Suzune Amano's Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

Kamihama, a city free from the Incubators' monitoring...
A place where Magical Girls have been gathering.
In order to find them...
I first need to find a Witch's Labyrinth.
(My strategy will be the same as in any other city.)
(First, I locate a Labyrinth.)
(Then, I kill any Magical Girl I find there. That's all there is to it.)
(But it's strange.)
(As far as I can tell, there isn't anything special about this place.)
There... That should be it for the day!
*Chuckle* They've bloomed so beautifully!
Hm hmhm hm♪
(The flower that girl's looking at.)
(It's a camellia... In other words, it's a 'tsubaki'.)
(She was gentle, beautiful, and strong.)
(This's the flower she was named after...)

Part 2

Tsubaki... Why?
Tsubaki became a Witch.
Turn her... Turn her back!
That's impossible.
Once you become a Magical Girl or Witch, you can't reverse it.
You are currently left with two choices.
Defeat her, or flee.
You are free to make that choice, but if you leave her as she is...
She'll continue to spread her curse.
... ...
(This bell, the good luck charm, and my fire magic.)
(These are all I have left of Tsubaki.)
We said...
We said that...we'll always be together!
What happened to her is unfortunate.
But Magical Girls are destined to give birth to Witches and die.
Then I'll stop them with my powers.
With this fire magic Tsubaki gave to me!
I'll kill them...
...before they become !
Do you like camellias?
I love them.

Part 3

Um, I'm Kaede. Nice to meet you.
I'm Suzune.
Suzune. We're about the same age, right?
I haven't met many girls who like camellias, so...
I'm really happy!
I love them. That's why I come here to take care of these flowers.
But most of the girls my age say they're too depressing.
Falling camellias.
Camellias don't lose their petals one by one.
The whole flower falls off the stem, doesn't it?
Oh, yeah, you're right.
It resembles people losing their heads, so they're seen as bad luck.
They say you shouldn't bring camellias when you visit an ill friend.
So that's why so many people think they're bad.
The camellias didn't do anything wrong, though.
(That's right. Tsubaki did nothing wrong.)
Even if they're free of sin...
(Even if they haven't sinned, there are people who have to be killed.)
(I'll carry all the sins of killing the innocent.)
Uh, wh-what's wrong, Suzune?
See, I told you she'd be here!
Huh, you were right. Hey, Kaede!
Rena! Momoko!
Oh, who's this?
Um, this is Suzune. We just met.
Hmm, that uniform. You're not from Kamihama, are you?
Well, I'll be going now.
See you again, Suzune.
See you.
Oh, that's right! Kaede, you free tomorrow afternoon?
Sayu-Sayu's free concert'll be at the shopping center.
You're coming with us, right?
Yeah, sure.

Part 4

(The Witch's Labyrinth...)
(Where is it?)
(There it is!)
(It most likely belongs to a Witch.)
(Magical Girls...)
Who are you?
I'm Suzune. I'm from another city.
And you are?
We have no intention of telling you that.
You mean you won't fight alongside a rival Magical Girl?
Our goal is to defeat the Witch.
We would prefer not to start a fight before leaving the Labyrinth.
May I follow you if I promise not to interfere?
Fine. We'll allow it.
(Magical Girls who hide their identity, wear matching outfits, and fight together...)
(I've never seen a group like this before.)
(I need to find out where they keep their Soul Gems.)
(That way I can kill them painlessly.)
The Witch!
Leave it to me.
I have no business with you. Get out of my way.
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