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Event Reward Summary

Event Store Items: Infinite Quantity
Permanent Store Contents
Event Store Totals (not including infinite sinks)
Period: 2020-03-17 ~ 2020-03-31

Contingency Contract Official PV

Contingency Contract, Season #0 「Operation BARRENLAND」

Arknights CN Banner CC

Translation Credit: Jetroyz of the RIHQ Discord

Event Duration: March 17 - March 31

Unlock condition: Clear Main Story 2-10

If you are new to the CC event, and don't already know what it is, check here for an explanation:

Season description: During the season, players can battle in the seasonal stages with different combinations of 「Contracts」. Clear the challenge missions to collect 「Contract Bounty」 and 「Operation Protocol」.

  • There will be 1 Permanent Stage and 7 Daily Stages.
  • 「Operation Protocols」 can be used to unlock more contracts for the Permanent Stage.
  • Daily Stages will have all 「Operation Protocols」accessible at the start.
  • 「Contract Bounties」 can be used to exchange rewards in "Secret Sanctuary" (the event shops, see section below).

To see the Stages and Risks for those stages, see this page:

Cross-Season "Secret Sanctuary" opened

  • Cross-season permanent exchange: ★★★★★: Bibeak, Bibeak Tokens, Amiya's costume (rerelease), Class Tokens. (persists across seasons)

  • Season #0 special exchange: High tier materials, EXP Cards, Class Chips etc. (for this season only)

  • Season #0 special exchange opening period: 17 March 16:00 - 31 March 03:59.

For more shop details, see their pages here:

[Training Field】 Permanently Opened

  • During Season #0, the Training Field will have all the daily stages from the season available.
  • By successfully achieving Rank Levels, players are given rewards and Contracts(Risks) are unlocked. At first, all Contracts(Risks) are locked.  Clearing the stage once unlocks the Level 1 Contracts, clearing it with a total Contract (Risk) Level of 2 unlocks Level 2 Contracts, and clearing with a Risk Level of 4 unlocks the third (and highest) Level Contracts.  Contracts unlocked in the Training Field for a stage will also be available for that particular Stage when it is the Daily Stage.
  • The Training Field will remain open after the season ends. Season #0 stages will be added and will rotate daily.
  • The Rank levels, and the corresponding Contracts(Risks), of daily challenge stages from this season can be unlocked through Training Field as well.
  • The first clear of a new Rank Level in the Training Field will grant other rewards as well (Contract Bounties, Rhodes Island Supplies).
  • Some Contracts (Risks) for the Daily Stage may be different from the Training Stage.
  • All Training Field stages are available from the beginning.
Arknights CN CC Training Stages


  • 「Contingency Contract」 does not require Sanity.
  • Some 「Contracts」 require fulfilling a certain "Contract Completion Amount" to unlock. Contract Completion Amount≠Risk Level.
  • Season #0 will have 8 stages: 1 permanent stage, 7 challenge stages that will rotate daily. (The time for the challenge stage and corresponding missions for the first day after the event starts will be extended by 1 day).
  • The permanent stage will have new 「Contracts」 added on 24 March 04:00.
  • After Season #0 ends, unused 「Contract Bounties」 will be kept.
  • After Season #0 ends, accumulated 「Operation Protocols」 will automatically be converted into 「Operation BARRENLAND Supplies」 at a rate of 1:1.
  • During Season #0, players can obtain a certain amount of Friend Credits daily by having their support units used by others in the event.

Unlimited Access to Supplies and Chip Stages

Arknights CN Banner Supplies

Event period: 17 March 08:00 - 31 March 03:59

Event description: During the event period, all material and chip stages will be available everyday.

New Headhunting Banner: 【Grassy Bagpipe】

Arknights CN Banner Bagpipe

Event period: 17 March 08:00 - 31 March 03:59

Event description: During the event period, the following operators will have increased rates in the event recruitment:

Note: This event recruitment is a 【Standard Headhunting】

Featured Operators:

Rarity Operator
6★ Rate Up Bagpipe
5★ Rate Up Sesa
4★ Rate Up Utage
  • 6★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 6★
  • 5★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 5★
  • 4★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 4★
  • New Operator Feature Banners do not add Operators to the Distinction shop
Test out your luck for this banner on our Summon Simulator!

New Operators Added Permanently to 【Standard Headhunt】

Arknights CN Ops Added

New operators: The following Operators will be permanently added to other 【Standard Headhunting】 Pools besides the event recruitment after 19 March 04:00:

★★★★★★: Bagpipe ★★★★★: Sesa ★★★★: Utage

Note: The new Operator 【★★★★★:Bibeak】 is currently only available as an Event reward from Contingency Contract "Secret Sanctuary".

[Early Spring Picks] Skins

Arknights CN Banner Spring Skin

Event Period: 17 March 08:00 - 31 March 03:59

Event Description: The following Skins will be available for sale for a limited time:

For complete Art and animations of the new Skins, see the following Skin Pages:

To see more Skin art and details, see our following pages:

New Lucky Drop Furniture Theme: 【Healthy Fast Food Store】

Arknights CN Lucky Theme Furniture Drop

Start Date: Sept. 10, 08:00

Furniture drops: [Healthy Fast Food Store] themed furniture

Drop locations: All stages in Main Story Chapter 1~6 (Challenge Mode, Tutorial stages excluded), all stages in material/chip stages

Drop description: The new [Healthy Fast Food Store] series will replace the current stage lucky drops [Colombia Modern Hotel] series. After the update, [Colombia Modern Hotel] series furniture can be purchased in the furniture shop.

Note: [Colombia Modern Hotel] will go on sale on 17 March 16:00

For full Theme Furniture List and Art see the Healthy Fast Food Store Theme Page.

To see these Furniture Themes and more, check out our Furniture Theme Page here:

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