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A Magical Girl from Asunaro City. She's a soccer player who is so good that people often say she will be the best player on the national team. She is great at using her athleticism to her advantage in battle. She wears a long-sleeved uniform even in summer.


HP 1402
ATK 1389
DEF 1402
HP 15588
ATK 4622
DEF 4699
HP 5542
ATK 1726
DEF 1743
HP 20527
ATK 6078
DEF 6184


Buffs target Attack by 30% . (1 turns)
Buffs target Defense by 75% . (1 turns)
Buffs target Attack by 35% . (1 turns)
Buffs target Defense by 90% . (1 turns)


Deals 640% damage (+10% per magia level) to the target.
Buffs all allies Attack by 20% (+2.5% per magia level) (3 turns).
Deals 680% damage (+10% per magia level) to the target.
Buffs all allies Attack by 25% (+2.5% per magia level) (3 turns).
Buffs all allies Charge Damage by 20% (+2.5% per magia level) (3 turns).


1st Awakening Items and Buffs
Flame Orb++
+5% ATK
Flame Orb+
+5% DEF
Flame Orb
+5% HP
Bunny Ear Wrapping Paper
+3% Accele
Rhyton Ribbon
+5% Blast
Rainbow Orb
+5% Charge
Final Awakening Items and Buffs
Rainbow Orb
+6% ATK
Flame Orb++
+6% DEF
Flame Orb+
+6% HP
Rooftop Key
+4% Accele
Owl Bucket
+6% Blast
Rhyton Ribbon
+6% Charge

Enhance Magia to

Personal Memoria

Buffs Attack by 30% (3 turns).

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PvE Stories Pros and Cons

Well Balanced

Kaoru is an overall well-balanced magical girl. She's a balance type so her stats are fairly even across the board, with no real weaknesses in any one area. Since she's a natural three star, her stats are higher than the average girl's. Kaoru's connect increases both attack and defense, so it's useful in any situation.

Weak Magia

She's a balanced type so her stats don't lean strongly in either direction. She's a halfway decent tank and halfway decent attack unit so you'll have to stack her memorias heavily in either direction to get real use out of her. This makes her versatile enough to be on any team, but her magia is her real downfall. It's a single target magia that increases attack as well as charged damage. While the attack increase is nice, the charged damage increase won't be as useful unless you're running a charge disc heavy team for some reason.

PvP Mirrors Pros and Cons

Solid Connect

Kaoru's connect increases attack and defense, both of which are invaluable in Mirrors. Her personal memoria increases her own attack for a single turn. It has a cooldown rate of 6/5 turns, so even if you can't limit break the memoria, it's still viable to use in Mirrors.

Too Balanced

Since Kaoru is a balanced type, her stats are fairly even so she's not great at any one thing. Her attack is decent, as well as her defense so you'll have to stack her memorias in one direction or the other to really get use out of Kaoru. She's a fire elemental, so this can become an issue once several of the water types get uncapped.

Memoria Recommendations

A Warm Christmas
Walking the Same Path
Wound of the Body and Heart

"Warm Christmas" will increase blast damage as well as charged damage, which is perfect for a girl with two of each.

"Entwined Path" will increase damage as well as regenerate HP. 

Kaoru's personal memoria, will increase her attack for a single turn for a low cooldown rate that's viable for Mirrors. 

In-Game Sprite

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