Preparing for the Raid

Thanatos has a lot of flashy moves, but is easier than some of the previously released raid bosses. Because of the Blazon rewards, it’s a good idea to destroy as many body parts as possible.

For information on farming and event rewards, check out the full Event Guide.

General Tips:

  • Shapeshift Prep Wyrmprints accelerate the destruction of body parts, making this raid battle much easier.

  • Try and use Adventurers with 100% Poison Resistance, as this will improve your Adventurer’s chances of surviving.

  • Go for The Left Hand and Right Hand first, as destroying those will change the shape and size of purple AoEs. 

  • Pay attention to the hourglass, and destroy any object that spawns onstage (Horrorglass or Mana Founts).

Recommended Adventurers

Albert/Odetta/Annelie: These Adventurers are the strongest damage-dealers for this event, and all have Poison Res +100% to protect them during the fight. Odetta’s heal can come in handy, but beware it has low potency and a small range.

Fritz/Rawn/Julietta: These guys don’t have the raw damage of the above Adventurers, but are still among the best choices for the raid. Julietta in particular is great at surviving, and is a recommended Adventurer if your team lacks a healer.

Lucretia, Amane, Halloween Elisanne, Ryozen: These are the best damage-dealers without Poison Res. Halloween Elisanne in particular excels with her teamwide Strength buff and small heal. However, they are susceptible to Poison.

Hildegarde, Felicia, Halloween Althemia, Vixel: Hildegarde and Felicia are the best healer choices and can heal as well as shield your team from damage. Vixel and Halloween Althemia are good options too. Only Felicia has Poison Res of this group, but having heals on deck will make Poison less of a problem across the board.

Recommended Dragons

Cupid: Cupid’s huge +40/60% Strength boost makes him the best Dragon for this raid. Additionally, his Skill helps keep the team sustained and even boosts team Critical rate.

Gilgamesh, Lindworm: Fully unbound, these guys boost Strength +50% and +45% respectively, making them the second best choices. Gilgamesh is the better of the two with a bigger Strength boost and Shadow Res +15%. However, Lindworm is much easier to obtain and unbind.

Jeanne d’Arc/Unicorn: These HP Dragons are the best choice for healers like Felicia and Hildegarde. Keep these Dragons off your damage-dealers, as they do not boost Strength in any way.

Liger: Because he boosts both Strength and HP, Liger is a good all-around choice for Adventurers. However, he offers less value than the above dragons for damage-dealers and healers respectively.

Recommended Wyrmprints

A damage-boosting Wyrmprint is recommended on player-controlled Adventurers. Strong choices include:

  • Flash of Genius

  • Plunder Pals

  • Kung Fu Masters (for Axe users)

  • Dragon and Tamer (for Lance users)

  • The Shining Overlord (for Sword users)

Good choices for healers include:

  • Cleo’s Ruse

  • Give me your Wounded

  • Take my Hand

  • Louise’s Hobbies

  • Warrior Maiden

  • Auspex’s Prayer

It is recommended to equip Shapeshift Prep Wyrmprints on the three AI-controlled Adventurers. This works since Shapeshift Prep is shared between the entire raid group. When four players have three Adventurers each with 8% Shapeshift Prep, this gives a 96% boost to everyone's Dragon Gauge. Dragon Arcanum is a common farmable 2* Wyrmprint with 5/8%, while Dragon's Nest and King's Countenance are summon-only with 8/10%.

Thanatos: Expert

Raid bosses aren't the same as regular bosses-- Although they have a Mode Gauge, they have multiple parts each with their own HP bar. Destroying these parts is not necessary, but it can make certain attacks less dangerous or stop appearing. Damaging a part will lower the overall health of Thanatos, and destroying one grants Dragon Gauge and incapacitates him for a short period.

Battle Strategy

When the raid begins, the most important initial targets are the Left and Right hands. Doing so will weaken his deadliest attacks. It is a good idea to destroy the Sands of Death as soon as possible to prevent negative effects. Good positioning will let Adventurers hit both Thanatos and the hourglass at the same time.

Dismal Dilation is easy to deal with since there are only four Shadow Mana Founts, meaning each player can focus one during this phase. Once Thanatos has been broken and had his hands destroyed, he is very easy to defeat.

