Singularity Ch: 2-C1 Promotion I

Article by Soulmuse Cleista
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Possible Drops:


 Mission and Clear Conditions:

 Mission: Kill all enemies.

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 2 Anti-Armor Combat Echelons, Level 70+ 4x Linked
    • If underleveled, an Airstrike Fairy or MG is recommended to make Tarantulas easier.

Clear Steps

A simple search and destroy mission. Nothing fancy here, and the enemies don’t move, making our job easier. By capturing all nodes at the end of this mission, a secret achievement is unlocked - this walkthrough will satisfy that condition.

While this map can be completed with a single Echelon, getting the silver medal awards a secret achievement so this example will use that route.

Turn 1


Spawn your first Combat Echelon, move it to the left once, and spawn your second Combat Echelon. 

End your turn. 

Turn 2


Move the left Combat Echelon down one node, and the right Echelon up one node, and left one node. 

Both Echelons will fight Tarantula nodes, but they are low in number and will be no problem to clear out even for RFHG.

Turn 3


Move the upper Combat Echelon to the left one node, then down one node. The lower Combat Echelon should move left one node. 

Turn 4


Move the upper Combat Echelons up one node, and the lower Combat Echelon to the left and up one node. 

This will encircle the two remaining nodes, bringing the entire map under your control. The Manticores are lightly armored and stream in one at a time, so it’s not a difficult node. 

Turn 5


Use either Echelon to take out the final enemy unit. 

This completes the map and unlocks the secret achievement, giving you five cores and 1000 of each resource!

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