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Store Totals Summary (not including Infinite Item Sinks)
Period: 2019-11-19 ~ 2019-12-03

「Contingency Contract」 Event

Arknights CN Banner Contingency Contract


Translation Credit: Jetroyz of the RIHQ Discord

Event period: 19 November 16:00 - 3 December 03:59

Unlock condition: Clear Story 1-10

Event description: During the event, players can clear 「Contingency Contract」 stages with a selection of 「Contracts」 to gain 「Contract Bounty」 and 「Operation Protocols」.

  • 「Operation Protocols」 can be used to unlock 「Contracts」 in the event's Permanent stage.
    • 「Contingency Contract」gameplay will not consume sanity, you can try any number of times.

    • 「Contingency Contract」 cannot complete daily & weekly Missions and cannot obtain support unit credit

    • There will be a total of 3 「Contingency Contract」level maps during the event period: 1 permanent level and 2 daily rotation levels.  (The map rotation time and Contingency Mission on the first day after the event will be extended by one day)

    • The optional 「Contracts」in Daily Rotation Level will be updated daily

    • New 「Contracts」 and Contingency Missions will be added to the event on 26 November 04:00
    • 「Contract Bounty」 can be used to exchange for items in the event shop "Secret Sanctuary"
    • "Secret Sanctuary" will be open from 19 November 16:00 - 10 December 03:59
    • Main exchange items:
      • Skin - [Rewilder] series-Lost Stone - Siege 
      • Battle Records
      • Class Chips
      • High tier materials etc

    Unlimited access to Supplies and Chip stages

    Arknights Banner CN Unlimited Supplies and Chips CC

    Event period: 19 November 16:00 - 3 December 03:59

    Event description: During the event period, all material and chip stages will be available everyday.

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