Melissa de Vignolles' Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

This is a story about a girl who fought to bring light to the battlefield...
A girl by the name of Melissa, daughter of the famed hero La Hire, his own title meaning the Wrath of God.
A dreamland set in France...
I-it's coming?!
Iroha, run!
What?! It's headed this way?!
Eep! The sound's coming from over there now!
It's here?!
Melissa, this way!
C-can we even get away from it?!
*Pant* *Pant*
Oh my, do excuse me! I must introduce myself properly...
My name is Melissa de Vignolles.
I usually travel with La Pucelle, also known as Darc, as her maid.
I help her in her work aiding the French army.
I will tell you the tale of how I ended up in this situation...
Though I am afraid it is a long story.
Santé! Cheers!
Melissa, bring me more wine!
Yes, Father!
Melissa! Another round over here, too!
But of course! Here you are!
How did you find tonight's meal? Did you enjoy the seasonings?
That scent of cinnamon got my taste buds all worked up in a frenzy!
That was your own recipe, Melissa?
Indeed, it was! I'm so pleased that you all enjoyed it!
If you have any requests for future meals, I'd love to hear them!
Requests, huh... How 'bout a hearty slab of meat? That'll give us strength!
Ah, naturally. With the war still raging, I understand how you must feel...
You cannot offer what we don't have. I'd rather you think of some new flavors.
Oh, good point!
So you want to try eating something different from the usual food you eat.
Melissa is incredible.
She really is!
She can do anything! Cook, serve meals...
She's been taking care of the soldiers ever since she was young.
Her father is a commanding officer so she's lived longer on the battlefield than most.
Her specialties range from tending the sick to serving supper!
Wow...she's amazing...
She can't be much older than me, but she works so quickly and efficiently!
Iroha, Yachiyo!
There you are!
You were looking for them?
Yes, Monsieur Angel!
You see, my duties in the kitchen are complete!
Monsieur Angel?
So Melissa can see Qube...
That’s right. She has the potential to become a Magical Girl.
That must mean you want her to become one.
Obviously. Every girl who shows promise is welcome to join us!
But I won't pressure her. Darc would get very angry.
She would?
Yes. Darc's very kind...
She said she doesn't want to see her friends put in danger...
So I cannot make any rash decisions.
I think that's for the best.
By the way, we got a little sidetracked...
Did you need something from us?
Yes, I do!
I have a favor to ask of you both...
Something to ask...of us?
What could we possibly do?

Part 2

Well, what I want is...
For the two of you to be my escorts!
So you want us to accompany you somewhere?
Yes, exactly!
One of my responsibilities is procuring our rations and food supplies.
You take care of that stuff, too?!
With the assistance of the adults, of course!
Which brings me to my point...
I'm planning to head to the fortress tomorrow with the supply team.
The route is full of dangerous spots where Demons may attack us...
So you need assistance from some Magical Girls?
We don't mind. Right, Iroha?
Yeah, of course!
Thank you so much!
I suppose we should go inform your father and his men.
Yes! I'll tell them myself!
But I'm sure all will be fine.
He said as long as the two of you agree to help, there should be no problem!
So you already brought it up with everyone then!
I should have expected as much.
Even her planning is perfect.
Please, you flatter me too much!
I cannot fight like the two of you...
But I want to support you in everything else as much as I can!
if I made a wish to Monsieur Angel...
I could fight alongside the two of you, at the same level...
Oh, you don't have to do that!
We'll escort you to wherever you need to go!
Oh, Iroha!
Thank you so much!
Well then, I'll take my leave for now!
See you.

Part 3

The next morning we set out toward the fortress.
We progressed smoothly along the route thanks to Iroha and Yachiyo, our guards.
Then we took our first break...
Let us rest a while here!
I prepared bread! Freshly baked this morning!
Would you care for some?
Thank you, Melissa. I'd love some.
Is there bread like this where you both come from?
There is!
We don't eat it anywhere near as much as you do, but it's the same bread!
Our hometown offers foods from all over the world.
We even have French desserts, cakes...
We also have parfaits...and mont blanc too!
Mont blanc... White mountains?
Ah, maybe that type of dessert doesn't exist in France yet...
Let's see, how can I describe it...
It's a cake, a mountain of cream, all covered with white powdered sugar.
The cream is made with lots of chestnuts.
I see!
Please tell me about the other ingredients! As much as you can remember!
Are you trying to make one yourself?
I would love to expand my repertoire, even if only a little!
I see you're up for the challenge.
I want to create many delicious things for the troops fighting at the fore!
It's difficult for them to maintain morale if they're served the same meal every day.
Supporting an army must be tough work.
Well, I currently work hardest to make sure Darc is safe... I am her maid, after all.
But if I can help her by supporting the French troops, well...
That is incredibly important to me!

Part 4

I see...
In that case, could you prepare five barrels of wine for us?
Thank you so much!
Is that all?
Yes! Thanks to you, we have all the supplies we require!
Again, thank you so much!
Make sure to come back if you need anything else!
Iroha! Yachiyo!
That is all we needed to do at the fortress!
Wait, you're done already?
That was fast!
You have a knack for negotiation, I see...
It's thanks to both of you escorting us! We arrived so quickly!
I am so grateful!
It was our pleasure!
It's nice we finished everything so quickly.
But now we have a lot of time to kill.
Maybe we finished a little too quickly...
Darc and the main battalion are on the move, so we cannot return immediately.
We can expect to wait around two days at the fortress with the rest of the supply team.
Two days...
That's pretty long...
Iroha, I thought of something.
If there's a town or village nearby...
Perhaps you could go there with Melissa and relax a little?
A-are you sure?
The two of you are around the same age...
Besides, you can guard her, can't you?
But what about you?
I'll stay behind and watch the fort. Someone should keep an eye on it.
What do you think, Melissa?
Is there anywhere you'd like to go?
Oh, yes! Actually...
There is a church near here that I've wanted to visit for some time!
I'm sorry for taking so long to get to this point in the story, but...
Everything that happened was because I made that very request.
It is always such a delight to be able to help Darc whenever I can!
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