the idea.
Oh well. If I can just look at her smile, I'll be satisfied.
I'll go too.

Part 3

Madoka and I met a Magical Girl that day.
Ria Ami... A popular fashion model.
She was extremely beautiful, and her style was no worse.
Gosh, that's unbelievable! Working as a model sounds really tough...
Oh, really? I guess when I think about it...
I put my life on the line just as much with modeling as with Magical Girl work.
Wow... That's incredible, isn't it, Homura?
It is... Pretty incredible.
*Giggle* Thank you.
You are very beautiful. It's almost unreal, even.
What?! Unreal?!
Th-that's...! Why would you ever— What would make you think something—
Ah... S-sorry! It's just a saying...
Right, because you look pretty like a doll. That kind of beauty is unreal, isn't it!
O-oh... Right... I see what you meant...
...*Giggle* Then thank you!
With that, the three of us left the cafe. We walked through the fashion district together with Ria.
Being a model, Ria knew everything about fashion.
It looked like Madoka had a lot of fun. I just couldn't take my eyes off of her...
Look at this, Homura! This outfit is sooo cute!
You're right! That pale pink would look great on you.
Oh, that's a new line for this year. I agree, you'd look amazing in it!
Thank you! But...
I think it would actually suit Homura more than me.
Wh-what? I don't—Really?
*Giggle* It really would!
Oh, that outfit over there!
I think I saw you wear that in a fashion magazine, right Ria?
That's right.
It's going to be a massive hit this year.
Your outfit, I just loved the way you looked in that magazine!
Hmm, do you really think so? I'm glad.
When I put that on, I felt almost as if it had been made with me in mind...
Hearing that from someone else is lovely. *Giggle*♪
... By the way, Homura...
Yes? What is it?
You aren't interested in me at all, huh?
! Oh, I...s-sorry!
You have me...Ria Ami, the super model, right in front of you, but...
All you seem to look at is Madoka.

Part 4

All you seem to look at is Madoka.
I don't...know what you're talking about...
Oh! Didn't you notice? You haven't stopped staring at her!
No, I mean, it's not like that...
Madoka isn't listening to us right now. She's totally lost in all the clothes.
I'm used to picking up where people are looking, because it's what a model does.
Usually, if you're with your friends who you see every day, it's only natural...
...for your eye to be drawn to something new. Like a model, for example.
However, you haven't glanced at me once!
I'm starting to get a little jealous of her. *Giggle*
Madoka is...a very special friend.
I see...
That's why...
Maybe there's something that I can't exactly put my finger on...
Something that binds the two of you together, oh so tightly...
But I can see your feelings for her are genuine. She is truly precious to you.
Really, genuine through and through.
Your eyes are filled with such kindness when you look at her...
I think that's probably what makes me envy her most.
I hope someday... I too can find someone who will watch over me with that same admiration.
...!....We got a little bit sidetracked, didn't we?
... I...
I want to protect Madoka.
She always protects me from everything...
That's why I fight as a Magical Girl.
I see...
A really cool Magical Girl, I think.
Homura! Ria!
Which store should we hit next?
I'm sorry... I've actually gotta go soon.
Oh, I see...
Thank you for hanging out with us! It was really great!
Yes, thank you.
You guys look after each other, okay?
Yes! That's easy, because we're so close.
...*Giggle* See you, then.
Until next time!
See you...
...She's gone.
Yes. ...
Hey, Madoka?
Yes? What's up, Homura?
Can we keep looking for a bit longer?
! Yes! Let's!
She told me I was cool because I wanted to protect Madoka.
I don't know about that. But I'll keep pushing forward. That's my only choice.
Impossible things are happening in Kamihama.
I'll make sure that I finally find the clues I need to save Madoka...
Here, in Kamihama City!
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