Unit can pass through foes if its own HP ≥ 25%.

Inheritable Restrictions?

All Units

  • Inheritable by all units.

Unlocks at 5 ★

Unlocks at 4 ★

Skillsets that use skill

The Bane of Andrew (Dagger Annihilator)



Obstruct is a skill that can be used to block off enemies and create artificial choke points. When given to a unit with high mixed defenses, it can create a difficult choke point for enemies to breach. Pass is the counter-skill to Obstruct, as a unit with Pass will always be able to get past a unit with Obstruct. Pass can allow offensive units new ways to attack, expanding their threat range.


Keep in mind that all the units here mentioned have better skill options than Obstruct or Pass. That said, the best users of Obstruct are tanks with Distant Counter, Quick Riposte, or both (only possible with a legendary weapon). Pass is a bit more freeform, but works well on Cavalry and Fliers. With their superior movement, Cavalry can run deep into enemy teams and score annoying surprise kills. One common element of both skills is that they make an assumption that its user will be surrounded by multiple foes at once. This means you’ll need a user with strong defenses, as they will likely have a difficult fight once they’ve made use of their skill. Cavalry with the ability to assassinate foes, such as those with Brave Weapons, are good choices for Pass.


Generally, matches are quick enough to ensure to that Obstruct and Pass are rarely useful. Instead of using Pass, a better way to attack foes behind is to use either a flier or a ranged unit to bypass the frontline. Pass and Obstruct are usually forgotten in favor of skills which grant statistical bonuses or other boons. This often helps more than access to a team’s back line of units. Pass and Obstruct both assume that its user will be facing multiple foes. This is not possible for most units, unless they are of a color that is weak to you.