Harsh Command

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Converts penalties on target into bonuses.

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The Bane of Andrew (Dagger Annihilator)

Harsh Command


Harsh Command is a skill with a very specific use. Using it, a unit can reverse the effects of debuffs on an ally. With debuffs being one of the most powerful combat effects, Harsh Command is the only ability in the game that can directly counter them. Harsh Command does not target the user: the user must use the skill on an ally, who receives the effect. This means that the user of the skill itself cannot be cleansed of debuffs. This makes it a great counter-skill to Threaten skills, Seal skills, Smoke skills and Ploy skills. It's important to note that Harsh Command does not work on units affected by Panic effects (shown by a yellow exclamation mark). Additionally, buffs granted by Harsh Command do not stack with visible buffs from allies such as those granted by Rally, Hone or Fortify skills.


Since every unit in the game is prone to debuffs, Harsh Command can benefit everyone. Harsh Command is a counter-ability, which means its viability is focused more on the enemy’s skill set than synergy within your own team. It’s a great answer to Daggers, which cause heavy debuffs onto allies. Class-based teams (such as all-Cavalry or all-Flier) teams often rely on powerful Hone buffs to be effective, making Harsh Command valuable for them. It's also great with Blade tome users, who become extremely powerful if they have debuffs reversed on them.


The major downside to Harsh Command is that if the enemy has no debuffs, this skill becomes a wasted slot. Additionally, it isn’t always worth using, even if the conditions are met: In many cases simply attacking or waiting out debuffs is better. Its lack of general usefulness limits Harsh Command’s utility compared to the other assist skills. Rally skills are useful in every battle and can be used to partially offset debuffs when required. Harsh Command can only be used on one ally at a time, making it potentially ineffective vs. Threaten and Ploy skills which can debuff multiple units at once.