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A young Magical Girl who is very attached to Kyoko, Yuma sees her as her sister, and is willing to do anything for her. Although she is an innocent child, she was abused badly, and experiences terror much more distinctly than others, due to that trauma.


HP 1587
ATK 1182
DEF 1587
HP 13648
ATK 3962
DEF 5586
HP 5036
ATK 1452
DEF 1948
HP 17736
ATK 5151
DEF 7266


Heal 40% HP for target.
Heal 45% HP for target.


Deals 620% damage (+10% per magia level) to the target.
Restore 17.5% (+2% per magia level) HP for all allies.
Deals 660% damage (+10% per magia level) to the target.
Restore 20% (+2% per magia level) HP for all allies.
Buffs all allies Debuff Resist by 30% (+2.5%) (3 turns).


1st Awakening Items and Buffs
Forest Orb
+4% ATK
Forest Orb++
+6% DEF
Forest Orb+
+5% HP
Rainbow Orb
+5% Accele
Commoner's Horse Wheel
+5% Blast
Mirrors Invitation
+3% Charge
Final Awakening Items and Buffs
Forest Orb+
+5% ATK
Rainbow Orb
+7% DEF
Forest Orb++
+6% HP
Sheep Horn
+6% Accele
Plaque Cord
+6% Blast
Sheep Warhorn
+4% Charge

Enhance Magia to

Personal Memoria

Replace current draw with Blast Discs.

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Henshin Transformation Video

PvE Stories Pros and Cons

Good for Healing

Yuma's only ability for her connect and magia are healing. It's all she does and she can be fairly good at it. Her personal memoria will replace your disc pool with only blast discs which greatly benefits her hero Kyoko Sakura, who has three blast discs in her repertoire.

Weak at everything else

As mentioned above, her magia and connect can only heal you and adds to no other bonuses, unlike other magical girls such as Konomi Haruna. Her magia is also a single target so the amount of damage she can do is fairly minimal.

Her stats are fairly dismal as well, with her attack and HP stats ranking the lowest of the 3 star girls, even lower than some of the 2 star girls.

PvP Mirrors Pros and Cons


Yuma's stats are lower than even some of the 2 star girls and her connect can only heal you, which doesn't go very far in Mirrors. Add to that her magia is only single target and her personal memoria has a cooldown of 15/13 turns makes Yuma not suited for Mirrors at all.

Memoria Recommendations

Those Days are Gone
I Can Be Serious When I Want
Iroha of the Midsummer Beach
Encounter with a Hero

"Bygone Time" and "Serious Face" will both heal Yuma and boost her magia defense, which is always great for a healer since they can't heal themselves. 

"Midsummer Beach" will give Yuma a much-needed boost to her attack stats as well as increase the amount of MP she'll gain.

"Encounter" draws all Blast discs, which can give you the advantage in a battle. 

In-Game Sprite

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