Polarized Light E4-7: Cutting II

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Eliminate the target enemies

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Combat Echelon, Level 70 4x Linked
    • AR/SMG with FP selfbuffs can handle all the enemy types here​​​​​​​

Clear Steps

This is a fairly easy mission, just a rush to catch up with the enemies. The KCCO is mostly distracted moving to engage the SF enemies on the far side, and we can entirely ignore the boss, making this a fairly straightforwards engagement.

Due to technical difficulties the text guide got lost in the ether somewhere!

You can use this video guide to tide yourself over in the meantime. We'll try to fix this ASAP!

Turn 1


Deploy a Combat Echelon on the Command Post. Move them to the left two nodes. End your turn. 

Turn 2


Deploy a Dummy Echelon on the Command Post and move the Combat Echelon to the left three nodes. End your turn. 

You don't actually need to deploy the Dummy Echelon if you don't want too.

Turn 3


Move the Combat Echelon to the left two nodes, and up one node to fight the Kratos. 


Move the Combat Echelon back down one node, and to the right two nodes. 

Turn 4


Move the Combat Echelon down one node, and to the left one node.

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