Attack List

  • Grim Haze (Purple): This is his opening move, and will only be used once. Thanatos uses his powers to place a timer on every player’s head. This timer decreases based on some of his other moves, and causes various negative effects when reaching zero. Negative effects include:

    • Taking a large hit of damage calculated as a percentage of that Adventurer’s max HP.

    • Cancelling of Dragon form.

  • Circular Slash (Purple): Thanatos spins in a circle, clawing in a massive circular arc around himself. To stay safe, one must stand in the centre of the arena. If one of the hands is destroyed, this will have a red action marker instead.

  • Orb Meteor (Red): Thanatos will charge and send a large orb skyward. Then, he will begin charging a large red action marker on the floor. After a short time, the orb will descend from the sky and deal damage to Adventurers. The attack is launched once the orb touches the ground.

  • Reaper of Fate (Purple): Thanatos charges an attack in a wide semi-circular arc in front of himself. It deals massive damage to all Adventurers hit, and applies effects as if the Adventurer had their timer reach zero.

  • Concentric Energy (Red): Action markers in the shape of concentric circles appear on the ground and after a short charge time, explode to deal damage.

  • Oblivion’s Calling (Purple): Thanatos slashes twice with a giant scythe in each hand. It deals heavy damage and is hard to avoid, and both hits are large purple action markers. Destroying one of his hands will change the marker to red, and change its shape to a semicircle.

  • Horrorglass: Thanatos creates a Sands of Death hourglass which ticks down the timer on each players head. It can be destroyed with attacks.

  • Dismal Dilation/Rain of Ruin (Purple): Thanatos rises into the air and creates four Shadow Mana Founts. The raid team must destroy all four before the purple marker fully expands, or suffer a map-wide unavoidable attack.

  • Roaming Orbs (None): Thanatos creates three dark orbs which move out from him and continue to roam around the arena. They bounce off walls and deal damage on contact.

  • Energy Pulse (Red): Thanatos charges up energy, and releases it in a pulse centered on himself. This attack has a large radius and is difficult to avoid.

  • Targeted Blasts (Red): Thanatos creates red action markers on the ground under player-controlled Adventurers, which explode to deal damage after a short period. He can use this attack up to three times in a row.

Thanatos: Special

This time, the special endeavor requires Thanatos to be cleared within 100 seconds. Defeating him in this time will require a powerful team (and teammates). Keep in mind that defeating him within the requisite team requires victory before the clock dips below 1:20 remaining. 

It’s recommended to have at least 1500 Strength on the player-controlled unit, who should be the strongest Light-attuned damage-dealer available. The rest of the team should be filled out with other attackers.

The Shapeshift Prep strategy is the easiest way to clear the Raid. Set your team up the following way for the best chance of success.

  • Damage-dealer / Best Strength-boosting Dragon / Damage-dealing Wyrmprint

  • Teammate 1 / Any Dragon / Shapeshift Prep Wyrmprint

  • Teammate 2 / Any Dragon / Shapeshift Prep Wyrmprint

  • Teammate 3 / Any Dragon / Shapeshift Prep Wyrmprint


Fighting Thanatos on Special (and obtaining the title) is a relatively simple task-- the main problem is getting enough Strength to beat him within the required time limit.

With the Dragon Gauge starting at least 50% full, Shapeshift immediately and begin attacking the nearest hand. Don't worry if the boss moves or spins around frequently; following the parts often wastes damage uptime, so aiming for other parts is okay. 

Thanatos will open with Grim Haze as usual, but will use Oblivion’s Calling immediately afterward. Try and avoid at least one of the slashes if possible, and don’t get knocked too far outward-- This can cause unwary players to be hit by Circlular Slash, which immediately follows.

After a grandiose opening sequence, the fight becomes fairly straightforward. Keep an eye on the Dragon Gauge and transform whenever possible and keep Skills in reserve for the Mana Founts.

Note: If you plan on quitting (if the run doesn’t get the 100 second clear), please avoid hosting raid rooms. This is because when the host leaves, all players are booted. Instead joining a room means that after you leave, other players can continue the raid without being disrupted.

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