Melissa de Vignolles' Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

There is a church near here that I've wanted to visit for some time!
I'm sorry for taking so long to get to this point in the story, but...
Everything that happened was because I made that very request.
A church?
There is a church near this fortress that's a popular destination for pilgrims.
But until now, I haven't had an opportunity to stop by and see it...
You're quite dedicated to your faith.
I noticed you never miss your morning and evening prayers.
All right, Melissa.
Let's visit the church together!
Thank you, Iroha!
The next morning, the two of us set off on our journey to the church.
We had no idea what would be waiting for us when we arrived...
Do you usually go to church?
Yes, as much as I am able.
You're so dedicated...
I think it may have more to do with how I was raised in a church. They calm me.
You were raised in a church?
I was.
I lost my mother when I was very young, and so the church took me into their care.
I grew up separated from my father...
The two of us had no idea that the other even existed.
How did you find out about him?
My mother would often speak of him using his given name.
Also, when I blush, the redness reaches all the way to my ears.
My father does exactly the same when he blushes...
His nickname is 'La Hire', isn't it?
'Wrath of God.' As the name suggests, they say he's terrifying when angry...
I was just wondering...
Are you like him in that way, too?
W-well, I wouldn't say that!
But I suppose there are times where I might admit...
We aren't entirely dissimilar in that way?
I'll make extra sure not to make you angry!
P-please don't be afraid!
It's fine! No cause for concern!
I'll do my best not to be scared!
(That look on her face...)
(I think she is actually scared...)

Part 2

We've finally arrived at the village...
That took a little longer than I thought.
My deepest apologies...
I never would've thought that the bridge would be washed away...
Walking all the way around added a lot of time to the trip...
We should hurry and get to the village!
Here we are! The village where the church lies!
We made it! Finally!
But it's already dark...
I do apologize, Iroha.
N-no need for that!
Well, then...
Is that the famous church? That building all the way over there in the distance?
Yes, it is!
But first let's find somewhere to stay for the night.
We can go to the church tomorrow morning...
There won't be a morning!
Are you a resident of this village?
What do you mean by 'there won't be a morning'?
The village had been invaded by the English.
As long as it is under enemy control, the sun will never shine there again.
But there's more...
There's a ghost in the church?!
All of the creepy rumors have caused that old church to be completely abandoned.
'You'll hear blood-chilling laughter when there's no one around... That's when the bell rings...'
'They say it's the work of a ghost, the soul of a saint enshrined by the church.'
The ghost of a saint...
Th-that's kind of spooky...
It is...
And is just a rumor, no?
A-ah, well, yes.
It seems silly to turn back from this holy place now that we're finally here.
I believe this is just all a test of our faith!
Iroha! Let us go to the church, now!
Now? As in, right now?
If the sun doesn't rise in this village, it seems rather pointless to wait for it...
Hey, are you going to the church?
Are you from this village?
Yes, I am!
If you're going to the church, I can show you how to get there!
I wouldn't go there if I were you...
What do you think, Iroha?
If you go, I'll go with you!
Well, we did come all this way... Could we ask you to show us the route?
This is your last chance to turn back...

Part 3

Here's the road that leads to the church gate!
It's creepier than I thought it'd be...
It's probably because of that scary story, but still...
Y-yes, it has to be the story making us feel this way!
Are you all right? Can you handle ghosts?
Well, I would be lying if I said that they didn't frighten me at all...
I don't even have the ability to fight those Demons like you do, Iroha.
It's not like I'm especially good at fighting them, either...
Wait, you're not?!
Sorry, but...
I've never even seen one before. They're different from Witches and Familiars...
I s-see...
Speaking of which...
Where is the spirit supposed to appear?
Inside the church...
But some people say that they've also seen it outside as well!
Ah... So, then...
We could bump into it at any moment?
*Thud* *Thud* *Thud*
What was that sound?!
Isn't the atmosphere here rather...strange?
Yeah, it is kinda...weird.
(My Soul Gem?!)
It's reacting to something!
What do we do?! Something really is here!
I-is it the ghost they mentioned?!
There it is!
The g-g-ghost?!
Wait a second, that looks like...
Yes, it's one of the English—
I'll take care of them!
Get that little girl somewhere safe!
Of course!
Be careful, Iroha!

Part 4

*Pant* *Pant*
Is it...over?
Melissa! You can come out now!
Iroha, thank you!
Yeah, thanks!
Now I understand!
The ghost was actually an enemy Demon!
I guess so.
After all, they did say the village was being attacked by the English army...
Thank goodness you were here to help us, Iroha!
Anyway, now that you've silenced that troublesome spirit...
Let's keep moving! The church awaits!
Is something wrong?
No, nothing...
Shall we go then?
Yeah, okay!
Thank you for waiting.
Thanks to your help, I managed to offer up my prayer!
So you light the candle, and then pray?
That's how I do it, yes...
But it's different for everyone!
Wow, I didn't know that.
Are you all right? You look so nervous.
Oh,'s nothing...
*Ring* *Ring*
The bell is ringing!
Th-there isn't anyone here beside us!
Could this be...
A REAL ghost?!
And so, that was how it all began!
The frightful night that Iroha and I were forced to endure!
Everyone, we must make it out of here alive!
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